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Now i want to hear how you find balance! share below ⬇️🦄

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Be kind. 💛

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Word! (@xwaggyquotes )

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This is me reaching out for help to stop people from spreading negativity and hate in this world❌👊🏼
we need more lights🌟encouragers. uplifters (the reason i chose upliftfit nutrition as my business name! ❤️). we need more love & compassion. .
we need more jesus🙏🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼
i’m far from perfect. i get angry. rude. mean. impatient. i’m human. we are all human. but let’s try every single day to be the best humans that we can🤗❤️ .
so i have a dare for you this april. i dare you to compliment one person every single day. whether that’s complimenting their hard work, their hair, their dedication, or simply just complimenting their attitude- make it your goal to encourage and uplift someone daily. .
let’s be lights together. let’s spread some love. and let’s show this world that the devil ain’t gonna win. ever. 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ #spreadlove #spreadlight #bekind #kindnesschallenge #positivity #positivevibes #upliftyourlife #houstonmodel #changetheworld #amazinggod #thedevilisaliar
photo: @philipephotography 🌟

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“it’s all about lovę...
making someone else’s existence just
a little easier...
nothing else matters,
i know this now”
~✨terence mckenna✨
. . .
eÿe cannot stress the importance of showing unconditional lovę to all beings enough...you have absolutely no eyedea what someone is dealing with, and your interaction (regardless of how insignificant you find it to be) can make or break them, so practice lovę💛~ a simple act of kindness, a simple smile, a simple act of lovę🌞~ because you will come to find that quote by de beautifūll terence mckenna undoubtably true, that lovę is the only thing that truly matters, the only thing that trüly exists.. for lovę is our very essence.. we are lovę.🦋🧡💫 #wearelove #weareone #practicelove

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I remind myself of this when i hear people act like this. not everyone operates from your vibration. it’s no excuse but they must have been through some kind of trauma to walk around like that.... still just run in the opposite direction. 🤣

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Whole | 3.22.2019

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What you do right now - the way you live your life, exercise, eating habits and most importantly - the way you think contributes and lays a foundation as to whether you will be the lady (or male version) on the right or left... what’s it gonna be?

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