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Oh my.
there’s something oddly satisfying about repetitive stitches. mesmerizing. we love work that creeps right up to the hoop edge. wanna know a trick for this?
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this perfect piece by @hoffeltandhooperco

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I was hesitating about posting this picture. last week i barely embroidered as i had to study swedish, go to school and working on editing stuff for our company. at the beginning i got a bit worried that i will have nothing to post. but then it made me think, i don't post on instagram for posting, i post because i want it, because i want to share things i like and it is okay. social pressure also (and mostly) happen on social media, when we see others posting like crazy and growing we are starting to question our confidence and so on. so what i can advice you, don't post just to please people or to be cool. post things that is you, your honest self. because after all don't we like people that are genuine and true to us ? feel free to share this text to anyone that feel pressured. art is not a competition we are not here to be the best at everything, we are here to share our passion, exchange and inspiring each other.

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This one turned out a little more difficult because of more layers in shading. great practice for your long and short stitch! 👍🏻💕

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A throwback to something made about this time last year. can you guys believe i threw this away? like, i got so upset with how the bottom began to look as i worked that i just threw the whole thing out. i am so angry at myself for it and want to recreate this at some point but there was 8 hours in that sky and i just feel so heavy when i think about doing it again. i'm not even sure i could replicate it that well because how i stitched the sky is totally different from my adopted style now. perfectionism is poison!
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