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Strength does not come from winning...your struggles develop your strengths. when you go through hardships & decide not to surrender, “that is strength.” ❤️💫💪🏻
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Day 8 of the march 10x10. got my trench coat and my rain boots, and i'm ready to tackle this warm snow-melt day. (looks like i'm casually holding a bottle of wine but i promise it's kombucha 😂).

found this gorgeous vintage coat for a few bucks at the thrift store last week. if you've ever wondered how to tell if an item is vintage or not, here are a few things i usually look for:

1. a unique label. generally, vintage labels and tags look different from current ones. i keep an eye out for bigger, more "papery" labels; labels with an rn or lot number; labels with clear orange, red, and yellow icons telling you how to care for the item; or labels with more visible, imperfect stitching and brand names i don't recognize. a "woolmark" is a good indicator as well. google "vintage clothing labels" for more information.

2. a "made in canada" or "made in usa" label (or "made in mexico" for some 1950s pieces). the majority of vintage items up until the 80s and 90s were made in the country they were sold in. so if i see an item that says it was made in canada, my radar goes off right away and i give the item a closer look. nine times out of ten it's vintage.

3. the quality of the garment. i can often tell right away if an item is vintage just by the sturdier material, the more careful stitching, and the kinds of buttons they use. most vintage items are not the flimsy, sheer, stretchy pieces we have to wade through nowadays when we go through the women's section.

have any questions about vintage shopping? i'd be happy to try my best to answer! it's such a fun hobby ✨

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Final outfit of the march 10x10! ✨

my @fathersdaughterla jeans have seen a lot of wear over these past 10 days, and i feel like i've fallen in love with them all over again. also wearing my fave @free.label charlene shirt for a second time over this challenge, with a vintage blazer as a light jacket in today's balmy weather.

not much time to write a longer caption as i'm out and about with my sister in law working on a very exciting project (stay tuned) -- but looking forward to going through the #stsfxbfbipoc10x10 hashtag and seeing all of the capsule wardrobe inspo!

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Ni som uttalar beige ”bäääch” säger fel, sådeså

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