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Every armenian family has a harrowing tale detailing how the descendants of their family were tortured, raped, slaughtered and brutalized at the blood-stained hands of the ottoman empire. my own great-great grandmother was dismembered, her flesh sliced into six pieces, after she was captured by the turks for protecting her family against the six gendarmes who tried to annihilate them. my great grandfather witnessed his dear mother being r***d and savagely slaughtered by the turkish soldiers before his horrified eyes.
stories like this are sadly too common in our community, and somberly waft amongst the survivors like the melancholy melody of the duduk. our struggle to survive is the thread that binds us.
and yet, over a century later, the turkish government continues brazenly on their never-ending smear campaign to dispute any and all proof, to threaten any country or entity that dares to recognize that they are responsible for committing these atrocious crimes against humanity; alarmingly, their government disturbingly disputes that the crimes were indeed a "genocide" -a term that was coined to describe the slaughtering of the armenians. the turkish government's quest to silence the truth is a continuation of their crime, added without remorse on top of the torment our people have painfully endured.
this is why year after year, on the anniversary marking the beginning of the bloodshed, our people march.
just as our forefathers (and mothers, and children) were forced to march into the desolate syrian desert to perish, we will continue to march for justice for their tortured souls, and for our wounded own.
our march resonates the message that we are the children of survivors, and despite the turkish government's unconscionable efforts to sweep responsibility under their transparent, bloodstained rug, we, nor the world, shall never forget. #armeniangenocide #104yearsofdenial #survivors #hye #🇦🇲

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For my birthday!
this one is to all the fighters out there, if you are a kid, woman, or a man.. we salute you! thank you @skydivedubai @faz3 @suhailbenahmed @fazzasky3 @shemmari_ @lamiaamenhal 📸 @pablohernandez1308
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New day, new episode💪 -

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This is my great grandmother, lousaper geuleserian-tachdjian. lousaper was a genocide survivor. born in aintab, armenia in 1907, she was 8 years old when the armenian genocide started on april 24, 1915, when two turkish policeman came to her home and demanded the family pack their belongings and prepare to be deported. the night before, they’d celebrated her uncle’s wedding. they did not know where they were being sent or for how long. they, along with other armenians, were put on a train and sent to the mountains in hama, where they were forced off the trains and left to survive with no food, water or hope. if they asked a turkish soldier for food, they’d be beaten. soon enough, the soldiers forced the remaining survivors to leave. lousaper’s family hid in a nearby relative’s house, before living in a tent. soon after, they traveled by mule to mahara where her father was beaten by local horsemen who robbed them of whatever they had left. carrying their dad along, they walked miles and weeks in the cold rain before finally landing in aleppo, syria.

lousaper’s story, that of all of my great grandparents and of 1.5 million other armenians is constantly suppressed. 104 years later and the government of turkey still denies the armenian genocide ever happened and lobbies millions of dollars to spread their campaign of denial. under their ottoman rule, the armenian people were abused and treated as second class citizens. during the genocide, 1.5 million armenians were killed, as well as assyrians and greeks. victims were abused, raped, starved, and killed. imagine the german government blatantly denying the holocaust. imagine the government attempting to erase history, making it illegal to speak about it openly. this is why we speak up. this is why we march.
if you swipe right, you’ll see lousaper’s daughter, my grandma ardemis on the top right with my grandpa, kaloust shekerdemian. it is because of lousaper’s resilience that she rebuilt her life in syria before moving to jordan with my grandma who then moved with my mom to america and raised me and my brother. the facts, the stories, the proof are in all of us descendants of survivors. and we will not be silenced.

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كونوا معنا في أول معرض تشكيلي لدعم مرضى السرطان
في ٢٢ ابريل من الساعة ٧ مساء إلى ١١
و ٢٣ إبريل من الساعة ١١ صباحا إلى ١٠ مساء
في قاعة فندق غراند ميللينيوم الخليج التجاري دبي
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We jump every day, but when jumping for a good cause it’s a completely different feeling! we should dedicate our lives to do good and support each other!
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Atatika ighibu scooby doo
credits to @instasamination
for the template. it's part of their latest yt video!! go check their channel!!!
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