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Bye bye moon, sun will replace you 🌗

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Misty mountain magic🍁

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Only with a leaf
can i talk of the forest. 🍁

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Your money will return but your time won’t ♡ @fujifilmphlifestyle

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Hiking in tucson is a mix of mountain views and avoiding cacti 🌵

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This is one of my favorite images i've taken in awhile. .

this is a lenticular cloud, they are a rare cloud formation. lenticular clouds are actually the cause for many mistaken ufo sightings. .

these clouds are formed when a stable moist air is going over a mountain or mountain range and the down wind side of the range. if the temperature at the crest of the wave is a dew point it can create the pancaked look of lenticular clouds. .

sorry for the late post i wanted to make sure i had the science correct!

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A contemplative moment. finding green in tokyo, even if it's on the wall.

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Spotlight. moonlight. get your mood right. •

📸: @hey_lawrence_

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Extending the summer indefinitely☁️💎☁️💎#infinitypool

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Hats off to all the parents out there who commute for work. not an easy gig.

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