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Natural park of maremma, italy. photo by @brahmino

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Above fuji mountain. via @nature

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Incredible lenticular clouds over mt.fuji, japan 🗻

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Wild ice. photo by thomas zakowski

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Chiba, japan. photo by @dainosuke50

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New york city underground. photo by @theinkedshooter

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Blue lagoon, grindavík, iceland 🇮🇸 courtesy of @threeifbysea edited by @izkiz

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Pour the tea when - 40c ☀ photo by ©michael davies

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Renaissance aruba resort & casino photo by @cbezerraphotos

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Chasing fun before the night srikes 🌬☄

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Tuk-tuk ride🚜

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Throwback -snowy mountains make amazing adventure shots but they always present a threat to your camera, as it facilitates condensation in the lens, unless of course, your camera comes with a waterproof body 😉 #learntitthehardway #goprosingapore #outdoorsportstravel #travel #india #backpacking #natgeo #adventure #travelgram #mytravelgram #igers #igdaily #wanderlust #worlderlust #travelling #travels #traveller #travelblog #traveling #traveldiary #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #winter #beautiful #vacation #traveling #travelblog #travels #mytravelgram #instatravel #snow #mountains

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Watching the sunset over antigua from a hammock at @earthlodgeguatemala. yes that is the peak of a volcano just below the sun. i go to sleep listening to it grumble every night 🌋

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I could write a lot and get really sappy. so let's keep things simple. today is the day you and josh were born. not many get blessed with a friendship like ours. so cheers to the best guys i know #theroadsofar

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Tag who you'd explore with!! --- tag 3 friends --- follow @global.travelz for more!! follow @global.travelz for more!! ---

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Spent the afternoon observing people inside the temple🕌

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#flashbackfriday to that summer in the south of france - rented this amazing villa with an infinity pool that looked over the countryside and spent the whole week with friends and family. booking a spacious place with several people is a fun way to travel 🤗 and you can stay in nicer accommodations that way 😜

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