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I give it to you mommas who pull together these super creative and fun birthday parties! i wouldn’t have a clue as to even where to begin... so totally love that my little ladies are able to feel a touch of your creativeness!
happy birthday macy! this was an amazing l.o.l. party! they painted little l.o.l. dolls and had so much fun! i am also thrilled to see a whole room of little ladies cheering each other on to make this awesome art project! #womensupportingeachother #teamwork #creativeparty #birthdayparty #pinterestmommas

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Its so easy to question past decisions.
for me, it was going to get a degree (or 2) & moving to montana. student loan debt is suffocating and its sometimes hard to see the return on investment... okay its usually hard to see that. and moving to montana was a lonely, hard, and difficult journey.
but when i was talking to my mom the other day about my life and moving back to ny, i realized something.
had i not gone to daemen college, i would not have met my first set of forever people. ashley jackson and kelly domino would not be in my life if i had not decided to go to that school. these women were my first two true friends and they are forever stuck with me, because i cherish their friendships daily. i also would have never met tasha kane (stay tuned for how she comes into the picture again later) without going to daemen.
if i never met ashley, i would have never met megan slisz - my third forever friend.
and if i never met ashley and megan, i would have definitely never met taylor perry. and if i never met taylor, i don't even know where i would be.
and taylor says she only added me on facebook because of my pictures of reese in the mountains, which would not have been the case had i not moved to montana.
and had i not met taylor and said yes i am ready to change my freakin life, i would not have met a million amazing women (too many to mention y'all - but you know who you are) and reconnected with tasha, who is now one of my closest friends. and we're about to get closer in march, when we share an 80 sq foot cruise room on a trip we earned by crushing goals and taking names.
had i not done the exact things i regularly question, i wouldn't be who and where i am today.
i would not be surrounded - ok more like engulfed - by a tribe of supportive women who want the best for each other. i would not be on a journey towards becoming better and healthier. i would very likely be miserable.
so long story short, follow your heart. it always leads you where you're supposed to go. ❤️

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"looks like a man!!" 🙄yawn...
it's the oldest and the most unoriginal statement women like me who train with heavy weights receive often... people who say it really do make themselves look and sound stupid, jealous and so ignorant , thankfully i'm very head strong and people who are an irrelevance in my life, their opinions of me go over my head.
so at this point i could tell you (again) all the health benefits associated with lifting weights but i'm going to do what many don't want to say especially on social media for fear of being called vain or fickle and tell you this- lift weights ladies it'll make you look bad a*s hot to trot in a dress and heels😉
pictures taken one day apart this last weekend 😎

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Yes 👆🏻yes 👆🏻yes👆🏻
it is so important to be supportive, loving, and kind to one another! ❤️
make an effort to build each other up today. you never know, it may be just what someone needed to hear!
thanks @sarahshrinks_83 for posting this, it was a great reminder!
#buildeachotherup #instasupport #supportyourfriends #supporteachother #supportoneanother #mywellnessjourney #myjourneytohealth #myhealthjourney #strongwomensupporteachother #whorunstheworld #womensupportingeachother

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Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. happy tuesday queens 👸

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Happy monday!

how was your weekend?

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When you speak with confidence you give strength and inspiration to those around you. they will not hold it against you if you're wrong. you develop your character when you admit you were wrong and gain the respect of others.
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Guac is extra. gains are not.

this brownie batter heaven has a variety of proteins and amino acids (bcaas) to speed muscle recovery, reduce soreness, promote lean muscle synthesis, and improve muscle strength recovery. oh and it’s alllll natural. ain’t no body got time to put chemical s**t in their body!

full disclosure. i am still known to enjoy a diet coke now and then, so i’m not totally chemical free. but i’ve cut down a ton and i’ll be diet coke free in the new year. i pinky swear!

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We had our first #gymbodyz photo shoot with our poster #bikinimodel athlete .we are looking forward to showing you the end results.
we are still looking for two fitness models (1 male,1 female) have you applied? contact us if you think you have what it takes to be the fitness model face and body on all our marketing and promotion posters.

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@gymbodyz had their first photo shoot with their poster #bikinimodel athlete .
they are looking forward to showing you the end results.
they are still looking for two fitness models (1 male,1 female) have you applied? contact #gymbodyz or ceo @paulettesybliss if you think you have what it takes to be the fitness model face and body on all their marketing and promotion posters.
🎥 @paulettesybliss

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you know the story. i’ve told you all before. i’ve crushed some goals, i’m still working on others. but i can say that despite the craziness of my life lately, i’m incredibly happy, confident, and at peace.
not many women can say that about themselves. but why not?

should we waste our lives always wishing that we could do what that girl did? no!! i wasted so many years of my life looking at others journey, comparing my life to their highlight reel, and putting myself down and saying that it could never be me.

turns out it wasn’t true. i proved to myself i am more than my emotional eating, that my commitment to myself is way stronger than my self doubt that creeps in, but most of all that my body is worth every second & every dollar i spend on making it the best it can be.

i taught myself all of these things by using all of the resources i’ve been given & leaning on this tribe of women who have fought the same battles.
so now it’s your turn. stop buying your own bs, it’s just wasting your time and energy on quick fixes and excuses.

drop a 🔥 if you’re done making excuses and ready to dive into your goals! i promise you, you can do it. you won’t regret it.

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Preo had an amazing time at the fashion weekend gambia market place.thanks to everyone that stopped by our table to support,we love and appreciate you.
thanks to the lady behind dabs (haddy dibba) for being my date :) and my sweet mentee bintou jawara for your support.love you both
#fwg2018#marketplace#handmade #madeinthegambia #womenentrepreneurs #womensupportingeachother #preo

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