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As we approach summer and the peak travel period, #bwi passengers will see @tsa #canine teams working throughout the busy airport terminal. these highly skilled dogs are trained to detect explosives. #airport #aviation #security #tsa #transportation

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With summer travel season about to start this is a very interesting list of common things that can get you held up at tsa. did you know moisturizers like cerave on your hands, they contain glycerin which is very similar chemically to nitroglycerin one of the main component of explosives, can put you through a full tsa search. be sure to wash your hands throughly before going through airport security!! #summertravel #tsa #moisturizer #funinthesun #love

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National airport on a rainy day. covering a tsa conference. #gearshifttv #onlocationshoot #tsa

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No, not a global entry revokation!!!!!! you played yourself. 😯😯😯😯😢😯😢😯😢😯😢😯 rules are rules, lady. it's widely known you can bring processed food across country lines, but not plants, dirt and seeds. agriculture rules are everywhere, in the air, land and at sea. its more than just an apple, it's a foreign object in a new eco system.

i went to #japan and passed plenty of authentic #cherryblossoms and bamboo in their natural habitat. the struggle was hard to not sneak back a few seeds or cut a small piece of bamboo for gardeners i know. why didn't i? because i'm not an explorer in a new world, have read signs on my travels and in my flight paper work and don't want to be responsible for devastating and eco system. rules are rules.
i feel most for her losing ge status! whew! i'll never lose that. this was avoidable. even #cruises shake you down for seeds when in port. i brought back sand from one trip (not dirt!) and #tsa gave me the what for by examining it with their test strips. she thought she was above global food laws and the test results show, that was lie.
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Out at the bars this weekend and then a genie approached me and asked "when you step into that bar would you rather meet your ultimate s****l fantasy or run into @hani_tsa ?" i replied by saying "both" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i think you're frikken awesome and you're one of my biggest role models.
@thestrengthathlete #tsa #thestrengthathlete

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On april 10, 2018, nearly 11,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises were discovered by local police in a private residence in toliara, madagascar. almost every room in the house was filled with tortoises without access to food or water. it is believed that the tortoises were collected for the illegal pet trade, possibly for shipment to asia where the tortoises’ highly-domed shell featuring a brilliant star pattern makes them highly prized.

joining the rescue effort from the okc zoo is josh lucas, senior herpetologist. josh arrived in madagascar on sunday, april 22, and will depart on friday, may 4. he will provide notes from the field documenting efforts to treat the tortoises along with conservation related observations and lessons. in addition to sending josh to help care for the rescued tortoises, the okc zoo sent $2,300 in medical supplies with josh and $5,000 from the round up emergency fund to help the @turtlesurvival alliance expand their facility in madagascar to accommodate the rescued tortoises.

visit okczoo.org/blog to read josh’s updates from the field!
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Snitches are b*****s that get stiches... these doggos know what’s up!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #doggo #tsa #puppiesofig #memes #memelife #goldenlab #keepitlit #gotham #weedfeed #k9 #weedstagram420 #k9unit #instagram #420 #instalikes #memesdaily #weedmemes #weedsociety #meme #drugs #puppyfever #smokeweedeveryday #puppylove #420life #smokesesh #snitchesgetstitches #cannabis

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I was 100% assaulted by this postal lady. her actions also led to some college age kid injecting himself into the situation and helping the government employee violate my 1st amendment.

my natural right to record in public spaces is identified, recognized & enshrined in the constitution. its called the 1st amendment. the 1st amendment attempted to stop government employees from violating peaceful folks rights to record in public spaces. this postal "lady" clearly failed to understand private folks rights, she also failed to adhere to the #usps own poster 7 which also recognizes private folks rights to record peacefully! that "woman" @usps worker is clearly a power hungry sociopath with a god like complex who thinks she can get her fix of using intimidation, coercion & force on peaceful humans! and the young kid.....wtf??? 13 yrs of "free" education & he is still clueless!

watch the encounter here -> https://youtu.be/i-ydnq0ya9i
#topshelfanarchy #tsa

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Yes. security was a nightmare at logan today 🀨 #travel #logan #ohare #fewdaysofvacay #airportfun #tsa

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This is my husband in his @prada sunglasses. he no longer has these glasses because when he went through @tsa in the @sandiegoairport . he saw an agent looking through his bag at tsa when he checked once he was on his flight they were gone. hey @tsa help us get his glasses back.#tsa #sandiegoairport #terminal2 @united can we find them by the time he lands??

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So...i woke up 2 hours late for my flight today. and suddenly important things like showering, styling my hair, doing my makeup, packing my suitcase, and tidying up the house turned into luxuries.

things that made the revised 20-minute list: washing my face, getting dressed, throwing toiletries into the bag, and hugging my kids.

but do you see that quart-sized ziplock with my powder and makeup sponge? yeah, that's my makeup bag. 😁 super fancy. but it has alllll my makeup in it. foundations, concealers, sponges, powder, brushes, blushes, mascara, you get it.

and i just pulled it right out of my drawer and plopped it into my purse so i could do my makeup later today. ready to walk onto an airplane. and just like that, i had all the makeup i own ready for my makeup business weekend (minus lip colors--but if i had picked 3-4 for the weekend, they totally would have fit too). nooooow πŸ€”...can your makeup do that? 😏

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Lab <3 πŸ”πŸ“•πŸ”¬πŸ”¬πŸ”¬πŸ‘Œ
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Made my heart happy πŸ˜ƒ #tsa #dogsofinstagram #stl #stlairport

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You have to burp to have the bubbles come down closer to you.....
if you don’t consider cognitive load as a type of stressor, you’re really behind the curve
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Another #hotel desk, another round of #lock maintenance, another leaflet from #tsa. prepping for 50 people to learn a new skill with us! #lockpickextreme #lockpicking #locksport

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Fuck the #tsa

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