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#worthington pumps size 11. $15 includes shipping.

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We are starting to get the holiday feels at blondie boutique 😍 this red hot jumpsuit will make sure all eyes are on you at that special event or christmas partaaaaay!
model: @alannapearson

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#sunglasses $1 includes shipping.

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I love the idea of jumpsuits for formal events because you can still run around and chase after your kids and shove things in your pockets when you don't feel like carrying them. when the party's over you can hang it back in your closet knowing you'll be able to wear it that same week dressed down with flats and a sweater. that's the kind of versatility i want for my closet and i think everyone should experience the freedom of actually wearing what you've got! #slowfashionoctober

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#sunglasses $1 includes shipping.

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〰️ when we’re not losing sleep over school, we’re losing sleep trying to be social (or at least i am) 🙃

🥨 happy birthday @hunt_thorne! may the @traderjoes in brookline finally stock up on those black bean taquitos you always rave about. xx #roommates #gradschool

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I found this sign down in the snug at @foxyvixensbeautyparlour and it filled me with prohibition and fantastic beasts glee! anyone else as excited for the new film as i am? #ifyoudontknowdontworry

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The views from @castleinthecloudsnh were breathtaking, but trish & jeremy were equally was beautiful together too! #oncloudbean (planning: @castleweddings, florals: @courtneyreiddesign, dress: @stellagracebridal, muah: @tarademontier.hairstylist )

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Authenticity: knowing who you are and living your life... perfectly imperfect and being ok to show it😁 🌈 🐨 🤪
i’m not one for all the cheesy copied quotes at all but i totally dig this. being happy with yourself isnt something that just happens one day and stays that way. you need to wake up every day and do things to get you there. then the same things that got you there need to be repeated to stay there. eg for me. eat good food. exercise. socialise. be kind. be a best friend to many people inc my kids. keep people in your life that want the best for you. be honest. take responsibility. help people. accept help. listen to advice. learn lessons. give. conquer fears. keep an open mind. everything starts with a thought, so wanting to be happy, not insecure is a very good idea. i'm not saying that all these things will fix everything, but i believe if you don't feel good and you do nothing, things aren't likely to change. this has been a mantra i’ve followed for quite some time.. 💛
@econiqactiv 📷 @theronfoto

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Squealing at the fact that we got our christmas photos done and it went so well!!! 🎄🎄like no tears, y’all...not even mama 🤣😍🤣 stay tuned for more because i just can’t get enough ❤️

@alexis_beagan 📷

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#verabradley #purse #wallet #clutch brand new. $50 includes shipping.

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Whether you want something simple, or want to stand out...we’ve got you covered with so many earring choices! 🖤 happiest of monday’s!!

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Keep growing old with me
happy birthday, my love @daniel_y__

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Favorite 🌸 i don’t have a lot to say right now but i hope you’re having a nice day and if you’re not, that’s okay too. nice days will come soon. .
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