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Fansite jungkook dan v @bymyside_kookv mendonasikan sebanyak 2 juta won (25 jutaan rupiah) kepada unicef atan nama jungkook dan v😱😱😱 kalian udah lakuin apa demi bias kalian armydeul?? gue mah cinta dalam doa aja😂😂
please komen, like dan tag temen lo yang ngestan taekook!?
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cr. bymyside_kookv
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Community outreach
chefs for unicef 2018

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Discussing with young amerindian radio hostess how to partner with local radios to promote community discussion on child rights in amerindian language #unicef #unicefguyanasuriname #guyana🇬🇾 #rupununi #makushi #radiopaiwomak #radio

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There were many kids under this flyover’s construction but this little boy, the one who was the most active of all was the don of the entire group. he was the one who was ordering each one of them and setting the rules of their games.

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La segunda mención del día es para @loleniux quien comparte con la comunidad su trabajo. recuerden usar el ht #colectivofotomx 📸 #niño #children #unicef #lancha #lake #mexico

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A little kid was looking at the other two kids who were fighting over a toy. she says with her family under the flyover near moolchand.

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Handstand by squirrel. i am sure she was stunned by the beauty of taj. wah taj!

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Right now. $25 from 50 people to be fully funded. s*x trafficking in ecuador is more common in afro-ecuadorians and the lgbt community. i’ll be staying with girls that have been victims of all different types of abuse. “indigenous and afro- ecuadorians, as well as colombian refugees and migrants, are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking. women, children, refugees, and migrants continued to be the most vulnerable to s*x trafficking, but ngos reported an increase in lgbti individuals vulnerable to or victims of s*x trafficking.” www.state.gov
if you’d like to be apart of my experience. link in bio 🌿 photo: unicef.org

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🙌🏾 to these two beautiful souls. #fenomlife3 repost @garydourdan
hi @vanessawilliamsofficial sa moi, it was me cheering you on when you won that pageant, and me whose heart was breaking for you when they tried to take you from grace. but you are grace !! you are thé phoenix fire who rose and you honed and you built an empire of accomplishments, hit records films and broadway shows and then you reached down and helped other women and a lot of men and a whole lot of children with their dreams, you are the blueprint for any aspiring artist who believes they can be a triple quadruple threat and still raise a family i’ve watched your green eyes sparkle as you have inspired mine. i have always loved you and i will always be watching you in awe and i sure hope to one day make you as proud of me as you have always made me of you-your friend gary #globalgiftgala #unicef #cantstopwontstop 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

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Journée mondiale du paludisme
chaque année 300 millions de personnes sont atteintes du paludisme et tue plus de 3000 personnes par jour, en afrique subsaharienne. le taux de mortalité dû au paludisme est d'au moins 85% en afrique. dans le monde, 1 enfant meurt du paludisme toutes les 2 minutes. afin de freiner la propagation de la maladie et protéger les enfants et leur famille, il faut toujours dormir sous moustiquaire.
barikissou 9 mois dort toujours sous moustiquaire enfin d’évité le paludisme.
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