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By @thesarahdoughty
and this is how it happens when the sun goes down. it's the way you hold me as we wait for the night to come alive. as we listen to the crickets, i'm matching my heartbeat with yours. as the fireflies dance in the air, i watch the way the shadows play against your cheek. but what i love the most is the way those eyes of yours drink me in. by the time the darkness sets in, i am all too ready to taste your lips and let the moonlight bathe us. and at last, when your taste erupts across my tongue and our legs become entwined, nothing else exists. so you see, you and me and the night make even the stars jealous.
— j e a l o u s y
© sarah doughty
nothing else exists. and that's the way it should be.
if you want to learn more about this or my other free books and where to get them, head to the link in my bio and click on book links.
illustration by the incredible @broken_isnt_bad.
. ✧ @thesarahdoughty
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Keep it calm.
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From into the wild.

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Love yourself 🖤
illustration - @liamashurst 🌹
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You will get there. you are going to leave footprints in places no one ever believed you would make it to. don’t doubt because there are many who don’t understand the direction you’re choosing to go. ignore the ones talking about you in a judgmental way. forgive. keep walking. trust the instincts your heart gives you. you deserve to believe in yourself. you are capable of anything. 💛

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