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Pôr do sol ✨ #algarve

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W h a t | w o o d | u | do ?
#ad what would you do if i told you one tree gets planted for every one of these @originalgrain watches sold?
#stayoriginal these environmentally friendly watches are made from real wood which makes each completely unique.
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Стиль nine 22 — импровизация😎

Забыли плед? Посидим на земле! Вместо шампанского — вода. Вместо набережной — газон в парке, вместо загара — укусы муравьёв😄

Так все и делаем, на коленках😉

Главное, ко всему подходить с юмором и позитивом, а вот чего, чего, а этого у нас хоть отбавляй👌🏻
Фото: @_slaviana_

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Guys i wrote a blog post that goes in-depth on safety and why we choose the coppertone pure & simple mineral sunscreen for both adults and our kids. i’ve talked about it a lot on instagram but there’s only so much information i can convey in a short paragraph. so to learn more about the ingredients that go into this line, the price point, where to find it, how it works, does it work and more please head to bluebirdkisses.com or click the link in my bio. #coppertone_partner #sponsored #sunprotection to be sure this product is suitable for you, always read and follow the label

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Llego el día del amor y la amistad de los sancristobalenses, bajo musac...hn

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