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Had the best time with all these ladies getting ready for the arrival of summer in malibu this past weekend! @eveoverlandfitness kicked our butts and everyone looked great in all of their new spring/summer @caliabycarrie. #staythepath

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Don’t back down from your goals. // shop @carrieunderwood’s #lotd via #linkinbio.

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This actually happened 😍 had an amazing workout and lunch with @carrieunderwood yesterday for her activewear line @caliabycarrie. i was actually fangirling all day 😄💕 carrie was so amazing and it was such an honor to be there! #staythepath #carrieunderwood #caliabycarrie #fbggirls www.annavictoria.com/guides

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Monday's are always the busiest but my favorite day of the week! leave a ☀️ if you're an earlier riser or 🌙 if you're a night owl. my cute workout gear is from @caliabycarrie. #staythepath #ad #caliabycarrie #workoutstyle

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Making sure i get my workout in while on vacation in my @caliabycarrie gear! #ad #caliabycarrie #staythepath

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Hangin' with my girrrrl @carrieunderwood 👯 seriously the sweetest person ever! thank you @caliabycarrie for such a fun event last friday💕 #staythepath #caliabycarrie

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Fresh pressed juice in hand & ready to attack my to-do list for today. thank you, athleisure lol🙏🏼 @caliabycarrie #ad #staythepath #caliabycarrie

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It's easy to make fitness a lifestyle when you have @caliabycarrie clothes to match up to your every move! . brunch ✔️ day on the town ✔️ gym ✔️ and i haven't changed once 🙌🏼 . i've been super impressed with the new pieces from the @caliabycarrie spring collection! these new lightweight jogger capris work perfect for almost any daily occasion 😍 . you can checkout the new calia spring line at caliastudio.com! . #ad #staythepath #caliabycarrie

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Showing this staircase who’s boss 💪🏽 it’s been really nice taking a break from my conventional gym workouts, and using the outdoors as my playground. what sort of outdoor workouts do you like? wearing @caliabycarrie 💕 #ad #caliabycarrie #staythepath

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Dreaming of my buffalo chicken chili at home in the crockpot ….. i mean seriously, doesn’t this look amazing?? recipe is in the comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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I don't always run three miles but when i do, i put my war paint on! was honestly heading to the pool when le boyfriend came home and wanted to go on a jog. but the apartment is in order and two workouts are in. so it's time to chill by the pool and read some deathly hollows. happy h**p day babes! #namaste #namaslay #workinprogress #doitforyourself #liveyourbestlife #sundaze #dogmomlife #warpaint #fitspo #fitgoals #bringmesummer #humpday #slay #sweatglitter #ladyboss #riseandgrind #progress #staythepath

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#repost from @carrieunderwood we love seeing our guests engaged and having fun at our events! #staythepath @caliabycarrie #fremontblueevents

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Our deputy editor @amitch0214 had a blast getting summer ready with @carrieunderwood and her amazing activewear line @caliabycarrie over the weekend in malibu! shout out to carrie's fab trainer @eveoverlandfitness for kicking our butts 💪🏼🌴😎 #staythepath #caliabycarrie #carrieunderwood #angelenomagazine #modernluxury

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One more @carrieunderwood pic from our @caliabycarrie adventure in malibu! loved meeting so many fellow media, fitness and blogger babes. thanks for kicking our butts @eveoverlandfitness 👭💪🏼🌴😎 #staythepath #caliabycarrie #carrieunderwood #angelenomagazine #modernluxury

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On my way to dna #hillsongsarhus via such a lovely route #staythepath #dontforgettosmelltheroses #confettitime

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When we went to the states last summer, i picked up a couple items from @caliabycarrie and immediately fell in love with them!! unfortunately they don't ship to canada (yet 🤞), so i got my cousin who's going to school in the states to pick me up some items!! so excited!! love the quality of this brand! 💕👌 . #staythepath #tiuyyc #tiuteam #tiucanada #tiualberta #tiubikiniseries

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I am in love with this @caliabycarrie tank! so soft, comfortable and i love the back-so fun! &, this headband continues to be my favorite headband ever! #caliabycarrie #staythepath #fitness #fitmom

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Tonight, the beautiful isaiah 53... what a generous image of our beloved saviour jesus christ... ❤️ coming as servant king, bearing the reckless weight of our sins... led as a lamb 🐑to the slaughter... not once complaining of the price he would pay for our ransom🌹 ... that he would become the black sheep... in order that we'd be made white.....may i encourage you to read all of isaiah 53 in the message... #beblessed #endyourdayright #endlesslove #meditateontruth #meditateontheword #spendtimewithgod❤️ #spendtimeintheword📖 #thinplaces #thinspaces #hepaidourransom #servantking #staythepath #readtheworddaily #feedyoursoul #guardyourheart❤️

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Day 10 standing splits on the wall, hamstrings got a good stretch...ahhh #ystothewall @yogastorynwa #keeppushing #ucangetfit2 #iwill #staythepath #beautifulmess #happiness #movemorefitness #smilestrong 😊 belle 🐶 #puppylove

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"we won't be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose." 🌿 @jennakutcher speaking the truth! what's your purpose here? what are your strengths? focus on those and the lies of comparison will fade away ✨

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Endurance is like dancing with a gorilla; you don't quit when you are tired...you quit when the gorilla gets tired. 👊🏼💃🏻🦍 • • wednesdays i feel like i'm dancing with a gorilla...

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• may, 24th. 2017 • take delight in the lord , and he will give you the desires of your heart. - msg its so easy to take delight in this world and try to find and identify yourself in this world, conforming to this world. but if you identify yourself completely with god you will find a greater self and a get greater blessings and joy and love and peace. he will bless you 100x more than this world can. easy to slip in to the things if this world that appear amazing. #dontslipaway #tetheryourhearttogod #sohisstrengthcanpullyouback #always #anchor #heartdesires #staythepath #verseoftheday

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Not likely i'll go thirsty this morning #gimmeallthedrinks

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Some days i feel like i climb mountains and go nowhere other days that just my workout. #carrieunderwood #workoutislife #caliabycarrie @caliabycarrie @flatoutfitgym #staythepath #flatoutfit

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There's a path before you and one behind you. which direction are you headed? press forward, focus on the process, and keep your eyes on your destination. the outcome will be everything you hoped for and more. #staythepath #moveforward #presstowardthemark #goals #dreambig #fitnessismorethanjustphysical #healthjourney #fitnessover40 #motivation #determination

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Fitness has brought us closer together. we workout together nearly every morning. take a walk together nearly every morning and talk about life, what we want to accomplish in the next 2 months, 6 months, year, etc. we encourage each other during workouts. and more importantly i learned to accept his encouragement during workouts as encouragement and not critique. before i got my own head wrapped around imperfect progress, i thought the worst of his encouraging words instead of the best. i know that you know what i mean. we may be new to this marriage thing, but i know that by becoming healthier and more confident in myself and my body it has helped us grow as a stronger couple ready to take on this thing called life together. i’ve heard before from a lot of you that your husband/fiance/boyfriend would never change his diet, never try healthier recipes, never workout with you at home and never let you spend the money to join my accountability groups. my advice is this: stop trying to change them! show them. there are a ton of ways to make the same recipes you already love but turn them a little bit healthier for yourself. maybe serve him the regular pasta while you have zoodles — it takes about 6min to make zoodles during which you are boiling the pasta anyway. stop complaining to him that he won’t workout with you and just show up for yourself every single day and let him see that you are doing it. and the money one? well, how much are you spending at target on stuff you don’t need? i get that he might have seen you invest in some health thing before only to not use it or quit after a week. and in defense of the men, don't assume that because he doesn’t want you to spend the money that he doesn’t believe in you. most of the time it’s because he loves you and doesn’t want to see you sad or disappointed again. but not this time. this time you will have me on your side along with the reach united community of women who stand beside you. there is no quitting, not this time. i'm so blessed to have joe as my partner in this and can't thank him enough for all of his support throughout the past few years. continued in comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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