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Happy kid in vail ⛄️❄️ @vailmtn // bonito sabado amores que disfruten el fin de semana. ❤😘 #pamallierinvail #vail #vailsnow

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Thinking about the back bowls at vail this weekend #vailsnow #unreal @vailmtn

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Favorite winter activity: tree runs. ⛷🏂 favorite summer activity: tree runs. 🚲🌲

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We saved some of the best shots for last! follow us all week as we recap even more of our favorite shots from the 2016-17 winter season. #vailsnow 📷: @_theroadnefftraveled_

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Heading into the weekend like...👊🏻 #stayloud 🏂: @markmcmorris 🎥: @adamburwell

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We kissed our ski trip in vail and christmas goodbye! i'm ready to ring in the new year with my favorite person! 🎉#vail #vailsnow #skitrip 📸: @cameronpremo

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Another powder day #vail #vailsnow

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At 8,000 feet elevation vail can have snow twelve months a year. still it's always a bit of a shock to go from eighty degree days, spring 🌷 and cycling to full on winter weather. #vail #maysnowstorm #springsnow #vailsnow #snowstorminmay

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Favorite winter activity: tree runs. ⛷🏂 favorite summer activity: tree runs. 🚲🌲

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Bike vail. 🚲 especially the back bowls. 🤓

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Ninguna bici de walmart sirve :( • • • • #vailsnow #vailsummer #vailcolorado #bikelife #bikelove #walmartfinds

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"under the sun gods stare, i wince and blossom hives counting the fractions of day, rotting away as businessmen just drink away their eyes" -say anything 🎸🎶

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I live in vail, colorado. meru national park is located in kenya, africa. the ski run "born free" connects the two... kind of. 🦁🌲⛷ many of the ski run names on the west end (lionshead) of vail are lion themed. "born free" is one of the most traveled ski runs on vail mountain and is named after a book and movie written by naturalist joy adamson.🦁🌲🏂 the book recounts adamson's life in meru national park with elsa, a semi-tame lioness. elsa's mother was killed after charging a couple game wardens. they later discovered that the mother was only protecting her three cubs: elsa, the big one, and lustica. 🦁🌲⛷ the adamson's decided to set elsa free rather than send her to a zoo. they spent months training her to hunt and survive on her own. the efforts were successful. elsa became the first lioness successfully released back into the wild... and indirectly had a ski run named after her on the other side of the world. 🦁🌲🏂

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Big mamba🐍 is the go-to blue single track fresh off of gondola 19. bike down and see trees that seem new, but are all too familiar. the blinding white snow has been replaced by dirt, grass and wildflowers; your waxed planks are now a couple of studded tires. send it. 🚲🌲

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"fred's lunch" is a solid blue singletrack in vail, co that shoots down from mid vail. 🌲 fun fact: a lot of vail's downhill mtb trails are named after ski patrolmen's old dogs. 🐕 ...if you want to go home safely to your pupper, then make sure to wear a helmet. 🚲 @vailmtn @demonunited @demondirt

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Ya no hay nieve en vail 🌨 • • • • • • #vailsummer #vailwinter #vailsnow #vailvillage #coloradowinter #snowtown #travelgirl

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One of the first memories i can clearly recall was when my dad put together my green ninja turtle bike. i was four and stoked. 🚲🐢🤓 i also remember when he took the training wheels off. i was five and naiive.🚲💥🤕 ...one of these was more painful than the other. i wore a helmet then and i wear a helmet now. 🚲🙂🤙 #demonsaves

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📍winter season at vail, colorado. 🇺🇸 #vailsnow

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"i'm not superstitious, but i'm a little stitious." -michael scott

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“whenever i see an adult on a bicycle, i do not despair for the human race.” -hg wells.

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Guess what this guy said? 🦊

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Vail é uma cidadezinha maravilhosa onde as pistas de ski chegam dentro da cidade o que a deixa ainda mais encantadora ! tem vários restaurantes e atividades de inverno, quem curte um frio é parada obrigatória!!! #vail #vailsnow #colorado #coloradowinter #coloradoweather #missingcolorado #dicasdeviagem #cynthiarosa #viajando #roadtrip #viajarfazbem #viagemdecarro #neve #winter #winterwonderland

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