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Bonne reprise ce matin 🔴🔵on ne lâche rien 💪! // training session this morning 🔴🔵 we keep on going 💪! // eine gute einheit diesen morgen 🔴🔵 wir arbeiten weiter hart an unseren zielen 💪! @psg #paris #psg #training #session #work

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Yogurt filled raspberries 💥😻😻😻yummmmmmy who need it too???? ✔www.soniatlev.com

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#repost @mickelspencer with @repostapp ・・・ with the big man @natediaz209 here wit little homie @mickelspencer #training #100 #norcal 👊🏼💪🏼

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#transformationthursday because why not lol! please excuse the ugly underwear in the first pic lol, never thought i'd be posting the photo on social media. so first pic is 2015, middle 2016 and right hand 2017. so each one is different, in 2015 i didn't fully know what i was doing in the gym and just purely wanted to lose weight, probably the only photo i ever took of myself when i felt big (to myself). 2016 is when i was weight lifting and losing body f*t and i can see it more in the stomach (probs the most i've looked toned lol) i started curving out my figure more and eating a better diet. 2017 was taken a few days ago, here yes i have put on more weight and i definitely know this from the scales as well. my stomach definitely looks more filled. my diet has not been on point for a while which is something i'm definitely working on! the main point to this transformation is your weight will fluctuate and that's ok. i get comments all the time like 'you've put on weight' or 'is it your goal to gain weight'. i know my body f*t has increased but i also know i'm a hell of a lot stronger, have more muscle and most importantly happier🙌. you have to remember these are just your progress pictures, with continuous progress you won't stay the same. you control your own journey, goals, life and most importantly you become your own motivation. it all starts with yourself👊💪 i get many comments on what my actual goals are. i want to continuing growing the booty🍑, building and enhancing my curves, eventually lose some extra body fat, and build muscle overall on all body parts💪. it takes time and hard work, results will not happen overnight. at the end of the day, love all stages of your journey, whether your gaining fat, gaining muscle, losing muscle or losing fat. 2017 will be the year i make the most progress. i'm more confident and happier than i ever have been🎉💞 👻 nicole-herring 📽 search nicole herring

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Be of the belief that your dreams are an instinctual drive where failure is no option and that death be the only stoppable force. @steelsupplements #mind #body #training #bodybuilding

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Bom diaaaaaa!!! 🤣 estou muito, muito feliz em anunciar pra vocês os ganhadores das 3 inscrições para a @bravus_race 💪🏼👊🏼. na terça feira à noite meu inbox recebeu muitas mensagens de pessoas querendo participar e algumas estavam enviando seu vídeo e não estavam conseguindo porque ele "empacava" e não chegava para mim! os participantes ficavam ansiosos e eu também porque nessa hora só faltava 1 inscrição, então o vídeo que chegasse primeiro era o ganhador da última inscrição! foi bem intenso esse momento! 😂 daí chegou o último vídeo e finalizamos na terça mesmo a promoção! depois ainda recebi mais vídeos de gente querendo participar! quem sabe conseguimos mais inscrições, né @bravus_race ? 😬 e os ganhadores são: 1- @celo_81 2- @santostata 3- @isa_martinsx - parabéns!! 🎉👏🏼👏🏼 enviarei os códigos para inscrição por inbox. 📥 - boa prova pra vocês e se preparem! é só baixar a planilha de treino no site da bravus e mandar ver! 👊🏼 - um dia maravilhoso para todos nós timêêêêê!! 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼 #getinspired , nathy💖 . . . . . . . . #soubravus #bravusrace #gym #gymtime #fit #fitbody #fitness #workhard #gains #nopainnogain #workout #motivation #stronger #body #sport #training #inspiration #sixpack #vidasaudavel #foco #saude #esporte #esportista #viverbem #sp

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Ягодинската пещера и Буйновското ждрело \ the yagodina cave and the buinovsko jdrelo #sense4style #bulgaria #travel #training #explorer #explorebulgaria #cave #jdrelo #nature #ягодинскапещера #буйновскождрело #пещера #борино

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Oleksandr gvozdyk vs. yunieski gonzalez in play, april 8 on hbo - "after fighting twice in miami, yunieski gonzalez has just signed a contract to fight oleksandr gvozdyk on april 8, in a fight that will server as the hbo televised co-feature to vasyl lomachenko defending his wbo junior lightweight title against jason sosa. both gvozdyk (bronze) and lomachenko (gold) were part the olympic team - also with oleksandr usyk - in london 2012 which is still a source of pride in ukraine for the medals that they won. usyk and lomanchenko are professional champions and gvozdyk has promised that before the end of 2017 he will challenge the winner of the possible - although very difficult to produce - rematch between sergey kovalev and andre ward." #health #fitness #fit #tagsforlikes #tflers #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #boxing

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Tots tenim dies que estem fluixets i per moments sentim que perdem la força. però el pitjor és parar-te en el camí. quan sentis que no tens força ni per fer un pas, camina intensament! m🐦. #diesfluixos #caminaintensament #training #silks #aerialsilks #aerialarts #aerialist #lovesilks #lovelife

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Perfection doesn't happen over night 👊🏽 #natediaz

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I can definitely say that fittea has helped me so much in my journey. i would recommend to anyone who wants to slim down, while working out and eating better off course!😉 @fittea . . . . . .

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Ягодинската пещера и Буйновското ждрело \ the yagodina cave and the buinovsko jdrelo #sense4style #bulgaria #travel #training #explorer #explorebulgaria #cave #jdrelo #nature #ягодинскапещера #буйновскождрело #пещера #борино

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Road to half natty status 🔪🗡⚔️#16.5weeksout • ❗️ if you're in the hk area you can save 15% off your entire order at @myproteinhk. just click the link in my bio and use "kai15" at checkout ❗️ • online coaching at www.kailiufitness.com ☑️tailor made meal plan (beginner/advanced) ☑️tailor made workout plan (beginner/advanced) ☑️30 day shred plan ☑️full coaching package (8/12 weeks) • ▫️ facebook: kai liu fitness ▫️ twitter: @kailiufitness

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