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We made to the double digits “1️⃣0️⃣”
llegamos a los grandes 1️⃣0️⃣
camino con muchos subes y bajas, pero siempre sonriendo 🎈🎉🥳😘
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help us to continue for zoe to keep going to therapy ! ❤️

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Graphic, but it’s me and what i live with every day. after having a conversation with someone today about my speech therapy sessions, i realized that many of you only know my injuries from what you can see. no, losing my leg hasn’t been my biggest struggle. in the helo crash, i sustained severe head trauma, damage to my right frontal lobe, and a fractured cervical spine. i am lucky, lucky to be alive. to this day, i go to occupational therapy, speech therapy, vestibular therapy, and sleep therapy. i struggle with my memory, attention span, concentration, and mood stability (i have to check myself daily with my lack of empathy, patience, and frustration control). people question why i do so much and why i have yet to stop going to school. this. this is why. i have been petrified of losing (yet again) — my mind and my knowledge. i can’t replace my lost memories, but i can do everything in my power to make sure i will remember the ones i have yet to make. count your blessings, folks. lots of love. #leftlegless #therealscarface #og #tbi #awareness

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Posting this pic of me after a massage, next to a pic i posted of me looking all fab, this one is with no make up or perfect hair. so often people feel they can’t post pics that aren’t perfect ... seriously ...no one is perfect ! this is a pic of me with my hair up - scar and all! my scar goes right around my head! i’m not shy or embarrassed, this is me. #loveyourself #tbi #headinjury #life

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“there’s something so interesting about looking back at photos of her when she was depressed...”
just published a blog that i hope you will check out.
✨link in bio✨
if you have been following my story, you probably know that on april 26, everything i had in my life was taken from me in one moment.
i however chose to allow my trauma to be my biggest teacher and i empower you to know how possible and necessary it is to do this if you ever find yourself in the scary place of trauma.
whether you like it our not, everything happens for a reason.
i am here to help you. i am here to serve you. i see you, i honor you, i love you.
we’ve got this.
xo jordan 💕

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Four months and one day after the wreck that put me in icu in a coma for 12 days with a traumatic brain injury and then another month and a half in the hospital recovering, monday the 17th i’ll go back to work dispatching doing the job i love. i’m so thankful god has gotten me through this and for my amazing family and friends. glory to god and let’s get back to work! #carwreck #tbi #traumaticbraininjury #mva #coma #recovery #dispatcher

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This is huge: i still can’t put into words what exactly @dr.kyledaigle did the weekend he visited, but how i do describe it is the healing hands of god. there are so many signs that god had dr. daigle planned in our journey to one day arrive. it was just a matter of god’s timing. one could think, what if we had done these things earlier, but i believe that isn’t the way to look at it. rather the whole journey to this point was just part of the process. life as we knew it before dr. daigle’s visit is slowly disappearing. jon’s brain is waking up.
#staystrongjonnygrant left 📸 the night dr. daigle arrived october 19, 2018
right 📸 november 12, 2018

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Tonight was a special moment. it was the first time we ventured out after dinner to an event that i expected would be over stimulating for jon... @forkingandcountry concert. i am happy to say it was amazing how jon handled the situation. we didn’t make it through the whole concert, but the cool thing was jon communicated that he was ready to go. that in itself is huge.
thank you @forkingandcountry for inviting us to the show.

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Tomorrow marks a month since @dr.kyledaigle visited jon. i have seen more healing during the last 30 days in jon than any timeframe up to this point. the injury happened a year and eight months ago. the healing jon is achieving at this point is not typically expected by traditional healthcare.
so what has changed?
what did dr. daigle do?
he is healing jon’s brain. i can honestly say during this whole process i have never met someone that understood the brain as well as dr. daigle. sadly, up to this point, no one had addressed the brain. they were treating the effects the brain damage had on the body. so, what’s the difference? we are focusing on healing the brain which controls the whole body. there are many pieces to this new direction of healing which i will share over time, but the ultimate goal is to give jon’s brain the proper tools to heal.
dr. daigle was kind enough to provide me an explanation of the work he does:
so, i practice functional neurology thru a program called iafnr which is a program that teaches doctors receptor based therapy and vestibular rehab. we are trained how to properly stimulate the brain through sensory input whether that be from visual stimulation, sound, light, vibration, complex movements and even cognitive task. the ultimate goal is to find deficiencies within the brain or nervous system and improve the function of it.
majority of therapists practice the traditional approach which is a bottom up. we acknowledge the brain is a two way highway and we work on targeting certain areas of the brain simultaneously by stimulating geographical areas of the body.

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Today marks the six year anniversary of the day my life was forever changed. 12/12/12 was the day i suffered my #braininjury. a minute of time and my whole life would be forever altered... you cannot see my difficulties- i hide them very well. routine is my new best friend. i can’t do anything new without it being carefully planned out by me, my doctors, therapists and care team.
i have come so very far from where i was six years ago, mind you - but it is a choice every day, all day, to keep pushing forward. failure only means having to try more times to accomplish what some would say are the simplest of tasks.
don’t get me wrong now - never feel sorry for me, i experience the joy of my life every day, and am blessed to have been given new purpose through this tragedy.
invisible injury is something needing much more awareness, compassion, and understanding from society, our local community, and from our families.
working alongside @mybpenn , and with the graciousness of @howard.aaron.7 my story will be featured in 2019 on many outlets in order to bring awareness for tbi and equal rights for those inflicted with this invisible epidemic. there will be news to come!!! tbi - three words that will forever change your life

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