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Back to school spaghetti and veggie meatballs (@wholefoods 365 brand). the girls love this dish. it’s filling and fuels them! #vegetarian #vegan #italian #meatballs

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Buffalo cauliflower is like chicken wings, but healthy and vegetarian. the best part of a chicken wing is the spicy 🌶 buffalo sauce. we had these in bangor, maine. it was cool restaurant & bar, and the owner/chef sourced his food locally. #cauliflowerwings #cauliflower #vegetarian #healthyfood #vegan #veggies

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~just a girl and her pasta~

😊today was crazy busy with running errands and packing! i squeezed in a quick strength workout at the gym before heading to all the stores. feeling accomplished but still have things to do!
😊anyways, today i want to write a little bit about my diet, specifically how i’m vegetarian.
😊for as long as i can remember, my family has been big meat eaters (mostly chicken but we grilled out a lot too during the summer). i never really thought anything of it, it was just something i ate like every other food.
😊this summer, though, i decided to go vegetarian, with the initial reason to lose a few pounds. but as the weeks went on and i did more research, my reasons quickly changed.
😊the couple pounds came off easily, and even though i can’t directly link it to my going vegetarian, because i did do many other things for my health, i believe it definitely helped. but it wasn’t really about that at all anymore, and in reality, our body isn’t meant to process and digest meat.
😊i feel so much better on the daily by eliminating meat. i’m not vegan, but i don’t eat eggs or dairy much other than if it’s in a dessert...
😊and probably the most important reason i resonated with was to support animals and environmentalism. animals are friends not food as we like to say!
😊since going vegetarian, i had some chicken at a restaurant because there wasn’t much else on the menu and i absolutely hated it. the taste no longer appealed to me and i honestly felt gross. that’s when i decided i’m never going back!
😊it’s been difficult sometimes because it’s simple to find a meat option on a restaurant menu, but a vegetarian one is harder to find (even though it’s more delicious). but more options are slowly becoming available and cooking at home is always an option.
😊being vegetarian has given me the opportunity to try so many foods that i never would have ordered before because i always would have chosen the meat dish without even thinking.
😊i’m not here to convince you to give up meat forever, but i just wanted to share my story about how it has positively impacted me, just in the few months that i’ve gone green!!
😊final note, i really love tofu!!!!

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Mamá ina - #cocinasaludable #almuerzosaludables #quierovivirsano🙋🏻 #vegetarian #soyadventistadelseptimodia almuerzo saludable y #nutritivo mmmmm

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I am fully aware this photo is trash. however the vegan gumbo in that bread bowl was anything but trash. this thing didn’t stand a chance between me and @get_healthy_or_bust i just want to go back to disneyland, ride the haunted mansion a bunch of times, and eat vegan gumbo in a bread bowl at 10pm again

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Zucchini fritters with a side of leftover indian 🥒🍚
2 cups zucchini -squeeze the water out!- some onion, some garlic, 1/3 cup flour and an egg. easy peasy.
#vegetarian #recipes #zucchini #dinner #castironcooking

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Hey lovelies. 🤓😘
here we have figgies & jammies extra large cookies gluten-free raspberry & fig from pamela's products. 🍪
these are incredibly irresistible, super soft beautiful texture, delicious bright sweet, juicy and fruity raspberry flavor paired well with a rich fig flavor. 🤤🤤🤤
your whole family will love them! 😻😻😻
from what i remember of non gluten-free fig bars, these beat them out any day! so tasty.
great paired with tea or coffee. :) 👀🙊🍵 #pamelasproducts #raspberry #cookies #bakery #health #vancouver #surrey #yvr #burnaby #blogger #writing #selfie #picture #pictures #photography #iphoneography #love #life #world #beautiful #beauty #inspiration #passion #food #favorite #vegetarian #vegan #organic #lifestyle

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It’s been a hot minute since i posted a food pic so here’s my veggie packed lunch 😬 brown rice + veggie burger + sweet potato + avo + my new fav @sietefoods hot sauce 💃🏼

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Byob (build your own bowl, get your mind outta the gutter, i’m not always talking about alcohol geesh) #dfweatsss

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Nada mejor que arrancar la semana con algo rico, fresco, liviano y con tu secreto de sabor.
#brennan #ponelebrennan #tusecretodesabor #mostaza #dijon #platos #salad #comidasana #vegetarian #rico #sabores

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• apple 🍏 bars •
(al final del post hay un mini concurso!!) para la base:
1/2 taza de mantequilla ghee derretida
1/4 taza de panela en polvo
1 cdita extracto vainilla
1/4 cdita de sal
1 taza de harina de almendras
para el relleno:
3 manzanas verdes sin cáscara y picadas en media lunas.
2 cdas de stevia en polvo
2 cdas harina coco
1 cdita canela
1/8 cdita de nuez moscada .
para el crumble:
1/2 taza avena
1/3 taza de panela en polvo
1/4 cdita canela
1/4 taza harina coco
1/4 taza de aceite de coco
1/4 taza de almendras laminadas
1. precalentar el horno a 300f. cubrir un refractario cuadrado con papel parafinado.
2. hacer la base: mezclar la mantequilla ghee, la panela, la vainilla y la sal en un bowl. agregar la harina de almendras y mezclar bien. presionar esta mezcla sobre el papel parafinado de forma que quede una capa homogénea y llevar al horno por 15 minutos mientras haces el resto.
3. en un bowl agregar las manzanas, la harina, la nuez moscada, la stevia y la canela. mezclar todo bien hasta que las manzanas queden bien cubiertas.
4. en otro bowl combinar la avena, la panela, canela y la harina de coco. añadir el aceite de coco (no derretido sino en su estado cremoso, como suele estar a temperatura ambiente) y usando tus manos empieza a mezclar todo creando los crumbs.
5. retira el refractario del horno (con la base) y agrega una capa de manzanas y luego el crumble. hornea a 350 f por 30-35 minutos.
6. sacar y dejar enfriar para llevar a la nevera por dos horas aproximadamente o durante la noche.
7. retirar el papel parafinado cuidadosamente y con un cuchillo partir en forma de barritas.
estas se pueden comer frias o calientes! con yogurt griego congelado saben delicioso! la salsa que use es de caramelo sugar free de smucker’s. .
•• ¿quieres ganarte un bono de @la.cesteria + una cajita 📦 con snacks saludables? ••
👉🏻 el bono es un 10% de descuento en la membresía y 10k de descuento en el primer pedido.
❗️solo debes comentar cuales ingredientes de los que usé para esta receta los compré en la cestería y etiquetar a una amiga y listo (obviamente debe seguir a ahealthyself). el ganador será escogido al azar entre las p

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