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Tat work! gotta get hella work done. my boi “animal” @nj_animal201 went in ✊🏾🔥🔥💉🤫 #2k18 #wings #tattoo #tatwork #ink #lit #dope #hardasf #workinonbody #moreink #plug #fire

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🔥round 3 with ricky tat 🔥 (the t***p stamp!) shout out to all the women with tattoos of dudes names, telling other dudes that it’s their uncle that died. y’all not low! now having a tat on your lower back doesnt make one a tramp! but real ones know that if it’s a dude’s name on there, it’s getting tagged up! that’s just how it goes! if you give a guy the option to nutt anywhere he wants to, and you have another dude’s name tatted on you, it’s a good chance that’s where he’s going to pick. i think it’s an ego thing! like “how dare you have another dude’s name tatted on you? and i have to see that every time you’re n***d or every time i’m with you! man f**k that, nigga!” it happens! so i’ve heard! my man rick co-signs! and that’s another reason i would never get a woman’s name tatted on me. i may not marry that woman. and then my favorite wife will have to see my old chick’s name all the time? hell no! and tattoos hurt so it’s not just about covering it up! just dont get it period! but how many of yall fellas out there done busted on another dude’s name and how many of y’all lady’s done had a name you had tatted on you busted on by somebody else? lets talk about! share, repost, retweet! all that! #afewroundswithnaim #newark #newarknj #jersey #downtownnewark #newarkart #art #broadandmarket #tattoo #tatlife #tatculture #blackink #alleniverson #tats #dopetats #tatwork #iverson @ tattoodo @ flytattedsky @ theshaderoom @ flavoru nitent @ flavoru @ kikiayers @ therealoak34 @ stevencaplejr @ johnsingleton @ officialspikelee @ tk_kirkland @ afrocentric_network @ worldstar @ 50cent @ jaleelwhite @ @ shawn_hartwell @ charliemackfirstout @ blackinkcrew @ ruffryders @ dmx @ issarae @ shondarhimes @ monascottyoung @ bet @ viacom @ vh1 @ quan_nito @ bob.sumner @ lwaytt1035 @ michaelbjordan @ vlad_piverger @ 617mikebiv @ wayno119 @ hovain @ rocnation @ revolttv @ gillie_da_king @ brookpayne1 @ kattatgirl @ ceasarblackink @ complex @ youngisblessed @ icet @ newarkiff @ cityofnewarknj @ wbgojazz @ siriusxm @ rejectzworldwideradio @ nonfictionradio @ tvonetv 🗣🔥💎👑🔥💎

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