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Results from body by mg - my 12 week gym based guide: link in bio: $49usd 🤗 it feels really cool to say "these are my results and this is the guide i have used to achieve them" 💖 i started this instagram account when i first started working out, so you can view my progress from january 2016, up until now. i tried many different programs and finally created one that makes me want to workout and that actually gets me the results i have been after! i haven't been working out for years and years, and you don't have to either! my best results have been from the past 6 months, when i started refining my own program, which resulted in the creation of body by mg. this is the actual program i use in the gym and we can do it together! i'm restarting my guide on monday along with hundreds of girls who have already signed up, let's do dis together 💪🏼

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🇫🇷 la critique est la puissance des impuissants ! ne vous laisser pas déstabiliser par de mauvaises personnes. vous êtes exceptionnel, rêvez grand et travaillez comme jamais 🔥je pense faire une rubrique conseils sur insta, vous êtes chauds ?💯 🇺🇸criticism is the power of the helpless! do not be destabilized by bad people. you are exceptional, dream big and work like never before 🔥i think to do a tips section on insta, are you interested? 💯 _________________________________/ #gainz #workout #getfit #ripped #justdoit #shredded #fitnessmodel #beachbody #transformationtuesday #mcm #wcw #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #gym #gymtime #beachbody #ootd #dreambig #noexcuses #fitnessaddict #model #men #shooting #arms #fashion #inspiration #dreambig #nopainnogain

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These last few months have once again changed my life forever. thank you all so much. now their are new challenges to be worked towards @bodybuildingcom

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It's monday. kick a$$! fitness check in! this journey is an all year, everyday thing. get up. get motivated. this is by no means a how to box video 😩🙌🏽 cause ya girl ain't there. lol oh you can tell? ok my bad 🙋🏽 but one of the things i started doing in the mornings is 15 minutes of "shadow boxing" followed by a song worth of squats/ lunges and a song worth of ab exercises. that's about 25 mins. then shower and getchyo life! ta-da! #journeytosnatched what's a song you love to work out to?? my fav right now is pills & automobiles by @chrisbrownofficial 💪🏽

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Cardio vs lifting? which looks better? comment below! pic by @prisca_fit (read please) almost 3 years ago, i was an 18 year old girl who weighed 180 pounds, and had the lowest self esteem any human could possibly ever have😪 and for a whole year, life for me wasn't exactly the happiest place to live😩 . at age 20, i told myself that i wanted to be better, healthier, and most importantly, i wanted to be happier! almost a year ago, i decided to change my lifestyle for the better but, i didn't just want the change for myself, i wanted it for others as well as i began to lecture all who asked "prisca how did you do it"💪 . moving forward, although i had a passion for fitness at the time, i also had absolutely no idea on how to train, no clue on how to train each muscle group, and absolutely no knowledge on how many times/hours i needed to train to achieve my goal, which also almost made me give up because i realized the more i exercised, the more i kept losing at places like my bum🍑 so it kept getting smaller instead of growing!!!😩 . all jokes aside, i remember doing cardio almost everyday until i decided to give a new workout plan i made up to see if change would come a go which required me only doing cardio 1-2 times a week for about 30 and weight train 2-3 times a week for at least 2 hours per day which worked wonders for me thanks to lifting😀🍑🙌 . this is all to say "training" is not so bad once you get the right help and know what you are doing, you will soon begin to love it and your results🙌 . check out our zyzz inspired clothing line! now $5 off when you buy two or more. use code buy2save! link in bio! 💪 want to get featured? make sure to tag #rippedtransformations to your transformation pics and you might be the next rising star of ripped transformations! follow @rippedtransformations 🔥 follow @rippedtransformations 🔥 follow @rippedtransformations 🔥 don't miss the new posts. turn on post notifications! 💥 #bodytransformation #bodytransformations #bodyprogress #progresspic #transformationtuesday #transformationtuesdays #transformationpic #musclegains #madgains

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Links: augustus 2016 👉 rechts: oktober 2017. ik heb altijd een gezond gewicht gehad, maar toch voelde ik mij niet prettig. ik was allesbehalve fit. ik sportte al een jaar helemaal niet meer en bewoog daarnaast ook amper. ik at altijd al veel groenten en fruit, maar koos ook vaak voor voorverpakt, snel en ongezond. vooral at ik me vaak bomvol. er was geen balans. en eerlijk is eerlijk, mijn buik was altijd enorm plat en het feit dat ik mijn taille langzaam zag verdwijnen was een wakeup call. nu ben ik ruim een jaar "bezig" met bewuster eten. dat betekent bij mij nog vaak genoeg snoepen (as we speak eet ik een luikse wafel) en biertjes (een brugse zot 😁), maar ik heb mijn rem weer gevonden en kies hier dan bewust voor waardoor ik extra geniet. in de basis zijn vooral mijn ontbijt en lunch veranderd, geen suiker in de cappuccino etc., minder grote avond porties. in dit jaar heb ik absoluut slechte periodes gehad - zeker in sporten ben ik niet al te consequent geweest, maar dat heeft me er niet van weerhouden om de draad gewoon weer op te pakken. want; ik voel me nu veel gelukkiger in mijn lichaam. ja, ook omdat ik er (naar mijn mening) beter uit zie maar vooral door de manier waarop mijn lichaam zo is geworden door voeding en sporten. p.s. de zelfbruiner heb ik ook gevonden hoor🙃

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🔥the power of thinking big🔥 . dream big . dream hard. dream often . because life is too short to regret . its one life , one chance, one opportunity . every single day wake up and have a purpose to each and every action you take . never remain at the whims of randomness of life because if you do, your results will be random . set your targets for the day and achieve them no matter what. even if it means staying up late at night, even if you have to sacrifice sleep and food for it. yes it will make you uncomfortable but thats the whole point of it . the faster you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, the faster you will reach your goals and that is how you will get a strength upgrade . #throwback . #abhinavmahajan #strengthupgrade #thegrindisthelife #kingoftransformations #kingoftransformation #teamnofucksgiven #transformationtuesday #transformationexpert #armswag #greekgod #beardedguys #thenextlevel #getready #physiquefreak

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Progress 💪🏼

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💥your next challenge💥 🔴exercise: single dumbbell incline chest press 🔹️what muscles are being trained: upper chest, anterior delts, & triceps 🔹️the routine: 100 reps! do as many reps as you can without stopping. if you have to stop, rest 30 seconds and get back in. keep this up until you get to 100! 🔹️what weight should you use: whatever the heaviest weight is that you use for your strongest set on incline dumbbell press. remember, it's two arms pressing one dumbbell. 🔸️for all of you who accept this challenge, please tag me when you do it! it encourages & motivates me when i see you guys fearlessly trying my madness! god bless. warrior ************************************************** #joinwarrior ✔challenging workout programs (no mickey mouse routines) ✔personalized nutrition plans (professional, detailed & complete) ✔ab routines ✔unlimited support (coaching & accountability) ✔results (if you're willing to put in the work!) 💥dm me for details💥

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15 günde benimle beraber 5 kilo yağdan verecekler arkadaşlarla beraber dükan detoksta 9.günümüz..:) , tarif aşağıdaki gibi arkadaşlar yapıp gün içersinde tüketiyoruz diğer gün tekrar yapıyoruz, farkı ilk günden göreceksiniz. dukan çayı yapılışı; Şimdiden söylim tadı beklediğiniz kadar güzel değil ilk içtiğinizde mideniz bile bulanabilir , bunu içtikten sonra gün içersinde tekrar yeşilçay tüketmeyin.. :) yeşil çay, limon ve maden suyu zayıflama kürü malzemeler yeşil çay - 2 tatlı kaşığı maden suyu - 1 şişe limon - yarım yarım litre su hazırlanışı yarım litre suyu kaynatın. 2 tatlı kaşığı yeşil çay ekleyerek 10 dakika demlenmesini sağlayın. yarım limonu bardağın içerisine sıkın, kabuklarını üzerine kesin. üzerine maden suyunu ekleyin. karıştırın. kullanımı yeşil çay, limon, maden suyu zayıflama kürünü 15 gün boyunca bir program halinde düzenli olarak kullanmalısınız. sıcak, ılık yada soğuk içebilirsiniz. her gün öğün aralarında 1 bardak içmek metabolizmanızı hızlandıracak, kilo vermenizi sağlayacaktır. #fit #evdespor #cardio #makyaj #pilates #justinbieber #exercises #beslenme #diyetzamani #eliptical #diyetisyen #diyetteyiz #transformationtuesday #diyetekibi #spor#motivasyon #detox #araöğün #diyetlistesi #beforeafter #tattoo #diyetailesi #

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Okay so here goes 🙈... this has actually taken a lot more courage than i thought to post this today, but being as 90% of you voted yes on my poll yesterday i'm assuming it was a supportive yes 🙈 . . last year i was dieting and training hard for about 20 weeks to look like the photo on the left. my life was in order, my meals were always prepped, alcohol was not consumed and training and nutrition was 100% my dedication. was i happy? yes, with my body (although looking back at that photo now it doesn't even feel real in my eyes) my training was good and the food was nice but my moods were lower usual. my time was 100% focused on me and although i promote me time - you gotta give a little (lottle) to the ones you love 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . one whole year later, i have become a yoga teacher and fallen more in love with my yoga practise which has given me so much strength, my other training is always fun and i can be more flexible with my training now. i am strong and fit and healthy. my life has been a whirlwind since last year.... i moved house with my parents that is in the middle of total reconstruction so we had no kitchen for meal prepping (still don't 🙉) then me and my boyfriend split up, sad 😢 and ate lots of cakes and drank lots of alcohol.... and then we got back together - got happy and ate loads of cakes lol 🙄 💕 and now we have bought our own home and just got an oven this week... so just about ready for meal prepping again! . . so you can see from above the true effects of correct nutrition vs. just correct training . . am i happy ? hell yes in my life, do i wish i had my abs back? yes every day 😩... but is a six pack worth the risk of happiness in every other aspect? no, not quite to me. . . i hope this can shed a little light on the difference between a peak week bikini athletes you see on instagram and an off season athlete! don't compare yourself to the peak weeks - you'll drive yourself crazy 👹 . . now my life is back in order again after a whirlwind of a year, i'm hoping to lean out naturally although this isn't my main focus or goal. now get my back on the bars.... 💪🏽 . . #keepingitreal #bikiniathlete #offseason #peakweek #transformationtuesday

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Transformers! mount up! egyptian edition! . on the left is 21st october 2014 in egypt where i probably weighed around 434 like my t-shirt states vs the right of 17th october 17 (118.8kg/261.9lbs) . 131.6lbs gone forever with no regrets. that’s all folks! . #transformationtuesday #stillchunkybutfunky #bariatriclife #transformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #bariatricmales #motivation #diet #health #extremeweightloss #weightlossmotivation #wls #vsgfamily #mgbfamily #vsginstacrew #vsg #mgb #vsgcommunity #mgbcommunity #verticalsleeve #minigastricbypass #wlsfamily #wlscommunity #weightlosstransformation #fattofit #teamwls #teammgb

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My #transformationtuesday consists of a number of achievements 1️⃣ better eyebrows (thankyou rachael you absolute dedicated star 💫) 2️⃣ the ability to do my own hair without looking like i’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards 3️⃣ lost 10 stone / 140lbs - don’t think i’ll ever get bored of bragging about this 😊 for most people the first thought is how i ever got that big in the first place but it just always was the way, i have been big my entire life and had no idea about the food i should be eating. slimming world along with calorie counting has changed all that for me and now at the beginning of my fitness journey fingers crossed 🤞 it becomes a lifestyle like the rest of them #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldmafia #slimmingworldmeals #slimmingworldjourney #weightlossjourney #diet #foodoptimising #onplan #syns #syn #sw #swuk #swinsta #fooddiary #dietdiary #targetmember

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It's not about perfect. it's about effort. and when you implement that effort into your life... every single day, that's where the transformation happens. thats how changes occur. keep going. remember where you started 💪 #transformationtuesday #selfie #filter #fit #sweaty #posing #body #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #ukbff #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #gains #golden #vein #goldenaesthetics #aesthetic #aesthetics #motivation #sweating #swole #classicphysique #abs

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⚡️transformation tuesday⚡️ absolutely loved working on this beauty - today we did her perfection session and we love how much of a brow lift her new shape has given her😍❤️🙌🏼 #reign #microblading #browlife #browart #transformationtuesday

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Get your love bar pendants and bracelets. available in 18k gold plated. 💕 shop link in the bio. #lovebars #personalised #pipabella

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#transformationtuesday i've been doing the ashy bines squad app for the past 2 months and have tried hard to tone up around my middle. i eat a balanced 80/20 diet and i do have treats. happy with my progress 👊🏻👊🏻

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Happy #transformationtuesday - i always remind myself, that this battle of weight is never won in the kitchen or the gym, it’s won in your mind and heart. it’s my daily mantra to myself. today i’m choosing to be fit and healthy. today i’m choosing the option to love life and to live my best life. with every decision i make to eat correctly and to get my exercise in - i know that i earn my body. there’s also no time limit on success. don’t watch the clock - do what it does and keep going. it’s never too late to start. you don’t have to wait for a monday or a new month or a new year. make a change when the time is right for you.. remember that you too are a priority #healthy #happy #fattofit #strong #fitfam #fitstagram #flabtofab #strongisthenewbeautiful #lifting #girlswholift #badass #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlossmotivation #flabtofab #chooseyourhard #healthyself #healthyself #beyou #lifestyle #diet #nutrition

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Taking care of myself was the best decision i’ve ever made. i was miserable in the picture on the left, and it was about to get worse. i soon got dumped, slept for two days then finally snapped out of it and said to myself “f*ck this shit, i’m worth more than that.” best decision ever. so here’s to #transformationtuesday, it’s not just the weight loss, although hot dam that helps, but the self awareness and happiness i’ve gained over the past year and a half. strong is way better than skinny! #takecareofyourself #strongnotskinny #loveyourself #fitness #fitnessmotivation

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Well for me this is taking a lot of guts to post this. . . i've done the odd few transformation photos before but they were me in clothes and the one in summer showing the my leg transformation. however, this one scares me the most 🙈i've literally erm'd and argh'd whether or not to post it just because of my own insecurities about my body. . . so here's my transformation tuesday. . . march 2017➡️➡️➡️october2017. . . back in march i went to eddie's after i had a posing session with @meishapt and asked him to help me get ready for a show in 7 weeks (yes crazy i know 7 weeks!) i had a goal that i was determined to achieve, to compete on that bodypower stage. with help from both @teamsavagerocks and @lisaxkx i placed 3rd in junior and qualified for ukup finals. stunned by my result we planned for my next show to be the month after and compete with ukbff and placed 3rd again and got an invite to the british finals for october. these photos are from the starting and end point of my comp prep. it's definitely going to be interesting to see how off season goes and what changes can be made. i don't know exactly when i will go back on stage because a lot needs to be improved but all i know is that i am ready!💪🏽👙. . . i am so grateful for all of their support and i am so happy i came to see them! it's true what they say "go with what scares you the most, because that is the one that is going to help you grow". 💕✨💫🌙🌸. . . #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitnessaddict #instafitness #squats #instafit #gym #gymrat #npcbikini #motivation #shredded #exercise #bodybuilding #aesthetics #f4f #tuesday #fitnessmodel #health #girlswholift #weightloss #girlswithmuscle #transformationtuesday #selfie #bootybuilding #cleaneating #instadaily #goals #gymlife

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Transformation tuesday | an awesome example of toning, eating protein and being active! . . . . . #getfit #getfitchallenge #getfitdurbannorth #transformationtuesday #transformation #tuesday #trainhard #eatclean #tonedbody #drinkwater #nutrition

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I (@cw_pieterse) win if i know my team is winning and together we dominate and grow! "clients do not come first. employees come first. if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients" richard branson _ __ ___ #fitness #socialenvy #pleaseforgiveme #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #billionairelifestyle #youngentrepreneur #picoftheday #transformationtuesday

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Transformation tuesday - from the leaner times to the offseason! around 4kg difference here! i see so many people hating their offseason! they can’t cope with the change in their physique, they continuously enter competitions to stay leaner for longer! don’t get me wrong if i could stay lean all year round, make progress & not be freezing then i would happily do that but i can’t! so i’ve learnt to be comfortable in my own skin! has it been easy? no!! i’ve struggled a lot to see my body go ‘backwards’ but every step of the way i’ve acknowledge that it’s a few steps forward with the goals i have!! if you’re in your offseason & struggling to let go of the lean feels then focus on all the wins which you don’t necessarily get to celebrate so often in prep - how amazing that chocolate cake is? a massive jacket potato? improvements in your strength? 💪🏻💪🏻 the offseason for me is even more important than the prep -‘ prep is easy! offseason is the tough bit where the hard work really matters!! #transformationtuesday #weightgain #fatloss #fitness #weightloss #weightlifting #bodybuilding #training #strong #goals #progress #food #foodie #flexiblediet #iifym #offseason #macros #macrotracking #bikinicompetitor #prep #lean #pt #nutrition #happy #blonde

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We wanna do some yoga then hop onto a carousel like @candicedee!

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