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Are you a fan of anime?? if so, comment your favorite anime!! #anime

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thank you so much guys! 🥰💗🦋 ten thousand followers? it sounds as unreal as it is to me 🎊 when i started artaystic all i wanted to do is share my passion and my love towards @taylorswift , slowly i made some friends here, slowly people requesting an etsy store, slowly with 1 order in 3 months, slowly progressing to 3 in a month, slowly then 30 monthly, slowly you guys requested having them on stickers, merch, phone cases, bags etc .... slowly now i can finally produce mass prints, slowly from being unknown with 100 followers then being blessed with a thousand, now i have 10k of you guys with me 💜
thank you for favouring, doting on me so much i definitely feel so loved here, i’m just one of the many artists in the fandom that kind of started early & was so lucky to have some exposure at some point and be known for fanarts. please give any other small artist a chance too and by supporting small business/creator, it’ll mean a lot to them! 🥰
thank you so much to everyone of you that stayed, find my content interesting, buy from me, recommend me 🥺 even when i get so busy and inactive when i have uni classes (like now), even when i get so overwhelmed and can’t respond to every comments and dms, please know that i have all of your support in my heart with me at all times! it’s what i cherish the most 💗 thank you for understanding my love towards t, glitter, art, watercolor, calligraphy, brush lettering 🥺🥺🥺 i’ll definitely do a 10k giveaway and make you feel as loved as you made me feel. thank you for being here along this journey and let’s keep going 😻 i love all of you and @taylorswift so much ❤️ .
here’s bae’s on the amazon prime day concert! 💜💜💜 @amazonprimevideo . (reference image from @ootwclara 💗) #taylorswift #primedayconcert #istandwithtaylor #westandwithtaylor

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💘💘وش اغنيتكم المفضلة .
#selenagomez || #sellx11 ||#سيلينا_قوميز

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Do you want collabs on lover album?definitely katy and selena we want serve

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We all know now we all got crowns you need to calm down 🌟💜

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Which song do you prefer to revival ? 💙
me : same old love .

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