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Spring in charleston means j a s m i n e season! who’s ready?! #happyspring #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear

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When you look up to your big sister and want to be just like her! ♡
when did mila become 3 going on 6?! i can't believe how old and mature she looks in this photo!
a couple points!
1. the girls picked out their own outfits including hats 🐰 and i am blown away by their charisma, personal style and fashion sense! - let's be honest, it's usually queen elsa or decked out as ariel, head to toe, red wig included! 🧜‍♀️
2. during sunday school this morning mila insisted on joining aria in her class because she thought it was her job to help with all the "little ones" as she put it! she was so excited to tell me about everyone she helped and played with! and that she was "the best big helper!" - thank you @crosspoint.tv for encouraging and allowing our little ones to follow their hearts and be a part of something bigger than themselves!
i am incredibly proud of these girls, their giant hearts and their desire to always help! ♡

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I used to dunk tennis balls, slap backboards, and throw elbows in the paint. .
jewelry designer: @jessie.dugan
📸: @bereshkanet .
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Бидете среќни и позитивни во годината која ни дојде, бидете причина за нечија насмевка, бидете тоа што сте... Бидете љубов, тоа е енергијата која не движи ❤️💋Среќни празници пријатели ранобудници наши❄️🎉🎅🏻☃️🤶🏻🎁🎈🎄tnx to our lovely and fantastic friends @sayes_wedding_photography @fashiongroupmacedonia @skopjemarriott we love you guys ❤️#happyholidays #wellcome2019 #happiness #bestfriendgoals #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear #bestwishes #morningshow #positivevibes

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🌸 find me where the blooming trees are.

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Как же здорово, что есть #праздники которые объединяют всю страну!🥳🎄 Новогодняя суматоха🎅🏼, салаты, фейерверки, долгожданные подарки! Мы желаем, чтобы реализовались Самые искренние пожелания и улыбки😁, больше интересных событий, крепких объятий, любви и бабочек в животе🥰❤️
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photographer ~ @rickcstudio
dancewear ~ @ladancedesigns @patrickjdesign
company ~ @dv8_the_company @floorinvasion
dancers~ @zozodancer5678 @lexicowennn @breezlilyofficial ••••••———————————————————————————
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