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The least impressive thing you give to this world is a perfect body.
the least creative thing you put out into the world is perfect skin.
the least memorable part of your existence is how your abs look in a bikini.

you look, act, and feel different than everyone else and thank god.

you have a story that’s never been written.
a song that’s never been sung.
your voice, your message, your work has never happened before.
so no more listening to society saying it’s all about beauty. no more waiting until you look a certain way to begin your dream journey. show up now.
allow yourself to be all that you are. the world needs you, not the version of you trying to be someone else. it needs you.

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Hi it’s happy meeeee ☺️☺️ how’s everyone?? i am hungry and will eat an avocado turkey sandwich soon 😋😋

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Could you pull off wearing pink 🤔

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Morning after morning -
my tea tastes better -
falling mist

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Feeling slithery 🐍 body suit @profashionalstyling
you would never guess where i got my accessories 👀👀

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Drank so much coffee today, i puked. how was your day?

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