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Christmas every month! but now, i get two boxes! one for me and one for me (i mean my hubby) 五不 #whatsinmyer #youngliving

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All the emotional support oils today, because patience doesn’t always come easy: white angelica, orange, surrender, valor, and clary sage.

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I’m not super into candy canes, but i’m 100% into less stress and being alert. this candy cane diffuser recipe will be on repeat until christmas. free aroma with every bag (recipe: 3 drops peppermint, 2 drops stress away, 2 drops bergamot)

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The lavender luxury set is such a great gift!! and you can even split it up into several gifts! check my stories for so many more gifts ideas for all the different people in your life! 唐恫

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- giveaway - minty goodness
peppermint vitality and vanillamint lipbalm (a christmas special!)
2nd giveaway day!
to enter-
make sure you are following @mamalyonessentials
tag your best girls
and tell me your favorite christmas song, now a days or classic's
winner will be announced, tomorrow afternoon- here on this post-

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Happy thanksgiving week! daily we look at each other wondering how this is our job. how we get the chance to work with each other. how we get to spend most of our time with our daughter. without your support it all goes away. i don’t just mean buying a bag i make or gifting one. i mean your kind words, your encouragement and your investment in our family.. and occasional parent advice. you make it worth it and we’re better for getting to know you. 歹

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Hope. it’s what this season is really all about. hope for big things like the hope for a better and kinder world. hope for more time with our loved ones and for a body free from cancer or disease. and then there are the little things we hope for like the hope we see in our children’s eyes when we ask them what they are putting on their christmas lists. the hope that aunt lisa is going to bring that amazing pumpkin pie to thanksgiving day and the hope for snowflakes to come gently falling down on christmas day! my hope for you is that whatever you are hoping for this season it comes to you in abundance and that it fills you with joy! 歹

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The monday morning line up #energyplease

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If you need me, i’ll just be over here organizing all of my oils by color in my new old typesetters cabinet that i scored at @vintagepickin ‘s barnsale this past weekend! give me alllll the christmas spirit! what’s your fave oil or combo to diffuse during the holidays? .
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#aroma tip . spring cleaning can be fun. just add 10 drops of cedarwood and lavender to these wooden balls and place in your drawers to prevent moths and protect your clothes. the aroma is great too whenever you open your drawers you get a beautiful waft if aromatic bliss. easy to do and your clothes will thank you. much love simmi x*x

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Calming play dough infused with essential oils.

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 tablespoons vegetable/carrier oil
10-12 drops of young living essential oils (your choice)
1.5 cups boiling water
optional - food coloring

1) mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
2) combine your essential oil with a carrier oil and add to your dry ingredients.
3) boil the water and add food coloring directly into the water.
4) pour 1 cup of the boiling water into the mixture and stir, adding the additional 1/2 cup slowly until desired consistency is reached.
5) knead 3-5 minutes until dough is smooth & perfectly squishy for play.

other tips:
1) in a pinch, you can add essential oils to a can of pre-made play dough.
2) if you want to make multiple colors from one batch, you can make the dough, separate into sections, and add food coloring.
3) some favorite essential oils to add are lavender, peace & calming, joy or thieves.

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Mommy can i please have a vitamin! my kids beg for mightyvites! they are awesome!!! #vitamins #healthykids

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Find the light and become the light

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I have finally uploaded my last essential oil workshop vlog. had an amazing time making natural candles and lip balms with everyone.

i have another candle making workshop this december 2, this time it's in qc. sign up via the link in @caticorndreams bio.

anyway to check out my latest vlog, just click the link in my bio. #workshopph

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Some mornings you just need that wake me up roller.... today was one of those days. this roller consists of peppermint, lemongrass, and awaken blend. not only does this bad boy wake me up it also stimulates those positive vibes for my morning with the citrus scent in the lemongrass. #yloils #ylessentialoils #essentialoils #wakeup #rollerbottle #wellness #plantbased #toxinfree #peppermint #awaken #lemongrass

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10 drops of @younglivingeo lavender, 10 drops of peppermint + water in a cute spray bottle from @target= the best night’s sleep!

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Wellness • non-toxic alternatives • emotional support • community • business • residual income
i purchased the starter kit because my best friend @floralandpineco bossed me into it ok, kind of, but i was going to support her new business venture anyway.
little did i know that the household cleaning products i was buying at target- that claimed to be “natural” -were not. i began to do my own research and my eyes were opened to all the things.... and i decided to do a hard ditch and switch to plant based household products for my home. this was 4 years ago.

we naturally talk about what we’re passionate about. and if you’ve been following me for a while- then you know that i’m passionate about my family. i want the best for my children. we are the gatekeepers of our home and we must be on top of the toxic things that sneak in. casually reading labels is simply not enough.
who you purchase your kit from, matters. you will want and need a community to walk alongside of you as you integrate your new lifestyle. and more than ever, my community is everything to me. i’ve reached for oils i’ve never heard of before- for emotional support. seasons change and having people who have trail-blazed this path before you- is such a gift.
lastly, the business.
what a blessing to have worked this business before i had any idea that my life would look the way it does today. the lord truly began to set my children and i up [over 2 years ago] for such a time as this. i mean, come on 唐鳶 this business isn’t for everyone- and i won’t twist your arm to do something you’re not passionate about. but whether you buy from me....or someone else, you are supporting that person. that’s what i love about this business.....you know who you are supporting.....and for that alone i’ll gladly move my money over from target. i’m all about supporting the stay-at-home mom, the entrepreneur, the dreamer, the single mom. i’m not married to tide, mrs.myers, downy, crest, toms, dove but i am unapologetically passionate about supporting women working hard to see their dreams come to fruition.
dm me to learn more 潃儭 want the kit? link in profile. let’s do this

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Who wouldn’t want the gift of wellness for christmas?? i know y’all want better sleep, healthier skin, less sickness, cleaner homes, happy thoughts, less toxins, & so so many other benefits that come within this kit! i’m not kidding when i say this small investment will be life changing & i’ll be here to hold your ha d through the process. along with a community of like minded folks that just want better for their families. it all starts with a diffuser & some oils. i can’t be responsible for the obsession that will follow .
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Prepping for family time in close quarters with stress away in my bath!

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All of this was the beginning to a brand new way of life: 11 oils, a diffuser, some awesome samples, and an unstoppable community of the most amazing group of women i’ve ever been honored to be part of where we have access to unlimited resources. it’s sort of bananas to think how all of this changed everything for me. sounds kind of crazy, right? that’s because it is. it’s crazy good.
if you’ve been on the fence, i was there. i promise now is the time. last black friday, i invested in myself for my family and bought the starter kit. you know what happened? better sleep, no more toxic stuff in our house, hormone support, and natural remedies for all the things. now it’s your turn. i’m giving you $25 dollars back in a gift card of your choice or account credit to spend on black friday loot. y’all, it’s going to be bananas.
let’s do it, friend! it’s the most fun you’ll ever have and you’ll be just like the rest of and join the team of, “i wish i would have started sooner.” let’s goooo!!!

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New blush frosted rollers!
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What is your sleep ritual!?

lavender. northern lights black spruce. cedarwood. this is our jam.

getting a restful sleep prepares you for the next day.... emotionally and physically. there are so many benefits to just “sleeping”. google the benefits of sleep. then goodle the benefits of yl essential oils in helping with shut eye. goodnight 湘

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Created this simple coaster at a scrapbooking retreat recently. it is a reminder to myself that god provided all we need for wellness. truly, did we have pharmacies in ancient times? we can find what we need to heal from the earth’s herbal medicine & whole organic foods. #ningxiared #wolfberries #chinastudy #ylessentialoils #naturespharmacy

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Pumpkin spice latte
i mean, tis the season, am i right?! is it even fall without a pumpkin spice latte?!
here’s a way that you can make your own!
you need:
+ 1 cup milk (or non-dairy alternative)
+ 1 1/2 tbsp pumpkin puree
+ 1 shot of espresso or 4 oz of very strong coffee
+ 1 tsp honey or agave
+ 1 drop of thieves vitality essential oil
combine milk, pumpkin, and espresso in a saucepan over medium-low heat. stir often, until it starts to simmer.
remove from heat, add the honey or agave, and let it cool for about 5 minutes. add 1 drop of thieves vitality essential oil, and stir thoroughly.
pour into a cup, and enjoy! top with whipped cream for even more fun!!!

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My stepdad was so excited about this veterans day special package young living came out with this year! it just arrived and he is loving both of these oily goodies! he is a new fan of the valor roller for sure! #oilygoodies #veteransdayspecial #ylessentialoils #valor #freedom

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Purity || unfortunately not all essential oils are created equal, it’s disappointing to know that it’s a completely unregulated industry, but that’s just the way it is at this point in time.

i recommend that you source essential oils from a brand you trust. do your research. ensure that crops are grown and harvested without the use of pesticides and that chemical processes are not used when the oils are extracted. do not rely on statements on labels such as ‘100% pure’, or ‘100% organic’. because i’m here to tell you that the majority are not, and due to it being an unregulated industry brands can put 100% pure or organic on their label when 1% actually is, if that.

the majority of oils... yes the ones in health food shops, chemists, supermarkets, david jones etc may be labeled 100% pure but in actual fact they’ve got 1% plant extract, and the rest is fillers of synthetic ingredients and fragrance. all i can say is yuck.

not only are they not going to be physically therapeutic, nor will you reap any emotional benefit from them. but they can be down right dangerous and bad for you, and your kids!

there’s a reason why dterra are the number 1 essential oil brand in the world. happy to chat with you about why this is in greater detail if you like.

food for thought.



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If you want to start out the holidays with this bundle of all the things wellness please let me know! i will be giving $25 gift cards to target etsy or amazon with a purchase of a young living starter kit!
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