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Want to party?! whether your event has 100 or 1000 guests, colada& cream will be there #dranksonus 🥂⁣

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#areyouhappysashimi 🐟🐙🦐🦀🐠🌿
cuz i’m happy to see you! my go-to place for legit japanese food in pdx. don’t judge the fact that it’s on a s***p mall in beaverton. it’s good value for money and this #chirashi bowl has 12 kinds of fresh fish! #itadakimasu #toshirestaurant #tdleats

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Ini referensi untuk kalian yang suka atau lagi hijrah ke gaya hidup yang lebih sehat. @gofreshbali ini tempat yang paling pas! makanannya enak dan mostly terdiri dari berbagai sayuran segar yang sehat (and surprizingly aku suka! - padahal biasanya gak doyan sayur). tempatnya juga kece dan instagramable. pas buat nambahin photo di feed ig kamu kan. hehehe.
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Garlic slices are must. ✨

we're lucky to have so many korean food options in toronto. 💘 take cho won in #northyork, just north of finch— generous portions, and delicious food. though the service is slow (two servers for the whole 30-seat restaurant), it's worth it, especially if you can read chinese or korean to order off the combo value menu. we ordered combo a + a soju combo. 🙋🏻 i'll have to try the cold noodles here, and it'll be in the running to be my favourite. 🤔
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Doro tibs served on injera from massawa eritrean restaurant in #winnipeg! first time trying eritrean food! lots of spices and flavour packed on to the meat. it smells like tumeric, and a mixture of hot spices. this was paired with the injera which was light and tasted a bit citrus. it took 2hrs to cook but was well worth the wait. you really get to know your dinner party 😅

injera is a sourdough-risen flatbread with a slightly spongy texture. traditionally made out of teff flour, it is the national dish of ethiopia, somalia, djibouti, and eritrea. you eat the food with your hands , no cutlery over here! doro tibs are a hybrid between a stew and a stir fry made with chicken breasts. i can't wait to try other eritrean foods in the future! 💕
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今日は 涼し〜ですね
朝ごはん しっかり食べて
今日も 一日 楽しく頑張ろう💪
一昨日作った #ラタトゥイユ は 朝ごはんに
冷たくした ものを
これまた 美味しいね
今日は ジャーマンポテトサラダの 🍔と
青汁と イチヂク豆乳
have a happy weekend ・

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My kinda breakfast ~ apple buckwheat pancakes with figs ~ 🌳🍎🥞🌻🌳

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It's the weekend!! 🎉👯‍♀️
grab your grill for these super juicy turkey burgers with apple fennel slaw! 🤤 .
i'm totally feeling it from the work week. i haven't been sleeping well and have been totally tired all week! so all i want to do is make a super fast dinner and curl up in my pjs. okay and maybe a glass of wine.🍷 and some ice cream. 🍦 k i'm all set then. 💁 .
get these burgers on the blog! .
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Smoothie a day, keeps the doctor away! 🙃
@unicornsuperfoods alkalising blend
•macnut milk
•coconut milk
•chia seeds
•flax seeds •coffee beans
•cocao powder
•kale and spinach
i feel like i put everything but the kitchen sink in this smoothie, but honestly it’s like crack, i’ve never tasted a smoothie this good! i am completely in love with maca now too! i have been wanting to experiment with activated charcoal and clay next, any recommendations??

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Forget selfies! it’s all about #gramyoursam 🍪 (📸: @thezoereport )

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We wanted to share one of our happy places - caoba farms. we adore and are inspired by businesses that practice excellence. this wonderful farm to table restaurant is a must if you're planning a trip to guatemala.
head here on a saturday morning or early afternoon when the place is lit 🔥! there's music 🥁 (scroll for 🎦), a second traditional brunch menu 🍳, and farmers market stalls 👨🏻‍🌾 selling all sorts of lovely goods.
all the locals know about this gem and guidebooks rarely mention it.
tip: check their website and give them a call to see if they're closed (for renovations or during the holidays).
𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸
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𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸 𓊸

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Sekali2nya bikin, dan motret burger. prosesnya luarrr biasa panjang, dan burgernya habis cuma dalam hitungan menit 😂😂.
burger bun.
source : ricke indriani, modified by me.
water roux starter :.
- 20 gr terigu protein tinggi.
- 100 ml air.
larutkan terigu dalam air dalam panci, lalu aduk terus secara perlahan di atas api kecil, hingga larutan mengental, dan dasar panci sudah bisa terlihat. langsung matikan api, jangan tunggu sampai larutan mendidih. angkat, dinginkan dalam suhu ruangan.

bahan : .
- 180 gr terigu protein tinggi.
- 50 gr terigu protein sedang.
- 25 gr gula pasir.
- 6 gr ragi instant.
- 2 kuning telur.
- 25-50 ml air dingin.
- 1/2 sdt garam.
- 30 gr margarin.

- 1 putih telur, kocok lepas.
- 1 sdm susu cair.
- wijen untuk taburan.

cara membuat :
1. campur terigu, gula pasir dan ragi instant. aduk rata.
2. masukkan kuning telur, water roux starter, dan air bertahap sedikit demi sedikit sambil diuleni. hentikan penambahan air jika dirasa adonan sudah cukup (tidak kering dan tidak juga lembek). uleni hingga kalis.
3. masukkan garam dan margarin. uleni kembali hingga tercampur rata. pindahkan ke alas yang sudah ditaburi sedikit terigu. uleni adonan hingga kalis elastis dan adonan sudah licin.
4. bulatkan adonan. tempatkan dalam wadah dan tutup dengan serbet lembab. diamkan hingga volumenya mengembang 2x lipatnya (45-60 menit) tergantung kondisi ruangan.
5. kempeskan adonan, uleni kembali sebentar hingga licin kembali. bagi menjadi 8 bagian yang sama beratnya.
6. bulatkan masing-masing adonan, kemudian pipihkan. tata di loyang yang sudah dioles mentega. diamkan kembali hingga mengembang (30-45 menit). poles dengan bahan polesan, taburi wijen.
7. panggang dalam oven yang telah dipanaskan dengan suhu 190-200'c selama 15 menit hingga matang kecoklatan permukaannya. angkat dan dinginkan.

fried chicken patty
bahan :
- 300 gr ayam fillet.
- 1 siung bawang putih, haluskan.
- 3/4 sdt garam.
- 1/2 sdt merica bubuk.
- 1/2 sdt gula pasir.
- 1 butir telur.
- 2 sdm tepung roti.
- 1/2 sdm tepung sagu.
- 1 batang daun bawang, iris halus.
lanjut di caption.
@uploadkompakan #uploadkompakan #ukburrrgerrpalembang #kompakersbekasi

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