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On sundays, we bake.

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“in all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”.
welcome to our #detailsinnatureloop. we have teamed up together as a group to capture the beauty and details that nature has to offer. follow our loop by tapping each tagged name in each image until you’ve made it back here.
next up is: @birdandbumblebee
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Can someone please tell this child not to grow up too fast?
(go to my stories and you can see sooc and edit in color).
por favor, alguien puede decirle a este niño que no crezca tan rápido?
(ve a mi stories y verás el antea y el después en color)

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These little guys have been waking me up in the early mornings lately. there’s a flowering crabapple tree (not flowering mind you. we’re still several feet under snow) right outside my bedroom window, and they are busy filling their big bellies with withered berries from seasons past. ⠀
i think i might count their birdsong as my first signs of spring. wishful thinking? ⠀
in other news, we enjoyed another beautiful winter hike through the woods with our wild + free group this morning. lifting those legs high above the snow is always a good way to get the wiggles out. so blessed to have a couple more adventurous mamas come out and play, especially as we brace for another storm ❄️ check my stories to see today’s adventure.
and one more thing!

i’m working on my outline for the online art class so many of you have asked for. if you haven’t given me your email yet, be sure and do so, so you can be among the first to know when the class is up and running 💛 you can click the link in my bio or dm me. whichever is easiest 😉 happy weekending!

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Wrapping up this weekend with a few friendly (read competitive) games of sequence at the dining table with my two oldest. i am realizing more often these days how quickly these children of ours are growing up...i am so thankful they still get excited when i pull out a game and ask if they want to play!
also, i should add...my second born (top) won both times. and i thought i was good at this game, ha!

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After the hardest week ever lived so far, yesterday everything went back to normal. diego went back to school and dad is almost recovered.
although we are very far from our family, here we have found friends that we can call family as well. they know that without their help it would have been very difficult to have passed these hard times.
there are not enough words to say thank you.
and this is my tribute to them.
after having spent a whole week at home without being able to go out, we have learned to love all the possibilities it offers. the walls of different colors, the large windows and their light, the reflections in the glass table of the living room ... and without a doubt this is one of my favorites!!!
p.s. sorry for the long test!😅🙄
después de la semana más dura jamás vivida hasta el momento, ayer ya todo volvió a la normalidad. diego volvió al colegio y papá está casi recuperado.
aunque estamos muy lejos de nuestra familia, aquí hemos encontrado a amigos que podemos llamar familia también. ellos saben que sin su ayuda hubiese sido muy difícil haber pasado estos duros momentos.
no hay suficientes palabras de agradecimiento.
y este es mi tributo hacia ellos.
tras haber estado toda una semana en casa sin poder salir, hemos aprendido a amar todas las posibilidades que ofrece. las paredes de diferentes colores, las grandes ventanas y su luz, los reflejos en la mesa de cristal del salón... y sin duda esta es una de mis favoritas!!!
p.s. siento este texto tan largo! 😅🙄

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