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If i said that two years ago there were days or months when i wished i was dead would you believe me? that’s an extreme thought isn’t it? but it’s the ugly truth. and it’s part of my story. let me share some dirty secrets, some truth. who i am “behind the gram” or in other words what reality is truly like for most of us because we all have a story.
two years ago i filed for divorce. i found my voice and strength to finally stand up for myself. i decided to leave my ex-husband and an abusive relationship because enough was enough. i had to file a domestic violence restraining order because he wouldn’t leave the home and i didn’t want to live in fear. i thought once that was honored by court i was a free woman. it was only the beginning.
the following months i felt like i was made to purposefully suffer. i felt how he wanted to maintain his control and reign over me. it was a roller coaster of a divorce process and i suffered in ways i would never wish for anyone to go through. i felt like i was drowning and surface for air only to find myself drowning again. i wished i would just die. .
but i held on and i kept putting one foot in front of the other. i chose to believe that all that i was going through was for a greater reason i could not see. i dug deep to believe this.
little by little i chipped away at the divorce process and it slowly moved along. i decided to rebuild inside and out. i decided it was time to start healing. it was a slow process and sometimes felt like there was no end in sight. i kept working on it - i have been in therapy for years and work on many things. anxiety and ptsd to reveal a few.
i put in work like a mother fu@ker (excuse my language). i still do. somehow guys... things just started falling into place. miraculously my life is coming together. .
this person you see is just a broken girl trying to find her way and make a life for herself and she is trying so d**n hard.
but you know what? i see why he brought me through all that. there is this beautiful life he’s showing me. one day at a time....

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Cette nuit [spéciale], [ou plutôt] toutes ces nuits,
où, après des semaines où tu tournes,
c’est enfin la fin de tournage .. a l’aube,
t’arrives chez toi,
m o r t _ de fatigue ,
tout fier / plein de v i e : «honeeeeeeey ! »


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Sometimes being a world traveling treasure hunter isn't all about the glitz and the glory. i know ... its hard to believe isn't it? this is the ugly truth and sometimes you just have to look at it in it's dirty, crusty face. look at it!!
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Now that’s some honesty for yo a*s #theuglytruth

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“be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. if you do, you will have no reward from your father in heaven.
matthew 6:1 niv
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Sempre per la serie "music is a dirty job, but someone has to do it." #larteèunaputtanacosta #milan #writingsonthewall #theuglytruth #teatrodalverme #milanochefatica #graffiti

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I’m having mixed feelings about this #repost ~feeling one~ extremely proud and grateful to witness @realdlhughley voice what’s on the mind of “most” people in the world (including myself) ~feeling two~ sadden by the fact this is truth primarily in #america and #dlhughley had to actually write a book on #hownottogetshot . brother d.l. has always been solid in giving his opinion on certain topics. his jokes have been direct and to the point as well. i respect his position in protecting our youth and keeping our community aware. @realdlhughley #muchloveandrespect #thisisamerica #facts #yougongetthiswork #morningtea #theuglytruth #alwayskeepingit100

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Happy 42th bday eric winter

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Happy birthday @ebwinter! erinnert ihr euch noch an seine rolle als „dash gardiner“ in „witches of east end“? er verkörperte übrigens auch den „colin“ in „die nackte wahrheit“. der hottie wird heute bereits 42 jahre alt - findet ihr, dass man ihm das ansieht?

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Now shipping nationwide. where can we send yours? #glugugly 🇺🇸

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kócosan, taknyosan, nyűgösen, karikásan, nagyon lassan (de inkább sehogy) akar indulni ez a nap... 😪😴
el voltam kényeztetve az utóbbi hetekben, először anya egy hetet, majd a húgom néhány napot volt nálunk, majd mi töltöttünk ott pár napot - ha akartam, az etetésen kívül semmi dolgom sem volt, körbeugrálták boldit. 🙃 ilyenkor jó egy kicsit, hogy "visszakaptam" (félreértés ne essék, én aztán nagyon nem vagyok egy féltős vagy gyerekirigy anyuka, tőlem dajkálhatja bárki, többször is rábízom nagymamákra, tesókra pár órára, csak ilyenkor mégis más, hogy újra mi magunk vagyunk 🤷), de közben éget, ami a hálón kívül vár: kipakolás, mosás, takarítás (a macskák elég durva amortizációt végeznek ilyenkor a fürdő-mosókonyha kuckóban), bevásárlás... az autó állapotáról ne is beszéljünk🤦
és inkább csak lennék itt a szuszogásban, de a cicák már nagyon jönnének ki, bogyó is éhes, és hát az én gyomrom is jelezget (főzni legalább nem kell, azt hoztunk 😊♥️), úgyhogy lassan, de nagyon lassan nekiállok ennek a napnak.

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