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No excuses 💪🏼 it‘s cold, windy and snow is everywhere but you have to exercise 👊🏼 #javelinthrower ➡️ moritz tausch (@moritztausch ) 🔊 music: disfigure - blank (hylo remix) [ncs release] . . @projekttokio @projekttokio @projekttokio . . #speerwurf #speer #leichtathletik #throwerlife #throwernation #sportvideo #trainingvideo #workoutvideo #throwing #thethrowerfam #tracknation #athletics #athletics_life #magdeburg #scm #teamd #throwschat #dlv #javelinthrow #sachsenanhalt

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Running circles around my yearling 😆👍🏻 — we’ve been working on her “place” or “ground tie” and it really clicked today. we’ve worked on it maybe three or four times for a few minutes but this is my first time trying running circles around her! she was like “alllrrriiiggghhtttt..... 🤔” lol . but she was so perfect that i couldn’t resist getting a few laps on camera... even though i didn’t plan to video anything today (hence the wardrobe choices 😂). plus... that sky!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . . this was all trained with positive reinforcement/clicker training using free shaping at liberty. i started by rewarding her for stepping on the rubber mat then worked up to her staying on the mat for longer times and further distances from me. next i’ll put going to the mat on cue, adding a “stay” cue (which will later transfer to a ground tie cue without a mat), and a “release” cue (a cue that lets her know she can leave the mat). these cues and this behavior will be so useful for many other behaviors later on! like.... parking and standing quietly at the mounting block, standing tied quietly, self loading into the trailer, ground tying, jumping chutes, recalls, and you can even get multiple mats and teach something more elaborate like lunging! you can also teach this same behavior with an object the horse touches their nose to vs stands on. i just personally liked the idea of the feet being what remains still while the head stays free. . . i got this rubber “disk” actually as a cover to a livestock mineral feeder. i believe you can buy just the top on valleyvet.com , but you can use anything durable and easy to move! this is pretty heavy, but very durable lol. i’ll probably just buy some small rubber stall squares for future ones. i just happened to have this sitting around. . . #twetrainingvideo #csriver

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Some people say i’m too young and too tiny to do muscle ups😁 that’s why i’m gonna learn😈 had a super great afternoon at @klattercentret _akalla today❤️ of course with @brucepass . . . #ninja @beastbarzz #muscleup @barstarzz #girlpower @klattercentret #parkour @2xu_sverige @sportbible @icaniwill #learning #workhard #fridayfeeling #friyay @fitguide.vines #pullups #youth @moremusli

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Current dennis lewke is changing from glide technique to spin technique. it‘s a big shift for dennis. music: doggerland - mat mor raw __________ #projekttokio #shotput #shotputanddiscus #throwers #throwerlife #throwernation #kugelstoßen #teamdeutschland #leichtathletik #athletics #trainingvideo #slomovideo #athletics_life #sportvideo #throwersunite #thethrowerfam #berlin2018 #wirfuerd #techniquetraining

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This week’s 8 stride effort. that penultimate stride is getting better! competing in eubonne on friday! 💪🏽 . . . . . . #tracknation #runningcommunity #runnersofig #longjump #trackgirls #trackandfield #trainingvideo #jumpsquad #jazminsawyers

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Another one from the power 💥 session with @sheneenagins (thanks for the commentary & support!). here is my set of 3 pull ups with 60lbs of additional weight. . . the or show is coming to an end here in denver and i’m excited to 1. do my laundry 👚🧦 and 2. get back to business outside! 🌵☀️ oh and i suppose 3. @usaclimbing abs nationals 😊 . . #bouldering #climbing #power #training #workout #fitness #weights #rockclimbing #anw #trainingvideo #strength

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I really want to learn that handstand🤸‍♀️ most of the time i fall on my back🤔 someone know what i’m doing wrong? or what i should do to learn better?! tag your best handstand-friend! maybe he/she can give me some good advice🤗 . . . . @klattercentret #handstand #ninja @brucepass #girlpower @sportbible #parkour @barstarzz #playing #sundayfunday @klattercentret _akalla @breakitandyouwillmakeit #strongkid #youth #stronggirl @moremusli @calisthenicscommunity

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When you want a killer workout but don’t wanna pick up weights or count reps 😬 1️⃣bulgarian split squat jumps 2️⃣alternating bulgarian split squat with pushups 3️⃣side squat to back lunge 4️⃣3 pulse squats into plank box taps -> knee to elbow 30 seconds each round for 5 rounds...i hated every moment in such a good way 😉 happy sunday funday ☀️hope it’s an awesome day today! #carolinefrancoworkouts #circuittraining #hiit #hiitworkout

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I hope you’ve been enjoying my trx/suspension trainer series for the month of february. stay tuned for more videos for your: 📌upper body 📌lower body 📌core - i go over what muscles you should be targeting and key 🔑 tips so you can execute the exercises properly! form is everything when it comes to the safety of your joints and to maximize your muscle gain! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 - if you have any questions regarding a particular exercise feel free to ask me! i’ll be posting a trx workout soon so you can use it as a guide next time you’re in the gym or outside with your suspension trainer 👍🏻 - any feedback is greatly appreciated! good or bad! want to see more of something let me know by commenting below! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 - thank you so much and happy training ❤️ - 📸: @missmaiefly - #commentbelow #askaquestion #feedback #trxseries #suspensiontrainerseries

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People often ask how i can stay so motivated, get to the gym everyday and stay on top of my goals. honestly, the answer to that is nothing more simple than the fact that i genuinely love the feeling that i get when i am exercising. in most cases i can barely keep the smile off my face. i find balance in being mostly serious and driven as hell and a side of awkward, goofy and uncontroble weirdness. i have awesome friends who also push me to constantly chase my goals when i fall off the wagon! . this video shows both sides of me on my way to the gym and during my workouts.(serious and awkward af) don't take yourself so seriously, laugh, be weird, it makes things way more interesting, i swear! happy humpday #fitfam!❤💪🍑 . #humpday #gains #flex #haters #weights #legs #strong #gym #lift #muscle #igfit #wow #laugh #humor #iworkout#arms #trainingvideo #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #whysoserious #proud #motivation #inspire #fit #fitnessmodel #golds #gymmotivation #instafit

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Extensiones. este es el ejercicio que destruye las rodillas. por eso yo lo hago con el mínimo peso y super estricto, a una pierna. solo quiero los beneficios, y cero consecuencias 😉

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Piernas 😉

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Never underestimate your ability to do great things. the best project you can work on is yourself💜💜💜 - dream it. believe it. achieve it. #beallyoucanbe🙏🏻🙌🏻

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Looking for more power? try adding explosive push ups to your program! you can start with hands coming off the ground and start adding plates as you progress! next step would be adding the feet in as well! if you haven’t mastered a full to the ground push up yet, this is not for you! #climbing #healthylifestyle #efficientclimbing #fitness #power #trainingvideo #climbingtraining

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Filming a short installation video of security doors today #videography #storage #trainingvideo #camerarig

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This is how real brotherhood looks like💪🏽👊🏽🔥always surround your self with people who push you @pierre_aesthetics much love brother for that extra motivation 🔥🔥👊🏽 📽 @carina_fitness_

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Another upper body workout using the trx! let’s grow those pecs! if you’re a girl 🙋🏼 let’s lift those puppies 🐶🐶 up! for the dudes 🙋🏼‍♂️ let’s grow those pecs so you can show them off on the beach 🏄🏻 (summer is around the corner) ✨ i show two variations of the chest press. 1️⃣ the 1st one my arms are anchored. if you’re a beginner i would start of with this one as you can adjust your foot placement to make the exercise harder or easier. 2️⃣ the 2nd one my legs are anchored. this one is much more challenging as it requires the core stabilizers to really kick in and most of your weight is on your upper body. ✨ i’ve listed below some key points to execute this exercise successfully 🔑 ensure your back is flat (pretend you have a stick coming from your back to your head) 🔑 s**k in the belly button to active your core muscles 🔑 look straight ahead to avoid strain in your neck 🔑 use your pectoralis major and minor as your prime mover 🔑 your triceps and serratus anterior are your assisting muscles ✨ a quick reminder this video is sped up so don’t forget to take your time to master each rep. you should be focusing on 2 seconds down to the ground (inhale) and 2 seconds away from the ground (exhale) ✨ happy training💪🏻 and share below your favorite chest exercise 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 • • • @trxvideos @trxtraining #trxworkout #suspensiontraining #chestpress #pecs #triceps #pectoralismajor #serratusanterior

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Are you celebrating h**p day!? 🐪🐪 - i live in nyc and it is 70 degrees out today!! 😱 quick workout then outside i go! 🌞 - try these cable workouts on your h**p day. (vids sped up 2x) - crop top thanks to @ascendtoaction !! 😘 ———————————————–— learn how to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle with my 12 week program. dm me if you want a free coaching consultation! ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #trainwithamandajane #trainingvideo #bootyworkout

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Rainy day off work? i’ll just brush up on our training video. this is exactly how each encounter i have with a deadbeat goes, in case you ever wondered. #zerodarkthirty #trainingvideo #ifyoulietomeihurtyou #isaybroalotmorethough #jasonclarkeismyspiritanimal #beingacontractorandbeingaciaagentexactsamething

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