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Are you an avid hiker, outdoor adventurer, or just general nature lover? our sacred spaces collection might strike your fancy. ⁠

so, far we've engraved everest and yosemite, but want to add more beautiful landmarks to this collections. ⁠
i'm thinking grand canyon, banff, and maybe the appalachian trail? ⁠

are there any sacred spaces you'd love to see commemorated on your phone case? ⁠
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#tinydreamhouses here is the tiny house epona! what do you think about this?
built by: @tinyhousebaluchon

<all credit correspond to photographer / designer / owner / creator>

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We absolutely love what @zerowastestateofmind
has done, we will definitely be doing this ourslves in the future.
we absolutely believe in the pay it forward movement, however it's definitely something we need to work on doing better.
have you ever had something like this happen to you? let us know in the comments below.👇 if you aren't following @zerowastestateofmind
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the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention . ⁣⁣
last week i was out for lunch with an elderly client and unbeknownst to us some kind people had put money towards our meals. ⁣⁣

this kind gesture had given me an idea to do the same and pay it forward, but with a message - a topic that i’m forever fighting for which is the environment. ⁣⁣
off i went to a few of the local coffee shops in my area and i said whoever comes in with there reusable coffee cup i would like to pay for their coffee. ⁣⁣
this is my way of saying kudo’s, thank you for caring about environment. ⁣⁣
that’s one less plastic disposable cup going into landfill . you’re not alone, we got this 💪🏼. ⁣⁣
and maybe in return they may return the favour and pay it forward too.⁣⁣
hopefully this post might trigger you to do the same, because the smallest of gestures can have the biggest of impact. ⁣⁣
1 million disposable cups are purchased every minute. 38,325 cups are disposed of by the average coffee drinker in their lifetime...... that’s a lot!

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What’s on your mind? 🧐 latest blog posts answers some burning questions: what is sustainable fashion? is @reformation worth it? 🤑 link in the bio~~ #gifted #reformation

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When it comes to reducing plastic waste, it can be hard to find alternatives that are just as practical and really suit your lifestyle, especially for busy families. andrew & nicole, the founders of @yuggen_life , had the same problem trying to make more sustainable choices on the go and couldn’t find reusable products that really worked for them. ultimately, they developed their own range of practical sustainable products to fill those gaps, including reusable silicone ‘ziplock’ style bags and a totally biodegradable bamboo cutlery set. ⁠

• • •⁠
why do we love them so much? @yuggen_life ziplock style bags are so versatile and ultimately much better than the single-use versions. unlike plastic, their silicone bags are:⁠
• microwave safe ⁠
• oven safe⁠
• freezer safe ⁠
• dishwasher safe ⁠
• ship plastic free⁠
• they use re-purposed boxes ⁠
• plant trees to fight deforestation ⁠
• straw cleaners are nylon free, made with coconut shell ⁠

their ziplock bags are also airtight and leak proof, so fantastic for on the go snacks as well as being kid safe to bring to school without worrying about breakage. paired with their bamboo cutlery you have a lightweight and kid safe meal, as well being plane safe and is 100% biodegradable. ⁠

• • •⁠
personally we love using these bags in the freezer, they are fantastic for freezer meals, smoothie cubes and stock without taking up a heap of room and food is easy to remove from the bag. ⁠

if you aren't following this brand already be sure to go check out their account @yuggen_life , give them a follow and have a look at their website⁠

use our code: wfp15 to receive 15% off your order⁠, they ship worldwide!⁠

*sponsored* ⁠

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Lets talk about old outfits! being here on instagram i used always think that it is literally unnacceptable to publish a photo in the same outfit twice. wanna be an influencer? might as well invest into millions of different outfits cuz thats what makes everything better right? to be even 100% honest, once i got some followers here on insta about 3-4 years ago it was my guilty pleasure to reach out to brands (to literally anyone) to trade clothes for photos. every week i would receive 10 packages with stuff that i would maybe wear once, all proudly fash fashion brands. it has been at least a year since i bought anything and in the last year i have done 1 collab with a clothing brand. i am proudly rocking this 4 year old dress, that everyone seen already many times to tell you this- new clothes do not f*****g matter!
fast fashion industry is as harmful as plastic or even worse. here are some horrible facts that i wish i never knew about this industry that will hopefully inspire you to embrace slow fashion, take care of the clothes that you own, learn how to repair instead of throw away and hopefully buy less! ❗70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make polyester fiber, which is he most commonly used fiber. ❗20,000 liters of water is needed to produce one kilogram of cotton or one single t-shirt and pair of jeans!
❗85% of the plastic pollution in the ocean is due to microfibers from synthetic clothing.
❗the average woman has $550 of unworn clothing in her closet having never worn at least 20% of that. all because fast fashion companies design clothes that fall apart quickly, become unfashionable, wear out, lose shape or fall to pieces easily to force consumers to keep buying new clothes.
❗9/10 workers interviewed in bangladesh cannot afford enough food for themselves and their families, forcing them to regularly skip meals and eat inadequately, or go into debt. as well as 250,000 indian cotton farmers have killed themselves in the last 15 years due to the stress of debt they accumulated through buying genetically modified cotton seeds to keep up with demand.
this is some horrible food for thought hard to digest, what are you going to do about it?

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Ogni anno 1,6 miliardi di tonnellate di cibo vengono perse o sprecate, si tratta di circa 1/3 della totalità di cibo prodotto a livello mondiale, un numero preoccupante su cui ognuno di noi dovrebbe riflettere. i problemi di questo tipo sembrano avere una grandezza inaffrontabile ma, come in tutte le cose, possiamo cominciare nel nostro piccolo a fare la differenza. 👬👭👫👭👬
nelle stories i consigli di passione.green su come sprecare di meno. voi che consigli dareste? ❤️🌱 #ad #salumificiopedrazzoli #passionegreenpedrazzoli #sustainability #green

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