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Dear beautiful souls ❤
i hope i continue recieving your heart warming love and continue touching your hearts with my words and help us all heal together 💕
so watch out for all my videos where i share my struggles and what's going on with me and make you all a part of my journey.
my videos will be coming up on my live stories as well as saved in my highlights for you all 💕
i will be coming back with my words and talk about the book real soon and i hope you all are getting your copies as its all about being a happier you and letting you know you are not alone and there is nothing that can break you down and much more.
so feel free to dm me with your views on the book, sharing your stories with me, asking anything you wish to know and much more. i am right here for you all 💕

much love and strength to you all ❤ 💐💖
follow @journeyfullstoptosemicolon for far more deep poetry on hope, pain, love, and the deeper things of life.
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#theuglytruth 👻 and f#ck #perfect bloggers #today ➖ with #messyhair and tired face
after two weeks #sickness and half a day of #work 🧡 i keep #living in #light and c o l o r s 💙
• back eating normal #food and finally found a #cure for the infection 🤩•
#thankful to the #immunologist 👩🏻‍⚕️ and #blessed for the #kindness received here 😢 #youarethebest 💕
~ are you more for a always-on-point #look 😎 or let’s-look-over-the-surface ? 😇

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Them: show us your good side.

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Hello weekend 👋🏼... i’ve been waiting for you 😏✨.
no esperes a tenerlo todo para disfrutar la vida. ya tienes la vida para disfrutar de todo!!
la vida es muy corta para desperdiciar el tiempo agobiándonos o quejándonos, dejemos de tomarnos “todo” personal, de criticar o juzgar... mejor ocupémonos en transformar los no por si, en vivir & dejar vivir, busquemos soluciones no problemas y, sobre todo... valoremos lo que tenemos hoy! no creen? al final, no sabemos cuánto tiempo estará... 💫💫😉 #huntinginspiration #reflectionstories #spreadlove #justbeingme #theuglytruth

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Long hair is the epitome of beauty for many women and some take whatever is necessary to get it, including the hair extensions. unfortunately, there’s an ugly side to it - what exactly find out in a piece by our contributor @simply.apoorva ➡️ page37/ issue 4 (link in bio) ✨⠀
📷 vinícius santos @ftgmagazine⠀
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9days durga pooja rest 357days no humanity
respect women

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So today is a stay at home and barely survive kind of day...... insta.... loving my new t-shirt!!!!!
reality...... i haven't actually brushed my hair since i washed it this morning, the t-shirt doesn't really fit properly and clings to my post baby tummy terribly! i have only just eaten lunch and i'm just about to open a box of maltesers that will no longer exist by the time most of you read this
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It's true in most cases social media influencers take away the self-esteem from people. they drag people to a state where they want to attain something so badly but they can't.

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Wanted to post this one of one of our 5 from the crosseyed mom that we are having a hard time trapping. just as a reminder that yes kittens are cute and they are nice to cuddle with but the reality is most of the kitties left out on the streets look like this, eyes gunky and s****d in. unfortunately there are alot of kitties that dont make it. so although i have yet to see a kitten i didnt want to cuddle we must understand the importance of trap neuter return or #tnr. this not only saves kitties from living out their short lives in pain and discomfort sick and malnurished, but also helps moma cat be healthier possibly preventing cancer, problems of the u****s associated with unhealthy pregnancies and also living a happier life not having to constantly fight off males in heat. @fixnation has a wealth of resources to help you get started in your community. if you live out sode of a fix nation area you may be able to contact your local @aspca or humane society about their tnr programs. help stop the over population of feral and pet kitties. fixing just one cat can save literally hundreds of innocent lives. #tnr #tnrworks #spayandneuter #kitten #theuglytruth #saveakitty

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Great show @rumorscomedy @erikgriffin is a killer, make sure you go check him out 💯#theuglytruth #killtony

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1993-06-xx 'the ugly truth' by matthew sweet [u.s. dmi for u.s. zoo entertainment pressing] #matthewsweet #theuglytruth #cdsingle #zooentertainment #slimline #compactdisc #compactdiscs #mycdcollection #alainsanematthewsweet

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I went through something terrifying.
i am a survivor.
sometimes because of that fact i hold myself to a higher standard, disregard any signs or feelings of “weakness”
no one likes to talk about the ugly side of cancer when you’re a survivor. you seem ungrateful.
the fear of having to face that restless battle again never leaves you fully, no matter how much time passes.
i will go days without sleep, the fear coming in aggressive waves that could knock the wind out of you.
but i am a survivor. i won my battle.
and right now i’m saying you do not always have to be strong in order to be a survivor, i’m reminding myself and anyone else who may need to hear this.. it’s okay to not be okay. 💚 #tb #fuckcancer

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