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Ten years ago today i became a #nytimesbestseller . my book is in 15 different languages in 19 different countries. most importantly bcz it's not #politicallycorrect it's helped thousands of women around the world find true love with a #realman . #youarehere #vantagati #vanlife #relationships #advice #1

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A u t u m n e q u i n o x 🍂 welcome fall ✌🏻

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Det her er mig, som højgravid. min kæreste kaldte mig for lars, fordi min stemme var totalt forandret pga. øget vægt. når jeg ser det første billede, tænker jeg, så jeg virkelig sådan ud? jeg var næææææsten sikker på at jeg lignede en af de tynde gravide supermodeller (ish). men nope. #theuglytruth #minkamp #pregnancy #fitmama #deterslut

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Tag 107: 💔red cove day💔 eine große familie streifendelfine wurde heute in die bucht getrieben und brutal abgeschlachtet. kein familienmitglied hat überlebt. es wird als tradition verkauft und das obwohl viele japaner dagegen sind und noch viel mehr nicht mal was davon wissen. tradition ist kein synonym für richtig und tradition sollte niemandem schaden oder gar töten. die einzige tradition daran ist die jährliche lieferung an sea world, sea aquarium und andere delfinarien und aqua parks auf der ganzen welt. jeder der solche parks mit seinem eintritt und applaus unterstützt, ist schuld an dem massaker unschuldiger seelen.. jeder der ein ticket kauft bezahlt damit den tod der delfine mit. swim free angels of the sea 😪💔 #fucktradition #redcove #thecove #theuglytruth #dontbuyaticket #emptythetanks #captivitykills #dolphinproject #covemonitors #op404

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He told no lies. #facts #theuglytruth

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#truth - i love that one!

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America we can not have this man run our nation! #impeachtrump #theuglytruth #thisisourpresident

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Bugger......i can no longer go a week in between washing my hair! but i can still go about 5 days so i can’t really complain 🤗! i just hope the oil isn’t going to come back more as i’m still very much so enjoying not having to blot and not worrying about my hair! #roaccutane #accutane #acne #acnecommunity #accutanelife #accutanejourney #acnetreatment #isotretinoin #isotretinoinjourney #postaccutane #sideeffects #theuglytruth #thestruggleisreal #hairwash #hairgoals #skingoals #clearskin #glowingskin #shorttermpainlongtermgain #haironfleek #instadaily #instagood #stayhappy #stayfocused #keeppositive #beauty #blogger #staybeautiful

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Do you need to be inspired or motivated to chase after your dreams this weekend or in 2018? then look no further!! get real and get ugly this christmas with @uglyhugh on the wild show episode 5! hugh will have you fired up🔥 to go after your dreams as we chat about his entrepreneurial journey with @uglydrinks , how he's overcome big obstacles, what he's learnt, his life's philosophy and tips for creating a rebellious and fun brand! let me know your thoughtd below 👇👀 🎧 tune into the show by clicking on the link in my profile or searching the wild show on @spreaker_ @stitcher_podcasts stitcher or itunes 🎧🎶

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Traveled by car this week to witness #theuglytruth as told by #6ixx in columbia, sc. @tappsartscenter @6ixx_n_dacity

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From the sasoon dock art project, cuffe parade. [mumbai, india] checkout my story for more. #artworksfever #artparasites #sassoondockartproject #sassoondock #cuffeparade #artidote #art #bestoutofwaste #artistsoninstagram #theuglytruth

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You have to realize that some ppl can stay in ur heart but not in ur life.. #theuglytruth #qesyaaleeya

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When you have zero chill

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Did you know you can order our ugly packs from #amazon?💧 we deliver straight to your door and you can tell us #theuglytruth with an amazon review 😉 photo by @thefashionfictionary & @ollie_holmes 📸

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#theuglytruth 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

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Lento pero vamos llegando 😭🙌🏻 #theuglytruth #idontgiveafuck 💪🏻💣

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I will say it again 📣your health is your wealth! you can’t pour out a empty cup.. if you don’t invest in your health now, later you will have to invest in your sickness.. 😏#theuglytruth #yourhealthisyourgreatestwealth #investinyourself #investinyourmindbodyandsoul#bussinesswoman#healthfirst

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Cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell i had to learn how to fight for myself. i'm proud of who i am no more monsters, i can breathe again and you said that i was done well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come. thank you to my #endosister💛 for helping get up the courage to post this pic. this is painful to post but it is my truth! no more silence, i am just gonna leave it there. #metoo #4, #9 #11 and #16. repost from @thendohoneybee using @repostregramapp - this picture, here is so powerful. i have been wanting to post but very hesitant to the reactions. but this page is about the truth. the ugly truth. i don't have to say much. the piece speaks for itself. let's break the silence. let's teach children and adults that's it's okay to tell someone, if something doesn't feel right. that no one is perfect. also that they aren't alone and it's not their fault. no guilt or judgement. pay attention to your children. to every child, even if they aren't yours. they are crying out for help. art by luckasz poslad. #art #artspeaks #theuglytruth #reality #protectyourchildren #speakout #awareness #powerful #breakthesilence

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Are you chasing your dreams or leaving them on the pillow each morning? 🌜🌞🌟 @uglyhugh and i had an inspiring chat about how he has chased his dreams and continues to do so through @uglydrinks. hugh and a friend co-founded ugly drinks to unleash their creativity, make an impact on the world and be rebellious. with ugly drinks they reveal the ugly truth behind soda brands’ messages and have disrupted the industry, by creating an affordable, carbonated drink full of authenticity, rebelliousness and fun! they have had to overcome some big obstacles to relaise their dreams and where many people would give up, they pursued and have succeeded! within just a few short years you can now find ugly in more than 1500 stores in the uk and soon in america! 🎧 listen to hugh and find out about his entrepreneurial journey and his advice on living life to the full and top tips on how to create a succcessful brand! 🎧🎶 link is in my profile 👆👆🎧🔥

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#theuglytruth 😂😂

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"the most honest chocolate tablet" by chocolat factory in spain! yes christmas period is starting ... but good to keep an eye on the kcal factor! here is the "truth"... 😰😰😅 without lying i am around bar n °6 in term of daily consumption.... 😏 and you guys? at which "bar" are you per day? #theuglytruth #onechocolateaday #chocolatelover #chocolateaddict #chocolatelife #sharingiscaring #mydoseofcocoa

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I’m always struck by the extreme dichotomy between the sumptuous beauty of the southern landscape and the evil, unfathomable savagery of its history. on the road to the #whitneyplantation just outside of #neworleans, the #canefields seemed to go on for miles. an eerie sensation had already overcome us. but turning up the road to the #bighouse, the hairs on our arms stood at attention. ghosts follow you in this place and whisper the truths that such ardent energy has sought to erase. a ghost child told the story of her mother in labor and deemed to require whipping, was forced into a hole dug in the ground where she was flogged and remained until the child was born, at which point she was drug out and immediately put back to work in the fields. another told of how when the enslaved died, the coffin was a plank with another plank atop it. the planks were shorter than the bodies. so they folded the bodies and jumped on them until the bones cracked, the necks snapped. fold and c***k until the length was right and the top plank could be hammered on, the nails bursting through the brain of the dead body. many rebellions happened here—rebellions that refute the myth of the helpless and complacent slave. one such was led by charles delondes in 1811, with over 500 men. it ended in defeat with delondes being tourtued, maimed, and castrated before being stuffed in a bag and roasted alive. 95 of his rebels were also brutally killed—their decapitated heads stuck on picks to line the road outside the plantation as a gruesome deterrent for the captives and an amusement for those responsible. what people are these who lived in perceived normalcy amidst such grotesque and horrifying sites? what a mad state of being they occupied. then they spoke of children. the life expectancy of a s***e working in those treacherous cane fields was 10 years. so, the graves were filled with the bones of babies. a monument to these listed the names, birth & death dates of the lives cut short in the #killingfields there were thousands lining the walls. i searched for my own birth date, november 15. strangely, there was no death date listed, only this beside it: “a n***o girl”👼🏿✨🧚🏿‍♀️#eternalsoul

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So crazy!!! i saw these #bridges when i went to visit #sactown after my book signing event in #sacramento 🙂 this place was amazing...i loved #sacramento and their bridges🙌🙌🙌 this is where they filmed the movie #theuglytruth 👌 that’s so cool and ironic for me being a huge #moviebuff too

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| just saying | 🙌🏾#ashleybanksquotes #freshprince #theuglytruth 💁🏽

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