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December 2018 comment 4 star 194

I started from nothing. i’ll stop for nothing. i didn’t come this far to only come this far. i can & i will. watch me. ⚡️🦖⚡️
*sidenote: you didn’t come this far to only come this far either. you are your only limit. #staydetermined #stayrelentless #mondaymotivation #cameearly *
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#repost @totalnutrition_lynnwood. ・・・
you asked for it and now it’s here @cbd.fit t-250 cbd oil
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😊😁 the goodest of boys! @vegancommunity

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Cause it was b***y daaay😛✌🏽 .
here’s some clips from today’s workout (sorry haven’t been posting a lot of workout vids lately). .
1️⃣classic lunges 2 sets 10-15x each leg
2️⃣superset with elevated squats 2 sets 10-20x
3️⃣stiff leg deads 4 sets 8-10x
do 10 off matt & 10 on (focus on staying on heels)
4️⃣superset with dumbbell sumo squats 4 sets 8-10x (squeeze at top)
5️⃣heavy squats 5 sets 8-10x .

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Be real. be transparent. inspire others through how you handle your imperfections. your scars are beautiful. use them as your wings. i am not what has happened to me & neither are you. you are lovable, you are more than enough. i think this is something we all struggle with internally & much more than we want to admit because we are held captive by many things we have not relinquished. we have the choice to continue to identify with our past or not. we have the choice to hold onto the past, live in fear of the future, & destroy our present by being neither here nor there. it is essential that we become aware that our thought processes & sense of self image is a conceptual one derived from a compilation of our memories & conditioning of the past. when we can acknowledge & break free from being held captive by these conditioned thought methods, we can then be fully here, present. ready for all that is awaiting us now. the past is but a memory & the future is merely anticipation of the mind. in all reality, the only moment we ever truly have is this moment now, the present. the next moment is not guaranteed & the last no longer exists. be fully present now, work to let go of living in fear of your past & identifying with the negativity of what has occurred. take the lessons derived from what you have experienced & allow positivity to be transmitted throughout your life. life is a gift from god & truly a beautiful thing. we each were specifically gifted our own for a divine reason. our stories are unique to ourselves & hold many inspirational purposes. do not be discouraged... nothing changes over night & growth is not always rainbows & butterflies & cupcakes (actually it’s pretty much never any of that lol) but with continued perseverance & an indomitable-will you can transform your life, you can break cycles, you can be a game changer. you can inspire others, even yourself. be encouraged. don’t give up. stay the course. i will not be defined by the scars of my struggles but rather transform them into the medals of my strengths. i encourage you to keep on keepin on too ♥️🦖

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Marrying my best friend and knocking out life goals!

#married #takingthed #lovemybestfriend

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Finally caught whatever cold is going around. maybe because it’s 30 degrees outside every d**n day? ❄️🥶 anywaaaays took these last 2 days off from the gym to not contaminate everyone else but gonna get a f*t a*s shoulder lift in tomorrow before going to see @roachgigz with boo for the weekend 😎🤙🏽

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