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They had me at “dallas needs diversity” last night i was was invited to @theriveterco newest location here in dallas tx. along with a few other people we were celebrated for being influential & game changing women here in the dtx. .
their motto built by women...for everyone is strong guys. you know i am all about diversity. i am beyond passionate about it.
i love that #theriveterdfw is not just about #coworking they are focusing on #community as well. they wish for everyone to have a seat at the table. i am also so proud of @raedchang @jordan_pinkerton_ for all their hard work that has been continuous before, during & after the opening. @jordan_pinkerton_ said something last night that was beautiful. she mentioned they are all about the community & diversity on panels. ummmmm y e s to all of this. this is long overdue & i’m so happy to hear others speak it!!!
so swipe left & swing by to check out the newest community that wants you. #duh .
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Made ya look 👀 💖😂.

new studio, who dis? if you didn’t spend all day laughing at the commentary about these stripes on downtown dwellers yesterday are you even from murfreesboro? in celebration of all things new and exciting, we are gonna do another giveaway 🙌🏼🙌🏿.
. 🖤 win a 6 month garage barre + bike membership 🖤 here’s how:
1) selfie yourself (or have someone take your pic in front of the new #garagebarrepinkstripes wall on the corner of vine & church in downtown murf.
2) post the pic to facebook or instagram (or both for double entry)
3) tag us @garagebarre tn for fb or @garagebarre for ig and make sure to hashtag as well #garagebarrepinkstripes so we see it!!! also mention why you love our new striped wall in the post!
4) tag a friend below in the comments.

contest closed! congrats heather mccreight!! 🌟🌟🌟

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That saturday turn up 😝 reading about princess superheroes w the squad 👸🏻💥💥 #girlpower

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Zorro is here to save the day 👊🏼 our churro inspired latte will be available all weekend long! #cincodemayo

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✨who likes a know-it-all? literally no one! 🤣✨

✨so why do so many people pretend like they know everything? we're so caught up in having the answers. we all do it. me, too, no doubt. but one of the nicest things my daughter ever said to me was when she was about ten years old, and it was this:✨

✨"you know what i like about you mom? you never pretend like you know something that you don't know."✨

✨which: i do sometimes. 😌but also: so nice!! as someone who didn't go to college, i've learned everything i know because i decided i wanted to learn it. the physics of waves? check, obsessed with that. the infrastructure of large bridges and canals? yup, can't get enough. meditation and buddhism? yeah, of course, perpetual student.✨

✨the thing is, when we pretend we know something, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to learn. when someone is talking and we're just waiting for them to finish so we can say our thing . . . we're not even communicating. you don't have to know it all, whether it's about the bathymetry of the ocean (can't stop won't stop) or it's what someone you talk to everyday is saying to you. be cool. listen. admit you don't know. it's fine, truly.✨

✨love, liza

✨ps. one of my favorite things to say to someone is "tell me something about you that i don't already know." it's such a good conversation starter! if you try it, tell me what you think.✨

✨quote is @eckharttolle and art is by @subliming.jpg✨

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i had sooo many. 🤦🏼‍♀️
i had no sales experience.
network marketing was not my jam. 🙄😂 i failed with other nm companies before.
i knew very little about our niche.
i had no time.
i had no money.
i couldn’t speak in front of people. (i now know that was wouldn’t, not couldn’t)
i didn’t have a huge network.
i was from a small town. .
i could keep going...but i think you get the point.
until one day...someone said to me “what’s the worst that’s going to happen...take the chance or you’ll miss the opportunity.”
so i did.
i said “yes”.
in the beginning, i had no clue what i was doing...but i wanted to learn. i was coachable. as i started strengthening my mind with personal development, things started to change. i gained confidence...and i started to realize, that this was so much bigger than me. .
today, i have an organization of thousands.
i hit the top rank in our province.
i’ve earned my free cadillac.
i’ve travelled the world for free and helping my team do the same...something that fuels my soul more than i can put into words.
i’ve helped women realize their worth. their potential.
i’ve paid off debts.
been able to help family and friends in ways i never would have been able to. .
i don’t tell you this to toot my own horn. (no pun intended)
but to show you that anything is possible.
believe in yourself.
push past those negative thoughts.
you were created for more.
people will tell you you can’t.
that’s them showing you their limitations.
not yours.
start chasing your dreams, regardless of what they are and don’t stop until you make it.
and if you don’t believe in yourself yet,
find someone who believes in you until you do. borrow their belief. trust in them. .
you are enough, beleive it 🙌🥰
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Feeling cute. might keep the drinking going later. idk.

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