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Who is feeling the burn of dry skin already 🙋🏻‍♀️? our active hydration serum and active body hydration replenish are two must haves you need on your christmas 🎄 list this year! ➕ahs is going to hydrate your skin by 200% and your skin will be left smooth and healthy all winter! i have started using this already on avery’s cute but already dry face! ➕ahbr is the bee’s 🐝 knee’s! this body lotion is one of my favorites and avery has been loving it too! takes away cracked dry hands, feet, and also has the power to moisturize the entire rest of your body(except your face) ➕want both? ask me how i can get you 10% off, free shipping and the best hydrated 💦 skin this cold wintery ❄️ season!
join me in the business through the 19th, and get them as a free gift from corporate ❤️ #hydrationnation #superhydrators #healthyhydratedskin #bestskinever #youllthankme

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💙today is world diabetes day💙

fitteam has changed my life as a diabetic.
i’ve dropped 19lbs, numerous inches plus down 2 dress sizes.
fit has helped me balance out my glucose levels.
i have reduced my insulin dosage.
i can go walk the grocery store or mall and not have to deal with low blood sugars. (who else hates when this happens?!)
i can go run 10 miles & not have to worry! before taking fit i used to have to raise my blood sugar to a certain level with food and then go exercise 🤔

i have lived with this disease for 22 years. i have never felt better in my life (even after 3 kids😉). i used to drop low once or twice a day.... now maybe 1-2 x a month.👏 if you know someone who is type one or type two diabetic please tell them about this. it is changing lives of people with diabetes. i would be honored to chat and help change their life.
today only save $15 and 30 %! ask me how!
#youllthankme #dontwait #diabetes #somanybenefits

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Release that stubborn belly f*t just in time for the christmas season by getting started now with our bedtime belly buster.
included in your belly buster kit is your isapro shake & your choice of isa fruits or isa greens.
everything you need for a restful sleep that will kick that stubborn belly f*t to the curb.. what a powerful combination.
pm me to get started with your bbb today!

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Last csa of this year, we also got apples, pears, broccoli, purple cauliflower (so cool!, fresh cider, goat cheese, and locally sourced meat. til the csa restarts next spring we will be getting free bacon (uncured and free of sugar and nitrate) with every order from butcher box. • 100% grass-fed & grass-finished beef • heritage breed pork
• free-range organic chicken
all certified humane, all free from added antibiotics and hormones

use this link to get bacon for life: http://fbuy.me/kzsxy

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I’ve been dealing with an ear issue for over a month now. i’ve been to my doctor, $100 prescription. 5 days later i had to go to urgent care, $300 prescription and now i have an appointment this week with an ent. so, at least 3 office visits and $400 in prescriptions later, i’m thinking:

1) my insurance plan sucks 🙄
2) i’m thankful i have insurance (can you imagine if i didn’t???) 😳
3) i’m so thankful for my r+f business. 🙏🏻 i’m glad i already have my plan b rather than waiting for unexpected expenses and then wondering how i’m going to pay for them. just some food for thought...if you’re interested in learning more about what this business can do for you, i’d be happy to give you more info. #rfjourney #rfbusiness #rfplanb #planbbusiness #businessforyou #sidegig #unexpectedlife #betheceoofyou #betheceoofyourlife #thankfulgratefulblessed #youllthankme #jointoday

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Don't do it.

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B3 ready hair babes!! it not only helps reduce the damage that chemical services cause, but it also helps your color from fading! come on in for a treatment to get your hair winter ready!! 😘. #brazilianbondbuilder #b3 #hairstylist #helpskeepcolorsbright #lockthatshitin #sohealthy #soshiny #sonotfried #youllthankme

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You know i love all things sparkly and who wouldn’t love getting a luxurious gift such as this under the christmas tree?❄️ give the gift of skincare this holiday! now 15% off
these two products are doing wonderful things to my skin as the weather changes. this set is perfect for anyone on your shopping list. •super serum set
deeply renew skin and increase moisture for younger, more radiant, smoother-looking skin with the redefine intensive renewing serum and active hydration

message me, i’ll help you cross off your shopping list.

tag your your gift givers below so they know just what to get you this christmas! #whatiwantforchristmas #onestopshopping #allthingsthatsparkle #winterweather #icanhelp #shewantsthis #christmasshoppingdone #christmasshoppingmadeeasy #skincare #yourewelcome #trustme #youllthankme

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This time change may k**l me, my kids got up at sunrise 😩 trying to keep up with my little’s today who woke up fully charged and these two are my secret mommy superpower to make it through the day! a drop of each in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and cup over your mouth to take several long inhales. #youllthankme .
oh and as an extra benefit it’s super calming too! have you tried this yet?!
one of my very best promos running now! score $50 in free product of your choice with any starter kit! message me for all the details!

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Lemon! 🍋 lemon oil has so many everyday uses and is one of the most affordable essential oils. 🍋 i keep a jar next to my kitchen sink to keep the garbage disposal fresh. 🍋 lemon is added to our homemade cleaners for its purifying properties! 🍋 lemon is a great addition to diffuser blends for its uplifting benefits 🍋 greasy hands? lemon oil. 🍋 sticker goo left behind on that new picture frame? lemon oil. 🍋 so many uses and benefits, lemon oil is a must have! 💜💜💜 #doterraliving #lemon #lemonoil #lemonforallthethings #healthyhomes #naturalcleaners #nomoregoo #lemondrops #diffuserblends #cptg #lemonisessential #loveisessential #getlemonnow #youllthankme #doterra #whenlifegivesyoulemons #orderthisnow #howcanwehelpyou

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Everyone needs to know about this. i had a teacher friend buy me one randomly one day after i complained to her that a pair of shoes i had worn all day lecturing in class absolutely murdered my feet

i have been buying them for myself, friends, family, and fellow teachers ever since!

this really is such a welcomed product and.has.literalky brought happy was to my feet! it works anywhere you get heat rash during the summer in general! for kids playing soccer or outside etc! •
i don't promote products, as i have no reason to, but this, this is the best present i have ever gotten. as a woman, teacher, person, wearer of shoes; buy it! •
ok. that's all. •
oh, thanks @bandaidbrand btw. really appreciate this one.. makes me a better teacher because my attitude is brighter and sun shinier when my feet don't hurt! 🌞
#bandaid #bandaidbrand #nomoreouchies #heelsallday #andnight #buythis #youllthankme #feettreat

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You never regret a workout 💪🏻
get up and move today. im not sayin to randomly go run a marathon here people! but maybe go for a bike ride, or a walk with a friend, just get that blood pumping! i promise, you’ll be glad you did! 🙌🏻
#flexfriday #getmoving #justdoit #youllthankme

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No need to eat all the candy tomorrow. 🍬🍭🍫
diffuse this tangy, fruity smelling combo for your sweet fix, and a great smelling house to greet those trick or treaters!
2 drops green mandarin
1 drop cheer uplifting blend
happy halloween, all! 😁

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💧buy one, get one $20 off💧
cooler weather is coming....and for most that means drier skin! 😔 it’s time to hydrate and enhance with rodan + fields active hydration products! 💦

did you know that dehydrated skin speeds the effects of aging and predisposes the skin to wrinkles? rodan+fields has you covered from head to toe with a trifecta of amazing hydration products. 💧active hydration serum for your face
💦active hydration body replenish
💧active hydration bright eye complex

these products are ultra-hydrating by continuously drawing moisture from the air and locking it into your skin! it restores skin to its optimum hydration level and keeps it there all day long with a non-sticky feeling! 💦monday, tuesday, and wednesday only- buy one active hydration product and get $20 off the second one!!!💦 #activehydration #giveyourskinadrink #feelssooogood #youllthankme #checkoutbeforeandafterinstories

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You - "i can't sleep!" 😳
me - "try plexus.”
you - "sleep meds are cheaper.”
me - "but what about your gut???" you - "my allergies are killing me.” 🤧
me - "try plexus.”
you - "allergy meds are cheaper.”
me - "but what about your gut???" you - "another headache🤕.”
me - "try plexus.”
you - "pain relievers are cheaper.”
me - "but what about your gut (and liver!)???" you - "heartburn again.”❤️🔥
me - "try plexus.”
you - "antacids are cheaper.”
me - "but what about your gut???" you - "my anxiety is off the charts.” 🤯
me - "try plexus.”
you - "my insurance covers anti-anxiety meds.”
me - "but what about your gut???" 👁 see the connection?!?! every single one of these issues starts...you guessed it...in. your. gut.

doctors are calling our gut our 2nd brain 🧠! that is how critical proper gut health is!!! otc meds and prescriptions may cover the symptoms, but they're not healing your gut. meds have their place, but if given an alternative without possible harmful side effects, why won’t you try plexus, knowing there’s a 60 day money back guarantee? 🤔 *on a side note, if you have an fsa, you might be able to get reimbursed for the cost of your plexus products with a doctor's prescription. it’s happened for plenty of folks! 😉
#itsallaboutthatgut #doyourresearch #youllthankme

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Are those hips screaming at you by the end of the week? join @stephanieneighbor on saturday morning and let’s open them up! #vellayoga #openhips #movewithease #youllthankme #yogaeveryday #letsdothis

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My oct 2018 @yesohyas glam bag. harry potter themed. this palette is sttttunnnnning. october glam bags are sold out. these go fast! i recommend checking out their past bags and even glimpse their "sneak peeks" on their instagram for nov. 2018. for 15 bucks a month (plus s&h) you're getting a steal! use my referral code (can click my in my bio): http://www.yesohyas.com?rfsn=1598885.536d94 next month it was revealed to have a lip palette!! i'm excited to try that out. p.s. use discount code: yas10 at checkout to save 10%!! #nextbigthing #glambag #subscriptionboxjunkie #makeupnoob #obsessed #yesohyas #usemycode #grabnowaskquestionslater #youllthankme #harrypottertheme

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I was slowly “outgrowing” my jeans. with my hips not getting any smaller, i knew it was time for new ones 👖. these gems popped up on my screen, so i decided to give them a try. ladies, i am in love! i’ll be the first to admit i still preferred my maternity pants. these are like the non maternity sorta cool 😎 version! first, they pull on! yesssss. second, they have a slimming elastic waist! elastic 💆🏼‍♀️! for those mommy pouches that never go away. best part, they were only $35! 😃 have super cash or promo code, even better! there the rockstar jeans. you’re welcome! now to go get myself one in every color! lol #rockstarjeans #oldnavy #momlife #bestjeansever #musthave #shopping #clothes #yourewelcome #youllthankme

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