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I don’t know... do these guys look happy to be taking a photo walk during the first snowfall of the year?! ❄️❄️❄️ student pics to come soon!!!

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Want to check a few gifts off your holiday shopping list?
purchase a limited-edition calendar for yourself and someone else to help support the osu fisheries and wildlife club!
this calendar is nature-themed and features 43 stunning photos taken by 15 students in the fisheries and wildlife program at osu.
if you would like to reserve calendars online to guarantee your order before we sell out, follow this link:https://goo.gl/forms/coanoejia13nlog83
calendars will be available for payment and pick-up in nash hall at osu’s corvallis campus during week 10 (specific hours to be announced soon). shipping is available for an additional price. please email the fw club (fwclub@oregonstate.edu ) with specific needs to receive a shipping estimate.
thank you for your support of the osu fisheries and wildlife club!
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Students of barrie - springwater - oro-medonte! our community cards competition starts tomorrow - november 15th!

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Community cards competition!
students of barrie - springwater - oro-medonte visit our social media for full details.

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#middleschool #highschool #secondaryschool #college #university 📸🌃🏞🌅🌆

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Photography students capture the fall splendor at cathedral pines @suffolkcountyparks while working on composition & design techniques and the use of framing & perspective #autumnbeauty #studentphotographers

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Photography students capture fall splendor at cathedral pines @suffolkcountyparks while working on composition & design techniques and the use of framing & perspective @easternliacademy #autumnbeauty #studentphotographers

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Our latest episodes of sfa presents are out now!! we interviewed @rpotenza364 and @marygraceczapran ! go watch and support !👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽link in bio!
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By @xv_creative, who is awesome.

see, this is clear proof that you can dress me up in whatever you want, haha. well, that's if you have a creative direction in mind. it's okay if you don't; i come from an art background and i can take care of that.

this leads me to a "fun" story about a photographer who seemed good at his job but made a gross fuckup. he didn't know what he wanted in terms of setting or costume (which was fine), so i came up with something for him - an interesting setting and a costume idea that would create a contrast that would have worked really well. he agreed, but then out of nowhere pitched the idea of an open button-down shirt and no bra. there was no creative reason. i said no; he said okay. he asked again later. i said no. after a while, he asked again. i said no. and then he decided that he was up for the idea of a transparent bra instead. transparent, like his intentions. at least he was honest in the end about just wanting something to j**k off to. obviously, i was never going to do it. there was no artistic reason behind his request. the most disturbing part is that he was actually a legit photographer, but he was using that to satisfy his little ding-dong.

i'm stating the obvious, but be careful. some people will act like they're going for artistic nudity when they're actually using you for porn. #newphotographers - please be respectful. some models are okay with artistic nudity, but that doesn't automatically mean that they're okay with being in a p**n shoot.

anyway, it makes me extra grateful for all the photographers i've worked with. they've all been great, and i'd work with any of them again in a heartbeat.

i'm also interested in working with some new photographers, so if anyone's in london and is up for a shoot, let me know! especially #studentphotographers and #amateurphotographers - if you need a free model, i'm happy to help. i know that being an art student can be expensive. i'll drop in these hashtags, too - #studentphotographer #photographystudent #photographystudents #amateurphotographer #newphotographer #newphotographers

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“i guess that’s the point of it all. no one knows for certain how much they impact on the lives of other people.” ~ hannah baker #photography #studiophotography #lightingstudio #chiaroscuro #dominoe #photographyalevel #studentphotographers

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🐑🐑like counting sheep while you sleep? 🐑🐑well come count sheep with us at our sfa sleep over party december 7th at 6:30pm in hobart hall room 140a where we normally have our meetings! there will be a cutest pj contest with a prize! so make sure you come prepared!! food and drinks provided! $2 per slice of pizza!
#teamhobart #sleepover #studentfilmassociation

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Amazing lighting, puddles, stone walls & student photographers!
#nccsart #shakerbisonphotographers #studentphotographers #reflections

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