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This is what it's like everyday for us. we are not perfect but we know how to make the best of everything i love you babby and i love my baby brother jimmy jr. #kingjayce #princessvannah #lingling #thephanklan #jimmyboi #jimmyboijr

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I was 23 when i tried sushi for the first time while my son 15 months nibbling on it like its a chip... but that's why i grind so hard so my kids don't value no type of material object or anything materialistic. they been round it all and can have it all but i'm teaching them to rather have family and happiness over everything. anyone can give money but how many gon. put out the time to actually make a difference??? how ever your children turn out its the parents fault so remember that before you start pointing fingers #kingjayce #myfuture #thephanklan #spiderrollondemboys

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