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Nós três. #tbt

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♫ não queira pensar em dizer não ♫ seu corpo frio eu esquento no colchão ♫ é só querer, eu tô disposto a te trazer felicidade, dá luz à sua escuridão ♫ o vídeo retrô de hoje é essa música pra deixar todo mundo apaixonado! quem sabe, canta comigo! ❤ #tbt #gusttavolima #nossapreferidasertaneja

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I just realized it's been a year since i made this s****d video & set the tone for alotta these mf's on here 😂🌴 | #tbt #rrremakes #theyknew #whorememberthis #lilmama #posingasmrsbeyonce #worldstar

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#tbt granny got hands! tyrone gets checked! sewellwells this the only time i let your t-pain looking a*s set up a run down. never knew your grandma was that gangsta! this pint-sized pocket rocket packed a big punch! granny put them paws on me! i'm sorry! i should no better guess what grandmaxgrandson i ain't never had no chill so why start now. granny keep ya mutha-effin hands to your self! granny mouth reckless but she d**n sure hit harder then a mack truck going a 100 mph #fuckboy #tyrone #hardbody #longdickstyle #lds #215 #philly

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#tbt de una sesión de fotos con el gran y muy querido @hernanpuentes

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Rip to a real og!!! the very first person to put me in the studio & realize my talent when i was really just "lil bad a*s tip"!!! i heard some dude in da apts down the way had a studio so i found my way there knocked on your door asking "yo it's a studio in here? i can rap!" you let me in & it's been on ever since!!! also the first to let me @douggrandhustle & da p$c on stage at 16 in jazzy ts (as seen in pic at the legendary east side s***p club).... you showed me everything i needed to see early on to make my way in this shit!!! gave me all the game without withholding info. taught me how to check a sucka at the door wit that f*ck-sh*t,all while being a real playa about it & still maintaining a solid presence at home as well as in these streets. a lotta stuff people give me credit for today.... i learned from you!!! you were our example!!! we gon miss you big yak!!! #ripcognac #tbt

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❤️ #tbt

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You can always lean on us 😉 #tbt

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#tbt when i took her to disneyland and she yelled at the princesses asking then where the black princess was i should have known i was in trouble then #daughter

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#tbt de hoy lindo día 😊

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Só por que eu descobri o que significa #tbt mesmo. ilha dos franceses em 2015

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