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⚠️ caution: waists may be more bloated than they appear⚠️
it’s pretty incredible the power of high waisted pants, a twist of the hips, and how the right angle can make a waist look smaller.
✋🏼 i also want to point all of us to the reality that bloating happens, especially for us women. to think that it’s normal to walk around with a small waist all day every day is just not real. .
👍🏼 it’s easy to think on social media that everything looks perfect, but what is real is that our bodies fluctuate with weight, water, or hormones, and that’s totally normal. .
be gentle with yourself if your body is in flux 💋
have a great weekend! i’ll be drinking lots of water for this bloating, how about you?!

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Anyone fancy giving my mirror a clean?

og @elitewolfapparel leggings

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Current workout split 🏋🏼‍♀️
first up, i want to say that this isn’t an example of what you should be doing. it’s just how i’ve been training. there’s a lot of talk recently about transparency of training. @rosieandgym__ started what i think is a long overdue conversation about influencers clearly building their physique through heavy lifting but posting workout videos using bands and bodyweight exercises. then the ball really got rolling when @bretcontreras1 posted about deception in the fitness industry. so, for the sake of transparency i feel everyone should be open about exactly how much training is required to build their physique.
at the moment, i’m doing 4 weight sessions and 1-2 cardio sessions a week. i’ve only added cardio into my routine because i find it’s easier to fit a short burst of spin into my schedule than an evening at the gym after work. my main goal right now is to roughly maintain my weight but keep (slowly) progressing with my lifts. for the last couple of months a normal week for me has looked like:
mon: upper body
tue: cardio (spin)
wed: legs
thurs: upper body
fri: rest
sat: cardio (spin)
sun: legs
most days are swappable depending on how busy i am and i often switch friday and saturday depending on which night i go out. sometimes i replace spin with walking to work and back (a brisk 30 mins each way). some weeks i’m busier and only do one cardio session. that’s life.

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Me when someone says lifting makes girls look “bulky” or “manly”: 🙄🤫
don’t want to lift because you don’t enjoy it? cool! i have no intention of ever running a marathon, but i still think those who do are total badasses.
want to lift but you’re scared/worried about what others will think or how you’ll look? time to unlearn all that society has taught you about being feminine and what women “should” look like. plus, there are so many benefits to lifting that exist outside of aesthetics 🤗 you’ll never know if you don’t try 💪🏻

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Saturday stacks comin’ in hot🥞
now now now i don’t mean to brag or anything, but combined there are 36 pancakes in this photo. so yeah. #getonourlevel 😈 •••••••••
recipe (for my plate): 1/4 cup @krusteaz pancake mix, 1/4 cup @kodiakcakes peanut butter pancake mix, 1 scoop @pescience chocolate peanut butter protein, shredded zucchini, cinnamon, vanilla extract, & water. for patrick’s, add an extra serving of pancake mix and hold the zucchini (he’ll come around someday). lastly, of course, both are topped with #thedailyblob ✨✨🥰

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Don’t make this common gym mistake☠️⁣

i did this for the loooooongest time when i first started working out and it stalled my progress in the gym. ⁣

🙅🏼‍♀️i didn’t like doing the same workouts week after week. soooo i would go on instagram and find a random workout and just do “whatever” in the gym.⁣

i wasn’t utilizing progressive overload at all. progressive overload is just getting stronger as the weeks go by. if you’re not doing the same exercises well... then there’s no way to tell if you’re doing that!⁣

🍑progressive overload is the key to building muscle (and your booty) so you want to make sure you’re incorporating it into your workouts!⁣

if you’re anything like me and get bored in the gym easily pick 2-3 exercises that you’ll keep the same for each workout.⁣

🏋🏼‍♀️example: leg day!⁣

1️⃣ hip thrust⁣
2️⃣ deadlift ⁣

for every leg day keep these two exercises as a staple and make sure you’re either lifting heavier, doing more reps, sets, or time under tension.⁣

then after your main big exercises you can switch up the other ones to have fun and not get tired of the same workouts every week!⁣
for online coaching inquires the link is in my bio ♥️ would love to have you on team strongsculpt 💪🏼

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How often do you train? how heavy can you deadlift? how heavy can you squat? do you eat before you workout? do you eat straight after a workout? how many rest days do you take?
these are all questions i get asked regularly on instagram and all questions which have no relevance to anyone except me 🤷🏼‍♀️
there is no benefit to me telling you the answers to these because the answers are different to every individual.
don’t compare yourself to others, and if you need help with specific training questions, hire a coach or trainer who’s job it is to help you 👏

wearing all @myproteinuk / use the link in my bio and the code sally35 for 35% off 🙌

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This is just the #transformation of a woman that stopped worrying too much about her weight, stopped focusing on her size, ditched all the f*t diets and decided to become her best self.
enjoying food and life.

but most of all, working out because i love my body, and not because i hate it. 💛
🇮🇹 questa è la trasformazione di una donna che ha smesso di preoccuparsi troppo del suo peso, ha smesso di concentrarsi sulla sua taglia, ha detto no a qualsiasi forma di “dieta” e ha deciso di diventare la versione migliore di sé.

forte e sicura di me stessa.

io mi alleno perché amo il mio corpo e non perché lo odio.
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I am still loving this lean bulk it has made me grow in amazing ways but also made my strength go up x10 more,i am a happy girl😁 #leanbulk @gymshark @gymshark women

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