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When it comes to lifting heavy i’ve been afraid to push myself, but tonight i said eff that and tried some substantially heavier weights. i know it’s not impressive to some of you who lift heavy on the regular, but tonight’s 200 pound sumo deadlifts for 3x6 is by far a record for me. it felt amazing! 🙌🏻🏋🏼‍♀️ but my, oh my, @syattfitness i will not be loving you tomorrow. lol

what are you going to do this weekend to challenge yourself?! drop me a note and tell me so i can cheer you on! .
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The words “i can’t” “it’s impossible” “it’s too hard”
“i will never be able to do it”
are all words and phrases we tell ourselves, or others, when we believe something is too hard, or when we don’t want to put in the work, or when we are not disciplined enough or ready to work hard in order to achieve our goals.
the words “i can’t do it” are words i used to say because i was afraid to fail. i let the fear of failing stop me from even trying. but when i finally realized that all i had to do was replace those words with “i can” “i will” “i will do my best” “i will not give up” “it is not impossible” “this may be really difficult and take a long time...but...i can do it”
i felt like i could take on the world.
when we can switch those words around we send a positive message to our brains and it starts to believe it too. when we tell ourselves “i can’t do it” your brain will believe you can’t do it..so you won’t.
but when you tell yourself “i can do it and i will do it- no matter how many times i may fall down, i will keep standing back up”
your brain will start to believe that instead.
when you learn to switch those words around and have more “i can” instead of “i can’t”.....watch what happens. you will be unstoppable! .
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Happy friday beauties! don't forget to invest a little bit in yourself today..... this doesn't mean you have to go shopping and spending money 💸 , watch an inspirational video 📺, read a good book 📖, take some time to meditate 🙌, slow down for a minute and just talk with your kids and any other loved one, pray🙏, or just take a minute to self evaluate because we all need it to know where we are and what we need to do to get where we want to be ❤
feliz viernes bellezas! no olvides invertir un poco en ti el dia de hoy ... esto no significa que tengas que ir de compras y gastar dinero 💸, puedes ver un video inspirador 📺, leer un buen libro 📖, tomarte un tiempo para meditar 🙌 , disminuye un poco tu velocidad por un minuto y simplemente habla con sus hijos o cualquier otro ser querido, haz una oración 🙏, o simplemente tómate un minuto para autoevaluarte, porque todos lo necesitamos para saber dónde estamos y qué debemos hacer para llegar a donde queremos estar ❤
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Starting to see definition in my legs 💪🏽. haven't done an actual leg day in almost 2 months due to a leg injury. yesterday hurt so good lol. #legday #lastsetbestset #babygainz

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Political action! we have a section for that. get all the tools you need to shake things up and make positive change. ⚡️
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mondays are only as bad as you allow
right now i’m shirtless, smoking a cigar in my hammock, drinking a (macro-friendly) beer, listening to kenny chesney. 💢💢💢💢💢
i got up early, fed the dogs, put in a good 8 hours at my new job, fed and walked the dogs when i got home, meal prepped, and basically owned the day. i knew this transition to a new job could be rough, so i met it head-on. even drank my salt water this morning. not every day will be this good, but today was this good.
here’s to more monday’s like this monday! 🍻

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Anyone else feel super dramatic when running in the rain?? like “i’m-starring-in-my-own-motivational-music-video” kind of way??
honestly i’ve had a s**t week as far as workouts go. i’ve walked the dogs a few times, i got a few walks in during my breaks at work, and i got a weight session in tuesday. anyway, i’m done with excuses. today is my new day 1. i woke up and weighed in today at 245, which frankly is a lot lower than i thought i’d be right now. i’m re-committing to the summer sprint. i had my freak-out week and i’m over it. i’m settling in quite nicely to the new job, getting into a new routine, and working on optimizing each day. also, #ownthedayownyourlife has been a real game-changer as far as my day-to-day routine goes. 💢💢💢💢💢

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Back. at. it. 💢💢💢💢💢
happy monday, folks! back to lifting 3x/week, and loving it! i lifted saturday, but my schedule for the foreseeable future is:
lifting: m/w/f
running: su-sa
that’s right. all the cardio, and a lot of lifting. 💢💢💢💢💢
it’s been a stressful couple of weeks, but i’m back on it and ready to crush the rest of this summer sprint challenge!! i can’t control everything (as much as i’d like to control everything), but i can control my effort that i put out. i can control my meal prep. i can control my workouts. i can control my schedule. 💢💢💢💢💢
let’s get after it this week!!

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8/16/18 check-in.
sitting at 244.8 & 20% body fat. so 48.96 lbs of body fat. definitely room for improvement. time to increase hiit cardio, and trim my carbs a bit and (re)eliminate sugar.

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Yesterday’s workout!
💢💢💢💢💢 i’m a fan of high-intensity interval training (hiit) because it: 💢increases your muscular tone
💢increases your cardiovascular endurance
💢increases testosterone
💢burns fat
because the leg muscles (quads, hammies, calves) are the largest muscles in the body, using them at high-intensity will use up more stored atp (energy) and burn through your glycogen (sugar) stores throughout your body faster than any other muscle group. 💢💢💢💢💢
hiit is the shit

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Jos jedan kalup za sapun je gotov! veliko zadovoljstvo! 🙌#moldes#workforchange#do#soulnature_ #tree#hande#cool_capture_#designing#autentico#artistic#love#lifestyle#stil#share#picture_to_keep#foto#likeforfollow#folowers#liked#natural#tanne#d#workshop#posible#cosmetic#liebe#meine#greenlife#buy#giftideas

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This bird goes out to my in home trainer 😂 check out my stories to see some of the moves from my kick a*s workout this morning! try them yourself too!
thank god the girls were sleeping while i was doing the workout... cuz there were a whole lot of “f*ck you”s and “you’re an a$$hole”s been thrown around at the trainer 😂😂
... and the rest of my day is so positive now that i got out frustrations and negative energy out this morning ☀️🙌🙌
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