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For those of you who message and comment on my waist and how you wish you could look like me...i don’t have the waist that lululemon leggings give me. i have imperfections and loose skin and this is so incredibly difficult to post, but i hope it helps someone accept their imperfections and work towards loving their body for everything it’s capable of rather than hating it for everything it isn’t.

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One of the hardest things about losing weight is being honest with yourself about your eating habits.
if you are anything like me, you were told that there was a lot of reasons why you we're obese and you believed them. it took a lot to finally get over the denial i built growing up.
it wasn't my genetics, it wasn't my metabolism, it was the fact that i was eating waaay too much.
it's hard to admit food is the problem because we don't want to give it up. it's easy to blame it on things that are seemingly out of your control because you don't have to accept responsibility for it.
you can lose the weight. you will be successful but, you have to be completely honest with yourself about your eating habits.
no excuses; get what you want!
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Came through drippin'💦
(drip drip)💦
now that i got your attention with my steely gaze and bangin' bod, i really want to emphasize the quality of life changes that come with weight loss.
i feel like i get to experience life on a different level now. sure, i traveled when i was obese and i always had a great time but, when it came time to walk from place to place, i'd run out of breath easily, i'd start sweating, and my knees and feet would start hurting.
being able to do things on my own terms and not being held back by my body's physical limitations is one of the best feelings in the world. you don't have to live life feeling trapped by the state your body is in. you can take your life back from obesity and experience life on your own terms!
no excuses; get what you want.
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Today has been such an exciting day ! 🔥 i’ve shared my story to all our newbies in the benelux .🌐🙌🏻 bucketlist check ! ✅
never been more grateful for my businessjourney 🙏🏻 i hope y’all have an awesome saturday .💋

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🎬 tv interview 🎬

i was interviewed by @lilianiradio 🎤 from the tv show @elnewscafe 📺. giving her and the viewers exercise and nutrition tips.

fui entrevistado con por @lilianiradio del @elnewscafe show de la tv. dando a ella y los espectadores consejos de ejercicios y nutrición.

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tag 5 people who needs these nutrition & exercise tips.

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Today is the day that a month ago i decided to restart my journey and actually get serious about it. i was serious before, hit a plateau, and gave up. i’m tired of giving up and having to restart. for a month straight, i’ve been going to the gym five days a week, with thirty minutes of intense cardio and an hour of weight training. did i want to every day? nah. was every gym session the best? heck no. there were times where i wanted to give up and go home, but i didn’t. i knew if i didn’t go, or just went home when i was tired or it got hard, i’d completely stop and i’d eventually have to start over again, or never start again at all. this is determination. it’s not just a want to, it’s a have to. and tbh, i couldn’t have done it without the people that push me every single day and motivate me and encourage me (they know who they are). this go around i have people that won’t allow me to give up on myself and it makes a complete difference. so, here we are, a month later with monthly results. is it a lot? not really. but you can definitely tell a difference and i can feel a difference. so, here’s to this month. can’t wait to see what next month looks like. 💪🏻

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90lbs down. my entire #weightlossjourney has been documented on youtube. as you can see my journey was not all smiles and decreasing numbers.
tag your weight loss buddies for motivation and comment what your new year goals are! it was hard to get out of my old habit and create new ones. it was uncomfortable and challenging. i hope you can see from this seriously short snippet of my journey how much my mindset changed throughout the process.
i'm hosting a dietbet where we are going to focus on how to change our mindset. there will be weekly mindset challenges, weekly workouts, a supportive community, tips on how to get through different struggles i faced in my own journey and healthy recipes. not to mention if you enter the dietbet you will be entered into a drawing to win free entry into my new year 6 week challenge. i will also be giving away three 90 day goalie squad self love and fitness planners. link to the dietbet is in my bio!
winners will be announced on january 5th! let's make 2019 the year you all meet your goals!

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