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Three things that make me really happy in this photo! headstands. views. hike we did to get there!
but seriously though, contrary to what my instagram may seem to portray, yoga isn’t practiced by making shapes. it transforms and benefits its practitioners through being present, mindful and compassionate while we do anything in life!
it may begin with postures and shapes, but the real transformation occurs separately to what the body achieves 🌻☁️✨
📷 @jacob.nokes

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Epic utah hikes! what's your favorite hike in utah!?
📷: @lyesk

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🇲🇦 if you’re thinking that this is an inappropriate outfit to wear to the souks, you’re absolutely correct. 😂

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When i visit ruins, i always like imagining what life was like at the time where people were living between those walls. 🔖

where were the nicest ruins you’ve seen?

📍 angkor wat, cambodia

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Sleepy puppers

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"it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

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Don’t you wish you could invoice people for wasting your time? 🧾

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