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아침 일찍 나왔는데
흐리다고 너무 울상일 필요는 없다.
자연을 재촉한다고 뭐가 달라질까
조바심없이 기다리다보면
언젠가는 그것을 바라 볼 수 있을테다.

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😍😍 all we can say is wow!!!😍😍 congratulations to our friend @northwestcollective for finishing his labor of love! we hope you enjoy many memories!!!

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Nice views along the way always make for good excuses to take lots of breaks 😌

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Charming corners of the city of lights ✨

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Blue hour in the capital
image by @dikshatravels

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Spent the weekend connecting with good company and off the usual social networking. 10/10 would recommend

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