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The level of happiness you experience is directly proportional to the level of awareness you bring to life. in that, the way your mind consciously responds to experience versus unconsciously reacts will largely determine the experience of life as a whole. when a mind separates itself from its nature which is awareness then the world appears dark, bleak and hopeless, and so that mind reacts in a compulsive way. this is when there is the feeling of being alone in the world, of being misunderstood and disconnected. when the mind wakes up to the awareness that is it’s very nature and the nature of all life, then that mind is filled with love, compassion and enthusiasm. that mind feels connected and empowered by something far beyond egoistic consciousness. so the thing to do here, is to bathe the mind in awareness and to bathe every experience in awareness and surrender more and more to the nature of experience which is awareness, then happiness is no longer a place or object or dream. happiness is the experience of awareness meeting itself again and again, and filling itself with illumination. ~ davita

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Жаль , что не с любимой литературой ‼️🤓

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A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. when you appreciate what you have you magnify the blessings in your life. when you notice the positive qualities of a person, they will grow. whatever seeds you plant with your words and thoughts that’s what you create. so what are you focusing your energy on today?

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I donut need to buy all the cute things for my classroom. repeat 5 times to self. 🍩

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Вот и прошли 11 лет школьной жизни. Прощаться со школой, конечно, грустно. С ней связано очень много воспоминаний .....😊😍😎
Спасибо @vinogradova8309 and @pavlovaalexmiss за то, что все 11 лет мы были вместе, несмотря ни на что!!!)💕😘💕
Спасибо учителям, которых буду помнить ещё очень долго🤗
10-11 класс познакомил с новыми людьми, благодаря им я изменилась....Наш 11П самый лучший)💕💕💕
Девчонки и мальчишки я буду по вам скучать((( 😫

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