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Vacay or no way? 🤨

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#ziptrek helps move society towards condition 4 by transferring resources directly from our part of the world to those most in need. ziptrek donates money from every tour to several charities including: #doctorswithoutborders, #pediatricaidsafrica, #unicef, and #kiva #whistler #comeflywithme #givetocharity #paynoattentiontotheweggie #imincanada
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Choose your magic carpet. . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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You are one in a melon 🍈..

while this pun is cute, i hope it does not detract from the importance of the message. you are unique. you are loved. you are enough!!

i feel the need to share the story behind my words above, which are in part a reminder to myself. i’m what’s called a “highly sensitive” individual. i am affected by others energies and often struggle with others’ reactions around me. recently i’ve had a couple situations where i responded emotionally to someone else’s actions. and i go down the rabbit hole of thoughts like “why doesn’t x like me”, “what did i do to make y be rude to me”, “why doesn’t z make the same effort i make for them...”

i reached out to @sitwithanna for some book recommendations on how i can stop reacting to things around me emotionally and thinking the worse. her respond to me was so profound that i read the email several times. it’s not about trying not to take offence when someone doesn’t say hello in return or blows me off when i want to hang out but rather ..... it’s about me needing that validation of wanting to be liked and accepted. say what???? ➰
i thought about this for days and realized that for the longest time i have been taking all these courses with various life coaches and reading all these books which helped me be more positive and happy especially after my sickness left my debilitated for most of last year, but there was a deeper layer i had yet to tap into. is it possible that even though i pride myself in being different and try to be a positive loving person ( even though i struggle immensely with this at work ) that deep down i lack some love for myself??

and so begins a profound journey of self awareness as i tap into my truth and learn to love truly who i am without seeking validation from others..

every single one of us is guilty of wanting approvals or validations from others. what is something you do to relinquish that fear that holds you back from being that whole loving person? from being one in a million? 💞💫..

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Yesterday i spent a good amount of time bouncing around between doctor's appointments and getting labs done in preparation for a procedure i am having thursday. it was strange to be back at moore's cancer center and a bit emotional. it's been so nice to be back to my normal, everyday life.
it's always so interesting sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called back to see my oncologist. i actually get excited to see him. to say i adore my him is an understatement. he laughs at my horrible jokes which is my number one goal at every appointment and he makes me feel comfortable, safe, heard and taken care of. and given that he is a gynocological oncologist, feeling all of the above when i'm in a very precarious position, is very important.
but today threw me off emotionally.
it's always such a surreal moment entering a center that is dedicated solely to cancer. it's kind of like a big smack in the face. i've never had visible signs of my cancer other than a limp and a drop in weight when i went through treatment. i got to keep my hair and i've always felt a pain of guilt when i go to moore's and see everyone else who didn't even have a choice.
i also find myself struggling to know the balance between trying to avoid eye contact and trying to show other's that i see them. that they are more than just another person with cancer to me. how lonely must that feel to be nothing more than a disease to a stranger?

after i had my blood drawn i sat in my car and cried. it's all overwhelming. not really even my personal health stuff although my doctor made it very clear that we are still looking and being vigilant. but more so, watching a building full of strangers fighting so frigging hard for the very thing so many of us take for granted. it shakes you and wakes you a bit.

and it made me think about how we are all going through something and everyone has incredible things percolating and s**t storms stirring all the time. and you never know which one someone is in at any given moment in time because often, there are no physical aspects, like hair loss, to give you the hint.
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#遠征 #dearjane

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Learn to be alone and to like it. there's nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.

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Also on my other profile :taking a break from the beijingers project, but never resting here are some pictures i've begun pulling for europeans. one from greece and croatia. two from budapest, amsterdam, barcelona, and portugal. what do you think? . .
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Осталось добраться до материала, снятого с дрона 🤗

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Three days trip into desert
day 1: mhamid – oued naam
this camel tour is an eco-tourism sojourn off the beaten track in the dunes of the sahara. it allows you to experience the simpler and quieter life, customs and tradition of nomadic tribes. the tour starts from mhamid, the “gate of the desert” and brings you to the real desert. ride camels for approximately 10 km over small dunes and enjoy lunch under a tamarisk tree. in the afternoon, we continue our camel trek to the oued naam (dry river), a meeting place for nomads tribes that take water from a local well. here you will enjoy the dinner and spend the night in nomad tents or under the starlit sky.
day 2: oued naam – erg chegaga
after breakfast in this unique and quiet atmosphere, you will have an optional hour of the camel ride. afterwards, depart with 4×4 vehicle towards a different area of the desert until we reach a sacred oasis for a lunch break under the shade of palm trees.
after a relaxing nap, we travel to erg chegaga, the site of the largest group of sand dunes in the region reaching a height of 300 m and a span of 40 km. here you’ll enjoy dinner with-entertainment and spend the night either under the stars or in nomad tents at a bivouac.
day 3: erg chegaga – mhamid
admire an unforgettable sunrise with morning breeze and enjoy breakfast served in a tent or in the open air before we come back with our vehicle to the village of mhamid, where arrival is expected around 10:30 am.
morocco eco-tourism sojourn - included in the price:
1 camel per person, travel in the jeep, overnight accommodation under the stars and in tents, lunch, dinner, and breakfast.departure: 8:30 h from m’hamidarrival: 10:30 h third-day distance: app. 140 km transportation: camel + 4×4vehicle
📩 contact us: rasnekhale81@gmail.com
whatsapp:+212620824990 ⛺ ✈ 🔝 (link on bio ) -------------------------------------- #instagood#trip#holiday#fun#travelling#tourism#tourist#instapassport #passionpassport#mytinyatlas#instatraveling#mytravelgram#travelgram#igtrave#desert#lifestyle#beautiful#adventuresdesert#sahara#tlpicks#morocco#travel#sunset#night#visitmorocco#traveler#travelphotography#camelride

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