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No words can describe this moment right now! unbelievable!! thank you eagles!!! #diamondring #150kring #philadelphiaeagles #superbowl2017 #superbowlchampions #unbelievable

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Go, go, go! there's no little enemy #nygiantsfan #newyorkgiants #greenbaypackers #superbowl #superbowl2017 #superbowl2017🏈 #superbowl2017🏈🏆

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Yup those are #eagles #superbowl2017 rings!!!! fresh from the factory. #goodlife #philly #rollinggreen very awesome experience. #cigar #iknow 💯😎🤩🙌🏻

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Last night, south swanson street's potential was fully realized as our super bowl champions, the philadelphia eagles received their #superbowllii rings! check out eagles coach doug peterson arriving at last night’s event!⠀

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Remember when the eagles won the super bowl? fly 🦅 fly!!!!! #superbowl2017 #champs🏆 #paallday

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Tbt...you can’t tell from this video just exploding with joy, but that was one stressful shift! i was “chosen” to be the mc referee for the 2017 super bowl at h*****s of dtla, & lordy lord lord was it non-stop movement. hosting beer chugging contests, a hula hoop showdown, interviewing random fans at the bar and chanting team names in the mic. all while having to sell like a thousand raffle tickets lol... and don’t get me started on the takeout orders...i had never seen so many chicken wings in my life. 🍗
who was playing again? 😂😂
#hooterssuperbowl #refjess

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Throwback thursday and flag day: super bowl li, atlanta falcons vs new england patriots pre-game ceremonies, us air force staff sergeant august ramon o'neill is the first above-the-knee amputee us air force pararescue to be accepted back into full duty after an amputation. he ran the us flag onto the field before the game. leslie plaza johnson/icon sportswire

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