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✨we are often told to "trust our guts" but it can be hard to do that if we've spent years relying on reasoning or find ourselves second guessing whether we're in touch with our intuition or are, in fact, stuck in our heads. here are some ways to hone your own intuition:✨

✨meditation – sitting quietly with yourself clears out space for internal communication ✨journaling – the act of writing things out can be surprising; sometimes we think we feel one way but learn differently
✨practice – trusting our gut instinct on tiny, seemingly inconsequential things can help our inner voice grow louder
✨write down your dreams – you don't have to interpret them or spend too much time on this; it's just about noticing what's going on in your subconscious ✨
✨one rule i am trying to go by lately is "if it feels like a no, it's a no." i often times talk myself into saying yes to things i initially want to say no to – typically because i want to make other people happy or maintain some kind of social order. so i'm trying to be much more disciplined about saying no when it feels like a no. :)✨

✨how about you? how do you stay in touch with your intuition / gut / inner voice?✨

✨xo, liza✨

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We have a rule on birthdays: you eat cake the next morning for breakfast to keep the celebration going. but it's not even my birthday and i'm having cake for breakfast!!!! and guess what? it's healthy, macro complete, all natural, without anything fake...no gluten or soy but it tastes flipping amazing! so i might make our new rule to have cake every single morning... my boys are going to think i'm the coolest ever!!! 🙌🙌🙌
it will sell out so hurry up and message me if you want some!
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Hair = 🌴 #youcansitwithus

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Attention: gold pin winner!!!
for us, this was an obviously clear choice. the amount of time, heart, and passion that marley griggs from skillderness, invested into adding a community outreach aspect to dama to the death, in orlando, florida, was beyond remarkable. through his countless hours of research, he was able to start a conversation, create a connection, and light a passion for his local kenfolk to work directly with children’s home society of florida. the non-perishables, school supplies, and art supplies that were collected at dttd 2, are just the beginning of the vision he has for getting kendamas in the hands of the kids, families, and the case managers of chsfl. we are excited to watch the connection between skillderness, the greater florida kendama community, and the children’s home society of florida unfold, creating a lasting, positive impact on the foster children of florida, and this amazing program that serves them and their foster families. hats off to you, marley. you really should be proud. our community is so blessed that you are a part of it!
if you don’t already follow him, definitely go check him out! he, along with his team, skillderness, are definitely onto something great here!
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Happy friday babes! go out there and k**l it today 💪💖

what’s your favorite mean girl’s quote 💋?


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✨people have been asking me for shirts, mugs, wall art, etc. is this something you’d want? i mean, i know i’d like to wear this on a t-shirt but that doesn’t mean anyone else would!😂✨

✨it wouldn’t be this specifically, but you know, stuff like this. lmk what you think! yay / naw?✨

✨xo! liza✨

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