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Only the cutest thing i’ve ever held besides my daughter. #raccoon #socute #babyanimals #rescued #trashpanda

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Why am i just now making him this shirt?! maybe dog shirts should be my next venture!

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Day 7? drew myself as my spirit animal, a raccoon cuz we share the similarities of being nocturnal, dark circles, eat trash, chubby, and would probably bite if approached by strangers 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
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Look at it! tiny baby trash panda. my heart! we had to encourage this little guy to scoot his cute b**t back into the woods and off the road. just a reminder for people.. wild baby animals aren't pets or playthings. do your homework before scooping them up to "rescue" them. you are likely just kidnapping them from their mom and their home. (yes i had a squirrel. no, i am not being a hypocrite. it went to a rehabilitator at 3 days old with extensive injuries, and was not healthy enough to ever be released. at that point i agreed to keeping him) #socute #butsoangry #trashpanda

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#newneighbors where’s your mama? 💕 ...also, why isnt there a raccoon emoji?? #trashpanda 🗑🐼

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Hey toronto. i drew your mascot.

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Awwww #🗑️🐼😴

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Here for three hours, already making friends. tom protected me. #tracklife #trashpanda #comeatmebro

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All i wanted was this #trashpanda to be my new pet. #probablyhasrabies

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“thank god she’s got her nose” - everyone ever 😡

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Another sighting of the very large, very calm raccoon that hangs out in one of our pecan trees during the day. not rabid. doesn’t mess with trash cans or anything. live your life, cool ‘coon. #wildlife #trashpanda #coolcoonin

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That moment when you realize #wilbur the cat is actually a #trashpanda (#raccoon) and eats his #gooshyfuds one paw at a time! #sillykitteh #kittehlife #laurelspetandhousesitting (he dove into the bowl face first as i typed this. #attentionwhore lol)

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