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Yesterday was simply perfect.
cruising through the colorful tulip-fields of @boer_tom, looking fierce & fancy on our e-choppers provided by @fredsverhuur and having a delicious lunch with the best fresh cheeses at the farm of @klaverkaas7. all perfectly organized and arranged by @hollanbovenamsterdam and @groovypat & @vlinderlin. thank you all so much for this lovely day! 🌷🌷🌷 #boertomtulpenmeet #klaverkaas #hollandbovenamsterdam #tulpenbovenamsterdam

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“move over, monstera leaves and succulents! pampas grass is having a *major* moment” - @britandco 🌾 pampas grass is available now for purchase in our @etsy shop (link in bio) #pampaspeople | photo: @taraosbornejewellery

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These warm days have given us an opportunity to enjoy sunsets once again and luckily, even spotting a pair of deer munching away at the grass. only two of many reasons why i love living here. i can't wait to plan more sunset picnics and outings soon! 🌾 #capturingourdays

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Fields of 💐 in celebration of easter

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