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Via: @feelingslovers date someone who sleeps on your chest and snores in your ear. date someone who’ll be your friday night and your entire saturday. date someone who is proud of you. date someone who only makes you cry of laughter. date someone who isn’t afraid to love everything about you. find someone who believes love is black and white; you either love someone or you don’t. there are so many mediocre things in life, love shouldn’t be one of them.

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(@doggosdoingthings) is a truly adorable pupper page. (📸: reddit u/helloclaire).

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Salma hayek or megan fox?😍🔥 check out the link in my bio for more❤ follow ➡@meganfoxunofficial for more!

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Dakota johnson or megan fox? 😍🔥

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Love when they make out honestly want a video of them making out 😍❤️. #theweeknd x #selenagomez.

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False alarm 🔥|| #theweeknd

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Idk what to say i s**k at caption so comment smth and leave me alone - @viewsluts

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Tenemos todos los detalles sobre la nueva colección que #theweeknd diseñó para #puma. conoce más en gq.com.mx i foto: cortesía puma

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Tale as old as time🥀

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🤘🏽😛🤘🏽 || @theweeknd #starboy #xo #theweeknd

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🤘🏼👅🤘🏼 | @theweeknd @harpersbazaarus

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She is so sweet 😍

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I didn't think i would ever be as passionate for an artist or group again like i was for odd future when i got into them back in 2011 but i was wrong because god damn, i can't get enough of brockhampton. these guys are the best thing that's happened in my life when it comes to music since odd future. im literally f*****g obsessed with them. i haven't stanned any artists this hard since odd future and i think that's insane because odd future completely changed my life and got me into hip-hop when i was 11 years old so for some artists to captivate me just as much as they did back then is crazy. i think i love them so much because they remind me of odd future and i miss the odd future days so much so listening to them really takes me back to those days and it makes me feel so good. like, not only are they extremely talented, but their personalities and their aesthetic resonate with mine so well. these dudes are slowly becoming some of my favorite artists of all time and i can't f*****g wait to see what the future holds for them

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Thoughts on #tpain without autotune... and on his influence on modern hip hop..?

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Love and other drugggs

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L e g e n d (#theweeknd @theweeknd )

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Party monster.

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