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franky and i decided to take part in the competition from sony @sonyphotorussia , to the best animal portrait! the competition is very big and i ask you to support me! put like on the photo and write any comment.⠀

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Mass blocking of breeders in instagram 🚫

the world is changing and instagram changes with it, adapting to new laws and prohibitions. the issue of non registered illegal business in social networks is being discussed in many media from different countries. many users of instagram appreciated the social network because it gave an opportunity to sell goods being just natural person without registration a business avoiding paying taxes.

breeders of dogs and cats from different countries also fell under the type of such illegal business activities.

i know couple of people who have been breeding british cats for more than 5 years, their instagram accounts numbered more than 300 thousand followers and were deleted within one day without the right to restore, just because they were not informed about the new policy changes.

what rules should you follow as a breeder in order not to lose your account?🤔

❗️1. registration your kennel with the tax authority. this is not about registering a kennel with fci or akc, but getting an tin for an individual entrepreneur in a tax authority (for russia) or a special license for a kennel (for america), with further indication of this data in the instagram account office.

❗️2. correctly indicate the direction of your activity in the business profile instagram. this is a gray inscription at the bottom of your profile name and which you choose when transferring your account to the type of "business", this is a mandatory condition and you need to choose a "kennel" or "breeder”

if you do not follow these 2 steps and place advertising posts containing photos of puppies with basic "selling phrases", then you can lose your account with great probability without warning and the possibility of recovery🚫

there are more rules and a set of phrases that cannot be indicated by the breeder. they will all be described in my book, which will be released this fall, in the large chapter “how to promote your kennel in instagram”

what do you think about it? write comments👇

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Getting some help from @btd544, preparing manic for the psa 1. decoy neutrality was a monster challenge for us at first, but this little freak is making leaps and bounds, quickly. he’s doing great. i can’t wait to step on the trial field with him soon.
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@julius_k9 color & gray® collar and the hidden julius-k9 neon toy under the sand 🔥🐾😍
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No dog is perfect, including mine, but i love them to death regardless. every dog will always be “a work in progress” because the work never stops, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the work itself. enjoy the process. no matter what. no matter what issues or challenges you face with your dog... face them head on. face them without complaint. face them without excuses. face them without doubt. face them, and then conquer them all.
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Amazing 😍 @eastonpd_k9tj
“being both soft & strong is a combination that very few have mastered.”

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