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Eminem discography ranking

1)marshall mathers lp
best eminem album and one of the best rap albums of all time. a raw em, spits his best verses. lots of classic tracks, this is a 0 skip for me. perfect album.
favorite tracks: k**l you, stan, marshall mathers 9,8/10

2)the eminem show
the album which em balanced his funny side and mature side perfect. with his fantastic style, em at his prime, brings a nearly perfect album. for me it's a 0 skip too
favorite tracks: business, say goodbye hollywood, superman 9,5/10

3)slim shady lp
world sees an asshole which never seen before: slim shady. with his unique ryhmes, eminem brings us a new style, mostly using shock rap with support of dr. dre. great album.
favorite tracks: if i had, rock bottom, as the world turns 9/10

i love this album so much. i love the accent, serial killer and horror vibes. i may be tripping to you but i see this as a horrorcore classic. i hope it will get the praise it deserves in future.
favorite tracks: 3 a.m., stay wide awake, deja vu 8/10

5)marshall mathers lp 2
best em album in decade. some of his best verses in years, amazing shady moments and seeing a mature em was good. i would put it 4th if i wasn’t a big fan of relapse.
favorite tracks: bad guy, legacy, evil twin 7,5/10

this had so many good songs, but em goes a bit pop there. has a big replay value. i love it, not bad album.
favorite tracks: cold wind blows, talkin’ 2 myself, going through changes 7/10

i think this is not a terrible album. there’s some best em songs here but very bad songs like a*s like that and boring fillers made that album bad.
favorite tracks: like toy soldiers, mockingbird, never enough 6,5/10

don’t believe em stans’ hype, this isn’t a good album. good flow and some good lyrics but also some corny and cringe lyrics too. no good concept, only dissing his bad critics and undeserved people who makes better music than him.
favorite tracks:the ringer, not alike, stepping stone 5.5/10

a big disappointment. a few good songs in it but awful pop features and bad production makes it his worst album.
favorite tracks: believe, framed, castle & arose 5/10

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The aux cord challenge

nominated by: @cloutmeister, @therapsynthesizer, @nxtuphiphop, and @darnell_duckworth

• danny brown - ain’t it funny
over one of the craziest and wonkiest beats i’ve ever heard, danny reflects on his substance abuse and general self-destructive behavior through clever metaphors and overall excellence. this song blows my mind every time i hear it.
• keith ape - it g ma remix (feat. waka flocka flame, dumbfoundead, father, & a$ap ferg)
this might honestly be the hardest song of 2015. i don’t care too much for keith ape’s verse, and ferg slightly underperforms, but this song still goes unbelievably hard. dumbfoundead and father deliver great verses, while waka delivers what in my opinion might be his best verse ever.
• denzel curry - vengeance (feat. jpegmafia & zillakami)
a common choice for this challenge, but rightfully so. the beat is rather simplistic, but sets the stage for all three artists to go off. bringing pure aggression and energy, denzel, peggy, and zilla all deliver standout verses that make this a song i’ll be listening to for years to come.
• gta - little bit of this (feat. vince staples)
this song is crazy slept on. amazing production, catchy hook, and stellar verses from vince. similar to the sound vince would later take on big fish theory, but better.
• death grips - i’ve seen footage
one of the bounciest death grips tracks, i’ve seen footage feels carefree on the surface, but mc ride’s lyrics details his experiences with paranoia as well as his desensitization. brilliant track.
• jpegmafia - baby i’m bleeding
unbelievable energy and charisma over experimental production, this track has been on repeat since i first heard it. if this doesn’t get you hyped up i don’t think anything can.
• brockhampton - gummy
one of the first bh tracks i heard and it’s been one of my favorites ever since. each featured member brings their own style and flavor to this track, all while they showcase loads of charisma and chemistry throughout. as is the standard for america’s favorite boyband, production on here is fantastic as well.

i nominate @musical.heads, @thahiphopabstract, and @experzvibes

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Also! 2017 is my favorite year of music because it’s when i really started getting into it and i also just really enjoy the music and albums so i’m gonna make a list of my favorite albums from 2017 and just make posts about the albums throughout the week. this will be a personal favorite list and i’m not saying any of them are bad they’re all great albums just based on how much i like them. idk how many it’ll be it really depends on how many i want to talk about but not more than top 10 so yeah if you enjoy lists then that’s something to look forward to. i have general ideas but i want to re listen to some of the albums so i can give y’all my best opinions. do you guys want more lists from me in the future??

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So i like just really got into kid cudi and i’ve listened to his first 3 albums and i really enjoy them so best believe i’m really excited for this. it’ll be a while but still something to look forward to. there really are a ton of great artists that have plans to drop music and i’m extremely excited! who’s album are you the most excited about dropping??

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Just take me to 2019 already lets get yandhi and wrap this year up. but man........someone asked him about a potential collab with gambino & he said “hmmmmmm” 😭 but anyways are y’all hyped for some new music from cudder? 🤔⬇️

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Good kid m.a.a.d city by kendrick lamar(october 22,2012)
this project was wayyy ahead of it’s time,this is one of my favorite projects and is easily top 20 oat and i have a lot of reasons behind it,kendrick’s storytelling makes it feels like you’re watching a movie about kendrick’s struggle and the fact that his friends cried when listening to the album because they didn’t know how kendrick could’ve delivered their struggle more beautifully,the features were good with an amazing verse by jay rock,an ok verse by drake ,and also a couple of verses by dr.dre,the production is the weakest thing on this project because i felt that the production could’ve been better,but the main highlight of this is easily kendrick storytelling and delivery,overall this is a classic and is one of the best projects to drop this decade.
production : 9/10
subject : 10/10
features : 9/0
lyrics : 9.5/10
delivery : 10/10
cover : 10/10
favorite tracks : art peer of pressure ,money trees,
samidot,m.a.a.d city,backseat freestyle,swimming pool.
overall : 9.5
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It's crazy how the world look different
it's crazy how the girls look different
the colors and the sounds so vivid
you never catch your boy po-pimpin'
me sittin' on the sidewalk, now that don't sound right
but as long as i look fly by prom night—go
gambino is someone that can compliment pretty much anyone well on a track, or can assemble features that make for some of the most different sounding aesthetics you can think of. from jhené to soul to riff to q to fredo and on, he’s worked with so many and kept it all so different, it says a lot when someone can retain what makes them who they are and play off the collaborator perfectly

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