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I am having so much fun exploring this incredible state; i knew central oregon was beautiful, but i didn't realize just how many treasures were here!
i also didn't realize the influence that volcanic activity had on the landscapes. here we can see the crater of a once-mighty volcano surrounded on both sides by stunning lakes of two different colors!
i'm still in sunriver until saturday; hit me up if you're a photographer itching for a shoot!

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Summer days in cinque terre 🌸🌞

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Another unbelievable experience on our tour was this: in the morning that day it was very warm and we had over 20 degrees in the monument valley area.. then we took the bikes to a 2 hour drive.. suddenly there was snow ❄️ ⛄️😃 do you had an experience like that before? crazy but awesome 😍😍 —————————
de - eine andere coole erfahrung auf unserer tour war folgendes: wir wachten in der nähe von monument valley auf. es war über 20 grad und die sonne knallte💥 ☀️. 2 stunden fahrt mit den bikes richtung bryce canyon und wir haben schnee ❄️☃️😃 hattest du schon mal so eine erfahrung?
mega 😍😁
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“but those who hope in the lord  will renew their strength.
they will soar on wings like eagles;  they will run and not grow weary,  they will walk and not be faint.”
isaiah 40:31 niv

there’s something to be said about the hope that only god can provide. it causes us to see beyond difficult times of indecisiveness and self inflicted limitations. when you take the cap off of your own mindset and allow yourself to soar, there’s nothing and no one that can stop you. of course there will be distractions and traps along the way but just like the eagles soar and focus, we will also soar.

new video on my @youtube channel chatting about how i found this very verse written in my journal from last year (6/19/18). exactly a year later, i needed to see that verse to encourage my heart that god was in fact present in every single aspect of my life.

direct link in my bio.

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Nothing makes me happier than going for a lovely refreshing dip first thing in the morning. during my recent stay at @fschicago, this was definitely one of the highlights of my time. and, best of all, the pool has a gorgeous sunroof, so it also felt very refreshing to catch some natural light before i went out to enjoy my day around the windy city! and, i’ll definitely be back soon! 📷 @travelwithtalia .
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I knew i was going to love alberta, i just didin’t know it would be to this point.

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