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Mhhhh, ich schmachte heute wieder eine runde! ich folge so vielen #foodporn - accounts hier auf instagram, dass mir regelmäßig das wasser im mund zusammen läuft 😍 auf dem foto seht ihr ein altes foto von mir, die beiden hübschen teile gab es mal im aldi! 🍕 heute ist der erste tag der stabilisierungsphase & ich stehe in der küche - das tomatensüppchen köchelt vor sich hin! 🍅🍴 was macht ihr heute noch so? #nomnomnom #yummy #teamvitup #happyme #stabilisierungsphase #swk

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Week 3 faves 👊🏻 up an at 'em! let's do it 🙌🏻 #bbgvideo

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Auf geht's, die neue woche wartet auf euch!😊😃 für uns könnte sie nicht besser als mit diesen leckere queen protein brownies beginnen ❤😋 . denkt dran, bis heute 24 uhr nur 1.99€ versandkosten innerhalb deutschlands und 3.49€ nach at🎁🎉

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Huhu ihr lieben🤗❤ wart ihr schon alle fleißig?💪 ich komme gerade aus dem gym, meine monday session ist erledigt und jetzt wird erstmal was leckeres gekocht🙊 was esst ihr am liebsten nach dem training?🌯🍝🍦

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Who needs a fancy gym🏋😜😉. modified week 29 legs from home today. thank you @samgbbg for the advice of overhead weights during walking lunges to help engage the glutes. we felt the 🍑🔥😉. the best way to tackle any week is to work with your schedule. we often have to change up things a little to get it done. and work sometimes forces us to have a midweek rest day. no worries about how you do it as long as you do the work👊. barbell and kettle bell was exchanged for dumbbells and patio furniture substituted for a bench and just like that #bbglegs are a wrap🙌🙌 @kayla_itsines @bbgvideo 🎧remix make me britney spears

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Never skip a monday! if you're looking for an ab workout here is a good one. the thing about "abs" is there are several different abdominal muscle groups that need to be worked. here's the workout : 20 air squats 20 rockers 20 leg lifts ❎3️⃣ 20 swiss ball raises 20 russian twist 20 x crunches ❎3️⃣ 20 bicycle 20 teapots 20 shoulder taps ❎3️⃣ 50 b**t kicks in between each set

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|| week 3 leg day || ✔️ my legs were dead at the end of this workout & of course my gym has steps, so um rip my legs #deathbykayla was real today💀 i hope everyone had an amazing weekend & that you're ready to take on week 3 of the #12weekchallenge 💪🏼 #sweatwithkayla #bbgweek3 #postworkoutselfie #legday

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Monday's should be optional! (at least pi and i seem to think so...😉) no, i am not spending the day taking jump-related photos in bed with my pups. *sigh* instead i am heading off to work to #liss my way around the classroom. #teacherlife 😂 then, when i come home, i get to sweat for the first time in two weeks! i have missed it so much!😈 now, what should i do...hmm...🤔 happy monday #fitfam ! make it magnificent!🌟 #motivationmonday #mondaymorning #jumpingforjoy #mondaysshouldbeoptional #swk #bbg #happiness #positiveliving

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über den tag verteilt esse ich 5-7 portionen davon ☝🏻 150g parboiled reis (rohgewicht) mit 1 tl rosinen garen, 4 minuten vor ende der garzeit 500g obst hinzugeben. ich habe mich für apfel entschieden. bevorzugt eine saure sorte. ihr könnt aber auch mango oder ananas nehmen. mit zimt und zitronensaft wird das ganze dann abgeschmeckt. ich mag es 😉 die entwässerung macht sich schon bemerkbar 🚽 😂🙈 der reis sättigt auch ordentlich. ich glaube, dass vollkreis besser geeignet ist, da ja bekanntlich in der schale mehr ballaststoffe vorhanden sind. durch die entwässerung werden schließlich viele mineralien ausgeschwemmt. übrigens sorgt der hohe kaliumgehalt für den abbau von wassereinlagerungen. ich würde sowas auch nie mehrere tage aufeinander machen, weil der körper einfach nicht ausreichend mit mineralien versorgt wird. so als tag einlegen, nachdem man einen tag vorher vllt zu viel geschlemmt hat 😉 #weightwatchers #ootd #stoffwechselkur #wiwt #outfit #amazing #instagood #instadaily #blogger #weightloss #fashion #swk #lowcarb #eatclean #healthy #abnehmen #weightlossjourney #lunch #instastyle #foodie #sfs #dinner #foodblogger #fashionblogger #outfitoftheday #followme #photooftheday #instalike #instafood

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Soooooo i didn't get up at 5am again this morning to workout, because my son was already awake and it just wouldn't have worked with him there. but, i'm about to squeeze in a 25 minute hiit session on the bike 🚴 before dinner. like i've said before, be flexible and don't beat yourself up if things don't go to plan. just do your best whenever possible! ✌️okaaaaaaaaaay, here we go! . . . . . . . . #bbgaustralia #bbgmums #bbgmoms #bbgover30 #bbgbrisbane #bbgprogress #bbgtransformation #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #kaylasgirls #kaylasbbg #sweat #sweatwithkayla #thekaylamovement #swk #bbg2017 #thekaylamovement2017 #bbgladies #12weekchallenge #fittie #bbgchallenge

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#gutenmorgen 😘 heute gibt es mal eine süßes #frühstück mit brötchen, schokocreme und marmelade -> #selfmade 💪und #kurkonform #abnehmblog #abnehmen2017 #abnehmen #endlichschlank #endlichabnehmen #swk #swk21 #swk2017 #hcgdiät #hcgrezepte #stoffwechselkurrezepte #stoffwechselkur2017 #stoffwechselkur

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There are 64 weeks of exercise between these two pictures. some of those weeks were loosing body fat, some of those weeks were gaining muscle, but most of those weeks were gaining strength. both inner and outer. although you will see this picture and probably only see the change in my abs muscles it is so much more than that. it's so much less health problems, so much more energy and so much improved quality of life in general. don't forget that it takes time, patience and putting in the work. and in the end the most important thing you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. happy #transformationtuesday

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I'm posting my #transformationtuesday pic later but i just want to remind everybody while looking at amazing transformations be proud of them but also proud of yourself! you made it to week 3👊🏻, you are stil making an effort🙌🏻, you are amazing. just remember everybody's journey is different and every body is different! #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbggirl #bbgmoms #bbg1 #sweatwithkayla #swk #kayla_itsines #kaylasarmy #fit #fitfam #fitness #fitmom #vegan #plantstrong #crossfit #bbgtransformation #bbgprogress #kaylamovement

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ยินดีด้วยนะคับป้าอ้อ #ป้ารหัส #swk

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Komme morgen wieder ❤ #graffiti #graffporn #swk #südwestkommando #schwarzwaldkoalas #weilderstadt #wds #hall #halloffame

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A good 80% paleo day! maybe a little too much cashew butter, but i avoided the tortilla chips that were calling to me this afternoon! • here's #womp #fooddiary for @bbg.momof4 @bec_b_fit @situpsforsweets. how was your #fooddiary today?

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I was tagged by @fitbydanni for 10 facts about me and i've been meaning to do it but honestly coming up with interesting things is hard! 😅 anyway i tried: 1. i'm a speech-language pathologist at an elementary school and i love love love my job. 2. my boyfriend is a musician so we spend most nights at shows and thus i will probably never be a morning workout kinda gal. 3. we moved to richmond from michigan with no particular reason and no prior knowledge, but i love it here 🤗 4. i have two much older siblings who each have 3 kids so i'm pretty sure between that and working in a school i'm content to never have my own. 5. i played varsity soccer in high school and then didn't workout for like 6 years so i've really surprised myself with my commitment to fitness. 6. we go out to see movies at least once a week. i'm a pretty scathing critic 😏 7. i love drawing, writing, painting, dancing, and basically just creating in any way i can, and i've been doing a 12 week creativity program to become more comfortable allowing myself to pursue those things. 8. i'm a big reader - my favorites are philosophy, prose, fantasy, and beat lit, but i'll check anything out. 9. i have cyclothymia, which is a mild type of bipolar disorder with a fair risk of developing into a more serious form, so i am very protective of my mental health, and i try to advocate for a better understanding of these issues. 10. i am painfully introverted. if no one encouraged me to socialize, i would only see my coworkers and my dog for an inordinate amount of time. re-reading these, i sound a little lame, but that's probably an accurate picture 😂

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Monday leg day you are my everest. i can't tell you how many times i looked at that workout today just being so nervous about alllllll that jumping. (my little girl heart is bad at cardio). but now it's done, over, out of the way. monday's usually aren't my favorite but i do love getting my hardest (mentally) workout past me. happy monday out there, hope everyone is killing it today. 😘 #bbg #bbgtransformation #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #bbggirls #bbgfamily #bbgweek10 #bbgwisconsin #bbgmidwest #kaylaitsines #deathbykayla #kaylasarmy #kaylasbbg #sweat #sweatwithkayla #swk #thekaylamovement #nevermissamonday #fitfam #fitspo #getitdone

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Here's my #sweatyselfie for @mot.ivated in all its tomato face glory and featuring a bonus zit that won't go away 🙈 i did bbg week 3 legs at home and for some reason my heart rate was at almost 200 😳 now i'm off to take the pup on her nightly walk and ignore the mountain of laundry on my bed waiting to be put away!

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Week 3!!! first workout of the week done ✔️ does anyone else suffer from weather related migraines? the weather around here is a bit crazy today and i was starting to get one 😓 i took an advil and most of it was gone but i didn't want to risk it so did abs and arms instead to avoid jumping around too much and making it worse 😉 happy monday everyone 💕💕💕 #nevermissamonday

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I did it! i thought the 3 minute runs would k**l me! @c25kfree #c25k #running #liss #bbg #swk #sweatwithkayla

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Who run the 🌎?

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Looking cute pre-run! i just got these cute new glasses today and i'm so happy with the color - i can't stop taking selfies! wearing my favorite exercise leggings today- black and grey paisley print from @oldnavy and my favorite sneakers ever from @nike with my purple sports bra from @victoriasport. the best part of working out at home is no shirt needed - just a sports bra! 😁 #nike #victoriassecret #oldnavy #exercisegear #cuteglasses #brightsneakers #c25k #running #liss #bbg #swk #sweatwithkayla #week1day2

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Finished off my trip to d.c. with a b**g for my baby girl @queencitysweat 's birthday spin ride at @ascendcycle! 💛 it's been said once & it'll be said forever - this community is so amazing! i met so many beautiful dc souls and got it sweat it out with them to a fire playlist. can't believe i woke up this morning in my own bed & not my hotel room in arlington. already missing my envision leadership summit friends & my d.c. b***s 😢 had a late start to this monday morning, but it's okay. sleep is so necessary - i was crazy deprived this weekend. side note: i'm behind on posts that you've all posted & that i'm tagged in, but i'm alway a dm or text away for all you amazing people 💛💛💛 #mondaymotivation #todaysbeencancelledgobacktobed #iwish

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