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This spacious home is glowing with positive energy!

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I thought i'd share a "trailer park fashion" photo. 😂 we have no iron in here, no dry clean-only clothes, no tuxedos or ballgowns. i usually look like some version of this. a giant top, leggings, boots and a beanie to tame my usually wild hair. here's a rundown of my go-to airstream life pieces: i have a ton of oversized sweaters, t-shirts and thermals from @freepeople. they never need ironing and are extra long to wear over leggings. i cycle about 10 pairs of leggings and 3 pairs of jeans. my favorite beanies are the barca style from @plushapparel. they are lined with fleece and the wind can't cut through them. they also are made for jumbo heads like mine. i alternate between a backpack from @evecork and this crossbody bag from @whitetailtradingco. i love finding special pieces like this on etsy. she takes pendleton blankets and transforms them into amazing bags. my current favorite boots are the saltwater style from @sperry. they are fleece lined and waterproof because i'm usually sloshing around in water most days whether it be along the river or beach. 💜 and riley is pictured here in one of his many "yacht club boy" sweaters as jason likes to call them. 😂

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Getting closer to the finish line with the handrail. i think i’ll leave the ends of the tenons just a bit proud of the surface to give it some texture. . . . #woodwork #woodworking #finewoodworking #furnituremaker #cabinetmaker #finishcarpenter #finishcarpentry #tinyhouse #tinyhome #tinycarpentry #handrail #joinery #mortiseandtenon #douglasfir

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❤️this #tinyhouse #bathroom design. check out that #tub! 👍#tinyhome #livingbig #greatdesign #smallspaces

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Living in an rv wasn’t going to stop us from hitting the holidays hard this year. you should have seen how many dishes came out of our tiny single rack oven for thanksgiving 💪🏽 and yes we took out our dining table so we could have a real christmas tree. 🎄 and yes we sit on the floor around the tree together to eat. i might not ever put the table back 🤔 years from now we’ll look back and probably won’t remember any of the toys, but we’ll remember the memories, and i can guarantee you we’ll never forget the year we put a christmas tree in an rv.

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More pics of the tiny cape cod cottage up now on our site (link in profile)! 👀 . . a 350-sqft tiny cottage in cape cod with all of the essentials—a living room, a large kitchen, a bathroom, and a beautiful bedroom loft! 😍 . . #dreambiglivetiny #tinyliving #dreambigtravelmore

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Werk werk werkin’ in my she shed today! answered some of your #cottonstemcapsule questions over on the blog, plus i'm showing how i add a bit of festive holiday sparkle to my usually comfy, cozy mommin' wardrobe with @solesociety! ❤️ i might stay home with my four little ladies when i'm not working in #thecottonstemcottage, but i still love to inject some holiday glam into my winter wardrobe...but with a realistic eye to what i spend my days doing: mommin' and she sheddin'. 😉 i'd love to hear what y'all think about the capsule wardrobe update over on the blog - link in profile or cottonstem.com! hugs, buddies😘 (sponsored) #solesociety #mysolesociety http://liketk.it/2tpji #liketkit @liketoknow.it #ltkholidayathome #ltkhome #ltkholidaystyle @liketoknow.it.home

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Tiny house living! . 📸 @tinyhouse @repereboreal

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The blue moon by harmony #tiny #homes #tinyhomes #tinyhome #tinyhouse

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This quaint waterfront studio offers sweeping views of mt. baker to mt. rainier. built with exclusively locally sourced materials and boasting numerous skylights, this humble home is sure to amaze. new build, plz dm for details 🤩 #tinyhome #chic

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Demolition has actually been pretty fun but, of course, we’ve found ourselves a fair amount of water damage. max’s suggestion was for me to write a post titled “there’s always water damage”. we’re going to be spending the weekend tearing the bed out so that we can ensure the damage hasn’t made its way even farther than we’ve already found; wish us luck!

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The latest tiny home that we insured for the owner colleen martin-harrin! #insureyourtiny #tinyhome #insurance

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Someone didn't want to get out of bed this morning... it was me. 😨it was too cold⛄

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Test fit went well 😎

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Bien piola.

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"community is a sign that love is possible in a materialistic world where people so often either ignore or fight each other. it is a sign that we don't need money to be happy -- in fact, the opposite." - jean vanier do you live in a #tinyhome community? #community #thursdaythoughts #tinycommunity #togetherness

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Gorgeous day, no room inside, why not take wrapping to the deck! #deckthehalls

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Tiny kitchen. 🌈✨

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I cant tell you how many conversions i have had with myself regarding the fact i probably could be finished with this conversion if i half assed all these projects. sure i could cut some simple plywood and make a cabinet door.....but it would not look like this! 👌🏼🔥 #takepride #doitright #perfectionist #skoolieconversion

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Skoolie life 4 ever! ✌🏻#2017bestnine

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Same season a year ago. where’s the ❄️ this year??? ive got the festive holly jolly feels...but i miss the snow. #roguecarrots #skoolieconversion #buslife #homeiswhereyouparkit #tinyhome #snowglobe

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The festival season is over and we're settling in for the winter. this means diving into painting season for me. the bus gets a deep cleaning, the art supplies (and holiday decor) make their appearance. here's a sneak peek of a painting i just finished. prints, and the original will be available for purchase on decemeber 18th, for my birthday!!! 🖌💃🎂🎨🎈 what are your plans for today? 🤷 #winteriscoming #watercolor #watercolorandink #tentacles #jeweltones #art #artforsale #blueberrybasilarts #texture #sparkle #traveling #artforsalebyartist #lifeontheroad #tinyhome #busconversion #handmade #shareyourbeauty #octopus #octopusart #painting #ocean #keepcreating

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. . . 2/ “nobody ever has been disappointed by getting up early and watching the sun rise” #glampervantip #2 i had a late night arrival at crater lake which was “closed for winter”—actually the roads were plowed, but covered with snow/ice. a few cabins lit, but no rangers in sight. stealth camped in glampervan. woke up to one of the most specular sunrises of my life. not a ripple on the lake. no sign of another human. #stealthcamp #snowcamp

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Winter has arrived! my son cohen says thunderbird looks like a snow speeder ready for launch. 😂 #thunderbirdtheairstream  #airdreambeliever #airstream #tinyhome #tinyhouse #simplicity #magmiletothemilehigh #homesweetchrome #tbirdtheairstream

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We often ask ourselves, “why do we need to post on #instagram, what is all this for?” and i can tell you without a doubt that it’s because it allows us to connect with like-minded folks and even turn some of those digital friends into real friends! vanlife can be a pretty lonely place, when you leave your home town and all your friends and family behind, so it’s truly a gift to connect with such rad people on the road. we just spent the last 24 hours on the beach with @slowcarfasthome and @yes_kamp and it’s all because of insta that we were able to connect with these lovely wanderers. see you out there on the road again some day, and thanks for letting our sprinter crash your toyota party 😆🙏🚐✨ — #vanlifecommunity #vantribe #toyotadolphin #vanthere

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Built by french tiny home builder, baluchon (@tinyhousebaluchon), for a masseur looking to settle in the alps, the ondine will allow the owner to practice his profession from home. the japanese style tiny home has a large lounge area with room to set up a massage table and freely move around it. . view more pictures and details through our profile link or visit tinyliving.com! . #tinyliving #tinyhouseliving #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #tinyhome #tinyhomes #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousenation #tinyparadise #tinyhouselove #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyhomeonwheels #smallhomes #simpleliving #hgtv #diynetwork #tinyhousebigliving #tinyhousebuild #tinyhousebuilders #tinyhousehunters #tinyluxury #tinyhousecommunity #houses #sustainablehome #tinyspaces #livingsmall #cabins #lessismore #cabinlife #tinyhouselife

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With our first big roadtrip 3 days away, prep has been endless. we are not going to be fully renovated before we go, but we are making progress. here you can get sneak peak of a little demo from the bedroom. there is also a bit of prep and some painting. there will be tons more videos and content on our rv renovation. stay tuned! • • • reply with questions and comments below. • • • #rv #rvliving #adventure #minimalism #optoutside #tinyhouse #tinyhome #rvremodel #simplelife #simplicity #family #adventuretime #outdoorwomen #bucketlist #wanderlust #getoutdoors #wellness #beactive #outdoors #vacation #camping #traveling #rvlife #fatherofdaughters #daughters #familyoffour #irishtwins #parenthood #choosesimple #minimalistfamily

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The hummingbird doubled as a guest house and backdrop in a picturesque wedding in ojai, ca. ‘ • thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the fires in southern california. ‘ • there are many ways to help. check out @banner_day for one of those ways.

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Last night i was craving thai and italian... so i infused them together for an ithaiian dinner treat! it’s a cross between a sweet thai stir fry, and a creamy italian carbonara. used vermicelli noodles, cooked some bacon, added some chicken stock for the noodles and veggies to cook in. grated up some gruyere, and smoked gouda along with some parmesan. some sriracha and sweet thai chili for the sweet heat factor and viola! a successful and fairly cheap concoction! . . 📸/ 🥘: @meuhsmobilemunchies . . . . . . . #meuhsmobilemunchies #chefmeuhp #fulltimerv #tinyhome #travelingchef #selftaught

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How to reconcile the holiday season with your desire to live in a world with less waste; when you are given presents in gift bags filled with tissue paper, covered in ribbons & bows, openly them carefully, fold everything up neatly and put it aside to be reused. 🎁 recycle greeting cards from years gone by. it turns out i am one of 'those people' and i do keep the majority of the cards i've been given. i discovered this fact during one of my 'own less' purges and was surprised that i kept so many. so now my treasure chest has been greatly condensed and into the foreseeable future everyone will get a special 'i love you and zero waste living' card. 💚 huge bonus, i have spent zero dollars on cards and wrapping! single use items are not only h*****n the environment, they are h*****n your bottom line. @zerowastehome's expenses went down by 40% when they moved away from disposable living. #cantgowrong 🔥🎄 . . . . . #veganlife​ ​#vegansofig #fortheplanet​​ #zerowastelifestyle#zerowastehome #noplasti​c​ #saveouroceans​ #minimalist #gogreen #simplicity #sustainableliving ​​#knowledgeispower #tinyhome #solarenergy #personalgrowth#shareyourstory #selfempowerment #lgbtq #q***r #holidayseason

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Throwback to the days before vanlife. when we were too busy with our fj cruiser. #vanlife #vanlifers #tinyhome #tinyhouse #tinyhousemovement #vanbuild #diy #love #live #laugh #tbt #thursday #fjcruiser #toyota #ferry

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It was a mad dash getting out of memphis. a last minute home depot run, final touch ups on the house, delivering keys, filling our gas and propane and water tanks, cleaning cleaning and more cleaning, pigging out at chick fil a, saying our final goodbyes and trying to get to mississippi before dark. we couldn't be bothered to stop and take a cute photo at the state sign. but if we did, it would have looked something like this!

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Win a free stay at a #tinyhouse resort and other great prizes! enter our holiday contest, a collab with few other great tiny folk. ✨ one winner will receive a #tinyhousepuzzle from @tinyhousegiantjourney, two tiny house calendars & a signed copy of the children's book "the big adventures in a tiny house" courtesy of us at tiny house expedition, a one-year free subscription to the inspirational tiny house magazine from @tinyhouseblog, and a 2-night stay at your choice of @mthoodtinyhouse or @leavenworthtinyhousevillage ! to enter our holiday contest, all you have to do is follow all five of us on instagram, and regram this image with the #tinyhouseholidaygiveaway. winner will be chosen by 8pm est sunday! 🎄✨🎁happy holidays!

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Back in the office today... well back in my tiny home on my yoga mat with my computer. that’s the closest version of an office i’ll ever get. but none the less i’m here 🙋🏼‍♀️ crushed my workout after 3 days of resting and detoxing. ok honesty hour might’ve snuck in a beer last night after skiing all day. so i guess it was a 2 & 3/4th days of detoxing. 🙈 regardless i’m feeling good. just finishing up a presentation for my team of coaches + then will be sharing a little bit about what i do as a virtual fitness coach in a private group on fb @ 12pm this afternoon! if anyone else would like to join in and hear about what i do as a coach and how you can do it too - the link is in my bio! would love to get to know you better and hear about your goals! 💕✨👭 #teamroottorise

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Meet the team behind summit tiny homes: markus roth is from central germany, now living in the okanagan. while traveling from place to place in australia, europe and canada, carpentry has always kept him a float, from building marquees and expo setups, to luxury homes and tiny houses. in his spare time, he loves to surf and travel various coast lines, often in his school bus converted tiny home. aside from carpentry, his second love lies in leather, head over to @treibholzdesigns to check out his amazing work. welcome to the team marcus! #tinyhouse #tinyhome #tinyhomeonwheels #microhouse #customtinyhouse #customtinyhomes #tinyhomebuild #tinyhomebuilders #summittinyhomes #armstrongbc #thow #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousenation

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She needs a bath

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Small victories. kevin discovered the chairs swivel and we don’t have to replace the bases anymore. winning 🙆🏼‍♀️ __________________________________________ plans...silly humans thinking we can make plans for everything. esther clearly has her own path, and she will be completed when she is ready to be completed. for now, kevin and his dad are braving the the 30 degree temps here on long island to finish the aluminum framing. we ended up needing more framing than we thought, so had to wait to finish the back wall of the rv until we had the additional tubes of aluminum. taking the time for this framing is making papa buscaino very happy as he knows i will be safe on the road in our little box of a home! thankfully the waite men know how to grind and get sh*t done!!!👷🏼‍♂️👷🏻‍♂️ #rvlife #tinyliving #houseonwheels #winnebago #winnebagowarrior #rvrenovation #bigblockchevy #homeiswhereyouparkit #tinyhouse #demoday #tinyhome #tinyhouse #diy #ourhouseonwheels #dreambiglivesmall #demoday

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Big thank you to garret @amsolaroregon for sharing his knowledge and helping us to become fully autonomous! not much longer and we will be completely off grid 😎 @laikenleeann @merakibuslife #offgridliving #tinyhouse #tinyhome #skoolie #pnw #homeiswhereyouparkit #busconversion #buslife #sunpowered #dowhatyoulove #amsolar #mobileadventure #solarpowered

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It's a sad sight seeing the adventure waggon all stripped out ready for scrapping... for our first camper conversion, on a budget, it was a bloody brilliant first car which took us to some awesome places. she will be missed!

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Add a touch of color and texture to your tiny tree with tiny ribbon garland! 🎥: @comrade_maya, @jerrifarris & @miairajennings

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#tinyhousethursday - "la ventana" a 32’x10′ #tinyhome has a main floor master bedroom, loft bedroom for two children and a second loft for the third child. the exterior combines white standing seam metal siding with a shou sugi ban accent piece. large ventana windows provide plentiful natural light while the 1.5kw solar array system keeps energy costs low. || © tinyliving.

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Last week i insured, registered and got new tires on the van! yesterday the brakes were bled and tomorrow i have appointment for springs! big moves! i’m still trying to come up with a name for the rig.. ideas? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Laying down the #vinyl today 😍

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The other day we visited the capital of the algarve, faro. whilst we there we caught up with some friends for pizza 🍕 and beer 🍻 before wandering around the city and enjoying the sun ☀️.

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If you need us, we’ll be here today. #vanlife

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Adults and kids alike check out this 220 sq-ft modular tiny home unit at science world vancouver. #tinyhome #renewableenergy #sustainability #vancouver #canada #scienceworld #learning #education

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The city bus is rapping things up soon. we're having an open house january 6, 2018! come see our see what we're all about!

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