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My man tony sent me this literally this morning.⁣

not only did he make about 64k in 4 weeks selling on amazon - he's been one of my recent student success stories going from 0-60k per month in only 5 short months of selling.⁣

there's no better feeling than seeing the students achieve success and be able to make amazon a great source of passive income. ⁣

amazon has plenty of room for all of us. there are 60,000 people making over $10,000,000 per year selling on amazon. ⁣

sixty thousand people. ⁣

the problem is, there aren't enough of you that believe that you can be one of those sixty thousand.⁣

most people are more interested in their instagram aesthetic than they are about creating wealth so they can help their own freaking families eat and enjoy life. ⁣

it's the beginning of the year, start learning a new skill and make this year the best year of your entire life. who's with me?!⁣

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[23/100] if you’ve been here for a while, you might remember that around this time last year i *fully* hopped on the bullet journaling train. then i quietly hopped off six months later because it was “too much” aka i was a perfectionist about it and that approach wasn’t sustainable. that perfectionism pitfall is exactly what i’m trying to avoid with #100daysofdata. question of the day: how do you find that mixture of consistency and feasibility that promotes longterm habit-forming/goal-reaching?

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Tag a true friend 👇🏼

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If it’s not making me happy, making me money or making me better, i’m busy.

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Always remember to reflect on how far you’ve come. you’re doing a great job. you’re working hard. we notice and so do your friends and family. 👏🏻 comment below something that you’ve accomplished since you’ve started your business!

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She’s perfect 😫

follow @belaurengirl for more stuff about lauren 😋

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